Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back to work already???

As the title this week says... I had my first week back-to-work! For the most part it went well, besides the fact that by Friday I am definitely tired and out of gas. We are VERY fortunate to have care coming into the house! We have Nana helping out one day a week, Adam staying home one day a week, and the other three days are covered by a nanny (Heather).

Since I am back to work AND behind on the blog... we are going to catch up with saying very few words but lots of pictures!

The most important part of the last two weeks... The boys turned 3 months. They are 1/4 of a year old!

Aiden James is 3 months old and wearing his Big Boy Jeans. He is officially into 0-3 months clothes and ALL the newborn clothes are packed away. It won't be long and they will be in 3-6! Aiden was the last to finish out the newborn diapers and he is officially into size 1. He loves the morning play time! He kicks on his back and will tolerate spending time on his tummy for longer periods of time than his brother. Aiden is getting more and more smiley every day, is finding his hands, and is trying to use his voice more and more. Aiden is still getting fortified breast milk while his brother has been switched to formula.

Ashton Alan is 3 months old and wearing his Big Boy Jeans. We were shopping today and I just about bought the same jeans in size 3-6 month! I love them in their little jeans, but they aren't going to fit very long. They are growing like weeds! Ashton was the first to wear 0-3 month clothes. He was also the first to graduate from newborn diapers. He continues to run anywhere from 1/2 pound to a pound larger than his brother. He is a little more reserved when trying to use his voice, but smiles often. Mornings are the best time to play. We are working through some fussy nights with Ashton as well. He began crying through every feeding and quite sometime after about a month ago. We don't want to jump to conclusions and say he is the C word (colic)... so with a switch to soy formula, he has been noticeably better (lactose intolerant?). We still have some episodes but this may be from gas as well.

The boys had a follow up appointment at Children's to keep an eye on their kidneys. Both needed an ultrasound this time. At this appointment we had a celebration as both boys are over 10 pounds! OK - I lied, Aiden was 9 pounds 14 ounces but we celebrated anyway ;)

Aiden had a cool little light that kept him busy.

Ashton was a good little boy also! It was a FULL day of appointments as Ashton needed to do another test to take a closer look at his kidneys. We wanted to make sure he doesn't have a blockage that would cause him to have more infections. He was a trooper as it took 3 different nurses and four different attempts to start an IV and lay still for 50 minutes as we watched them put liquids into his system, watch it enter his kidneys, and then drain into his bladder. In the end, all is good and we will continue to watch both boys with another visit in 3-4 months.


Both boys are looking older and older every day. Those who see the boys often are even starting to have to take a closer look at who they are holding as they are starting to look more alike!

Ashton again... I think Aiden was already in bed. But Aiden is getting a more full face that resembles his brother's!

Aunt Elly likes to come over and "play babies." She said she felt like she was going camping wearing her backpack! Aiden could have hung out ALL DAY.

Last post was the Easter Bunny Visit... this post is the LOOT that the boys scored on Easter. Can you say S.P.O.I.L.E.D?

A Wamboldt family tradition... A Lamb Cake. Yumm...

Their Loot, and this doesn't even include what Adam and I got them!

Their first Twins Gear from Aunt Missy, Uncle Dave and Elle! Gophers and Twins are great but no VIKINGS!

Thanks for all the goodies Gramma and Grandpa!

We went for brunch at Fanny Hill. The boys were all decked out in their Bunny outfits that Aunt Debbie treated them with! So Cute... Thanks Debbie!

Ashton Alan

Aiden James

Ashton didn't want his hat on anymore for pictures!

Can you say talented? Many people ask "How do you do it with Twins?" This is how we do it... One strapped to you while giving the other one a bath. At this time I am doing the night routines, making night bottles, pumping, and getting ready for my morning! We tried this one night, and probably won't try it again... but we do a lot with them strapped to us!

We'll leave with a funny little picture of Aiden. He got some sunglasses from Nana for Easter and he wanted to wear them in the tub. ;) Bath time is so much fun... the boys love it, they talk and coo, interact and smile.

Well, the boys are sleeping and tucked into bed, so that means we NEED to get to bed or we will be paying for it later! Happy May Day... now bring on the flowers, green grass, and sunshine!

~The A Team and Nizzer too!

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