Monday, May 30, 2011

4 Months Old!

Every week I feel like I want to start out the blog by saying how busy we have been, but I am beginning to accept that BuSy is just our new life! The boys are 4 MONTHS OLD!

Ashton is growing so fast! He is 12 pounds 15 ounces and 24 1/2 inches long. He will be growing out of his 0-3 month clothing very soon! All the summer rompers we have bought are 3-6. He wore his first pair of 3-6 pants the other day and they were just a bit long! Everything looks so big hanging in the closet, but when I wash it up and try it on... it fits! Ashton is getting more comfortable using his voice and will have conversations with you. He smiles every moment he can and LOVES the ceiling fan in our dining room. Ashton has had a couple nights where he goes down to bed at 9-9:30 and sleeps until 5. now if we could get both to do it the same nights, we will be HaPpy!

Aiden likes to stay busy with his hands and seems to be always moving. He weighs 12 pounds on the dot and is 24 inches long. He is holding onto toys and starting to bring them to his mouth. Aiden is wearing 0-3 month clothes, but will be moving into 3-6 months like his brother. He also wore his first pair of 3-6 month pants the other day! Aiden smiles and uses his voice and is a bit louder than his brother while he is not as interested in the ceiling fan. Aiden is definitely the lighter sleeper of the two and wakes more often through the night. He goes right back to sleep with his pacifier and has slept for 6-7 hours straight!

It is so fun watching the boys grow and develop each day! Every week there is something new and we are just amazed that these are the two little boys we brought home from the hospital 3 months ago!

Ashton likes to lounge on the couch when he isn't busy playing or sleeping. Speaking of sleeping, He slept through his bath one night. We were out and about right up until his bath time. He was sleeping in his car seat and I thought for sure taking him out and getting him undressed would wake him up. Nope. He slept all through his bath until we were getting him dressed. Then he ate and went right back to bed for the night.

I Have a feeling that in the years to come, all the little boy shoes will not be this neatly aligned when I come into the house! Adam and I went golfing and to dinner with Elly and Price last weekend. When we came home the boys were bathed, fed, and in bed with their shoes "all put away". Too cute! Yes... Ashton's shoes are bigger than Aiden's.

The boys just hanging out waiting to go to Eau Claire to visit Uncle Dave, Aunt Missy and Elle!

With the weather getting nicer, we are finding that Ashton and Aiden like to be outside. When either are fussy, a brief walk outside in the stroller or bjorn is all it takes to calm them down and often put them asleep.

All "the boyz" and Nizzer hanging outside on the deck.

Look at Aiden's glowing blue eyes!

Ashton has baby blues as well!

On Sunday we went to some friends for a Pre-Memorial Day grill out. They have a little girl that is a month younger than the boys. We liked trying out Reese's toys!
Ashton tried out the jump-a-roo and liked it!

Aiden thought her play mat was pretty cool as well.

So, when we woke up in Monday, the first thing Adam did was go downstairs and get our jump-a-roo to put it together. We also have cousin Elle's exer-saucer that we brought up. With a pillow to touch the ground and some blankets for padding, they do great and like their "new toys".

Aiden just hangs out and watches T.V.


If anyone knows Adam, you know he LOVES bonfires and being around water. He was in heaven while at Nate and Brooke's. Here we are by the fire and behind us is Lake Menomin. WE are going to be very busy in a few years as there was 5 babies there under a year and the older older kiddos were fishing!

The Family (missing the Iz)

See. I told you Adam was in heaven. Look at his smile ;)

Adam just reminded me... One more big piece of news for the week!!!! The boys have made the "Little Angels" Calendar for the year of 2012! Over $2100 dollars has been raised for the Children's Hospital of MN and we couldn't be prouder. Thanks for all the votes!

This week is a sort week and the school year is winding down! We have nine days left, and of those nine, three are fun days and field trips. I cannot wait to be home all summer with my two favorite little boys!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Little Angels

We have a lot to cover this week, but I am going to get to the MOST IMPORTANT first! The boys are a part of a fundraiser for the Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. They had their pictures taken as Little Angels with the hopes to get enough votes to make the calendar. They will also be profiled in the calendar as being babies who used the services offered at the Children's Hospital of St. Paul, but we need your help to get them into the calendar as "models". Follow the following directions to place your votes for your favorite Little Angels for $1.00 a piece and help support this great fundraiser!!!

Go to the website:

Enter with the username: Little Angels Calendar 2012
Password: 24331-angels2012

Then enter your email address and your first name only. Click login.

