Sunday, January 2, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

These last two weeks have flown by with being off work and celebrating the Holidays with friends and family. This week marks our 29th week of pregnancy and in just 7-8 short weeks our two bundles of joy will be joining us!
Adam and I heard from several people who received our Christmas card that we left out a very important part of the family... Izzie. Fear not, she has not been forgotten about and was spoiled at Christmas! She LOVES opening presents and once she gets a couple, she thinks every present is for her. If the bag is large enough, she will crawl inside!

She was spoiled with many bones, treats, and toys!

As I said in the last post, Adam and I have already received our best presents, so this year was not about us. Before heading to my brother's house for Christmas Eve, we exchanged our presents to each other. There was a definite baby theme. Adam got me some books, a "Twin" ornament, and a "stick-figure family" sticker for the back of my car. I got him a comfy outfit for hanging at the hospital and a casual watch for helping to time the contractions, and help keep track of time for the baby feedings.

Christmas Eve we were off to Downsville to my brother and Katie's house. It works out well for them to host as they can then have Katie's family and our family over for all the fun.

Even though the babies were not here to enjoy all the goodies, they were definitely spoiled this Christmas! My mom had these onsies made and I can't wait to put the kiddos in them to go to Mikayla's volleyball games in the fall!

After a full night of food, gifts, and fun... we were off to bed to get up early and travel to Green Bay on Christmas day to be with Adam's family. In keeping with tradition, the present opening marathon lasted well into the 3-4 hour mark, with some food breaks in between. It was sooo fun shopping for Elle this year, and the twins continued to get spoiled! Notice all the presents above. A picture cannot do justice to how much there actually were because they were ALL over.

Not just under the tree, but behind every piece of furniture
as well!

The Wamboldt's have a "Memory Tree" as well and a special touch that was added this year is a train that circled the tree with real smoke! The kiddos will love it next year as much as Elle did this year!
As I mentioned earlier, shopping for little ones is the greatest part of Christmas. This was the first present bought for the season, and the one most fun to watch Elle play with. OK - bias... we got it for her.

When all presents were thought to be opened, I had all eyes on me to open one last present. I had no idea what it was, but was amazed to find my very-own-hand-made Santa from Laura. Adam's mom has a Santa at their house that she hand-made and it is so intricate and neat. Last year she made one for Missy and this year it was my turn to get one. We will forever find a special place to get him out every year! I don't want to pack him away...

Spending time with family is the best part of the holidays. The whole time we were with Elle, all Adam and I could think about was very soon everything will be as busy as she was, times 2! Watching her play, nap, eat, and take a bath was intriguing to these soon-to-be parents. A present we gave to Missy and Dave involved them needing a sitter for the day so... I got to practice taking care of Elle all by myself. This meant no handing her off when she was sick of playing, hungry, or tired!

We spent the day together and had a blast. It helped that she showed up in the outfit I bought her for Christmas... "My Auntie is AWESOME". Mikayla wanted to come over and visit the same day that I had Elle so I was thankful for the help and being able to spend the day with the two best nieces!

When Adam got home from work, he and Elle had some time together. It looks like they are sharing some serious business deals or something... or just some serious snuggles.

We will leave the year 2010 looking back on all the memories and great times throughout the year. however, we look forward to what 2011 is going to bring. We celebrated the new year with a nice dinner and a comedy show with some friends (Brooke and Nate) who are also expecting their first child in early 2011. We enjoyed the time as it was our last New Year's with no children and we are excited for what this next year will bring!


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