Once you have entered, you will see a "VOTE HERE" on the left side of the screen. Click there to vote. It will bring up a thumbnail of each photo that has been entered. Select the image of Ashton and Aiden ;) and on the bottom left corner is a button that says "ORDER PRINTS". Click that button and a box will appear. This is where you will enter the number of votes you wish to place in the quantity box. Then click on the drop down menu labeled "SIZE/PRICE" and select "1 vote - $1.00". Then click ADD, and then "UPDATE/GO TO SHOPPING CART" and this will prompt you to finish the transaction with the payment and billing options.

VOTING IS OPEN UNTIL MAY 28th and we will keep you posted! Calendars may be purchased at the end of voting...

In other news of the past two weeks, we have been busy! My second week back at work, the boys got to visit while they had a shower for them at work. The boys continued to get very spoiled with books, toys, clothes, and diapers! We had yummy treats, great company, and the boys got lots and lots of snuggles! Thank You everyone for all the gifts and treats. I am so lucky to work on such a great team and have such great friends!

Showing Adam how much the boys were spoiled... the gifts over-took our dining room!

Their first hockey sticks from My friend Jamie. Her boys play hockey and they will be great mentors and role models for our boys!

I had never seen a diaper cake, but this was pretty cool. Carla and Karyn took a lot of time putting this together and it included all sort of treats (even a hidden bottle of wine for me!). Notice the trucks (baskets) on the sides... they even make noise! I couldn't possibly take pictures of everything they got, but all is so cute and needed (lots of diapers)!

Izzie loves new things too! She had to try on one of the boys' bibs because she is "Cute as a bug too!"

The boys received some blankets... they are so soft and cute! I think that they will be their favorites (I will make sure of it). You'll notice these in many of their pictures! Thanks Brenda, if the boys do not sleep with them - I will!

Ashton's is blue with Monkeys (for some reason, Ashton gets everything that is blue...)
Aiden's is green with Turtles.

The blankets are so comfy, even Izzie wants to snuggle with them... actually Izzie isn't ever too far behind and we always create room for her.

We had some VERY SPECIAL visitors this past weekend for the boys' baptism. Adam's Gramma Zielke, Aunt Missy, Aunt Cathy, and Uncle Bill traveled the farthest from Kenosha and Racine.

Elle is getting more and more curious about her baby cousins.

Ashton with Great Gramma Zielke
Gramma and Aunt Missy giving some snuggles.

The boys were very good during the ceremony at church. Aiden didn't like the water part and let out a little yell... we couldn't be prouder of our two little men.

Gramma and Grandpa did so much to help with this special day! Thanks so much. We couldn't do it without you.

Nana and Gramma and screaming boys.

Aunt Missy and Uncle Dave are Aiden's God Parents.

Aunt Elly is Co- God parent to both boys (both are done with pictures by this point... sorry Elly)

Uncle Nate and Aunt Katie are Ashton's God Parents (again, D.O.N.E. with pictures!)

The boys had some very special crosses to wear on their big day. Aiden wore a cross that was Adam's uncle, James' (Jim). Both Adam and Aiden share the same middle name originating from Jerry's older brother.

Ashton wore his Daddy's baptismal cross.

Their cute little booties were hand-made from a friend of the Wamboldt Family. They were perfect and are such a great keep-sake! We had a great weekend with all the company, good food, and thoughtful gifts. I cannot say it enough... the boys are truely loved and spoiled!

The Boys' room is F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. finished. It was pretty much done, but I put the finishing touched on it before we had out company for the baptism. They are pretty lucky little boys to have such a nice room... now they only need to sleep in it ;)

Above the changing table. The boys love to look at the babies and talk to them.

My dad said it best this weekend, "Seeing two cribs in a room isn't a site you see everyday!"

I didn't like any of the bedding sets at the stores, so I bought my own fabric to add color into the room. My aunt Debbie made the pillows, they are the perfect finishing touch to the room!!!

This is only our third family picture! Easter Sunday at Fanny Hill for brunch.

The past week or so has been so much fun in seeing the boys continue to develop! Both have really found their voices and are very smiley. Ashton has a quiet voice and is a little more soft spoken than his brother, but one little dimple will melt your heart when he smiles. Aiden has an "Elvis" smile with one corner of his mouth curling up and he often does a wide open mouth smile. Both boys have BIG BLUE EYES!

Blurry, but both smiling!

Both have found their hands. Aiden more so than Ashton. At times Aiden tries to fit his whole fist in his mouth!

Remember when they first came home from the hospital and we has two tiny little boys in the bouncy? Well, now they are on top of each other and will not fit for long!!!! They turn four months old this coming week... oh boy!

Thanks for checking in. Don't forget to vote for our Little Angels!!!

The A Team and Izzie too!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back to work already???

As the title this week says... I had my first week back-to-work! For the most part it went well, besides the fact that by Friday I am definitely tired and out of gas. We are VERY fortunate to have care coming into the house! We have Nana helping out one day a week, Adam staying home one day a week, and the other three days are covered by a nanny (Heather).

Since I am back to work AND behind on the blog... we are going to catch up with saying very few words but lots of pictures!

The most important part of the last two weeks... The boys turned 3 months. They are 1/4 of a year old!

Aiden James is 3 months old and wearing his Big Boy Jeans. He is officially into 0-3 months clothes and ALL the newborn clothes are packed away. It won't be long and they will be in 3-6! Aiden was the last to finish out the newborn diapers and he is officially into size 1. He loves the morning play time! He kicks on his back and will tolerate spending time on his tummy for longer periods of time than his brother. Aiden is getting more and more smiley every day, is finding his hands, and is trying to use his voice more and more. Aiden is still getting fortified breast milk while his brother has been switched to formula.

Ashton Alan is 3 months old and wearing his Big Boy Jeans. We were shopping today and I just about bought the same jeans in size 3-6 month! I love them in their little jeans, but they aren't going to fit very long. They are growing like weeds! Ashton was the first to wear 0-3 month clothes. He was also the first to graduate from newborn diapers. He continues to run anywhere from 1/2 pound to a pound larger than his brother. He is a little more reserved when trying to use his voice, but smiles often. Mornings are the best time to play. We are working through some fussy nights with Ashton as well. He began crying through every feeding and quite sometime after about a month ago. We don't want to jump to conclusions and say he is the C word (colic)... so with a switch to soy formula, he has been noticeably better (lactose intolerant?). We still have some episodes but this may be from gas as well.

The boys had a follow up appointment at Children's to keep an eye on their kidneys. Both needed an ultrasound this time. At this appointment we had a celebration as both boys are over 10 pounds! OK - I lied, Aiden was 9 pounds 14 ounces but we celebrated anyway ;)

Aiden had a cool little light that kept him busy.

Ashton was a good little boy also! It was a FULL day of appointments as Ashton needed to do another test to take a closer look at his kidneys. We wanted to make sure he doesn't have a blockage that would cause him to have more infections. He was a trooper as it took 3 different nurses and four different attempts to start an IV and lay still for 50 minutes as we watched them put liquids into his system, watch it enter his kidneys, and then drain into his bladder. In the end, all is good and we will continue to watch both boys with another visit in 3-4 months.


Both boys are looking older and older every day. Those who see the boys often are even starting to have to take a closer look at who they are holding as they are starting to look more alike!

Ashton again... I think Aiden was already in bed. But Aiden is getting a more full face that resembles his brother's!

Aunt Elly likes to come over and "play babies." She said she felt like she was going camping wearing her backpack! Aiden could have hung out ALL DAY.

Last post was the Easter Bunny Visit... this post is the LOOT that the boys scored on Easter. Can you say S.P.O.I.L.E.D?

A Wamboldt family tradition... A Lamb Cake. Yumm...

Their Loot, and this doesn't even include what Adam and I got them!

Their first Twins Gear from Aunt Missy, Uncle Dave and Elle! Gophers and Twins are great but no VIKINGS!

Thanks for all the goodies Gramma and Grandpa!

We went for brunch at Fanny Hill. The boys were all decked out in their Bunny outfits that Aunt Debbie treated them with! So Cute... Thanks Debbie!

Ashton Alan

Aiden James

Ashton didn't want his hat on anymore for pictures!

Can you say talented? Many people ask "How do you do it with Twins?" This is how we do it... One strapped to you while giving the other one a bath. At this time I am doing the night routines, making night bottles, pumping, and getting ready for my morning! We tried this one night, and probably won't try it again... but we do a lot with them strapped to us!

We'll leave with a funny little picture of Aiden. He got some sunglasses from Nana for Easter and he wanted to wear them in the tub. ;) Bath time is so much fun... the boys love it, they talk and coo, interact and smile.

Well, the boys are sleeping and tucked into bed, so that means we NEED to get to bed or we will be paying for it later! Happy May Day... now bring on the flowers, green grass, and sunshine!

~The A Team and Nizzer too!