Monday, September 14, 2015

End of Summer

End of Summer?  No.  It is the end of summer vacation, but the weather can very much so stay summer!  August was a busy month as we were trying to pack all of the last bit of freedom with our schedules in before back-to-school.  

Upon returning from South Dakota, we were home for three days and then headed North to join some friends at the Lake.  Some friends of our bought a resort 2 years ago, and although Adam helps put in and take out their docks each year, we have yet to get up there and stay.  We had a three bedroom cabin with another family so it was cozy but a lot of fun!  Last year we chose the week and wouldn't you know, it was a week of pure rain.  Cabin fever struck on day two when we couldn't get outside, but we pushed through.  We  The boys fished in the rain, we did a fire with some sprinkles, and we did a pontoon ride in the mist.  The One picture I took with my camera is of the kiddos snuggled in for a movie...
 Watching Nemo on a rainy night.

Adam sent me pictures of the boys fishing as I was sitting inside the cabin with wine or coffee ;)
Ashy LOVES fishing right now.  He is getting good at casting, putting on his own worm and taking off his catch!  Another bonus = no hook in his fingers... yet.
 The sun came out for a couple minutes... so I took a picture.
 Ava and Amanda visited for a bit to play.  The kids played so well together!  Amanda and Ava used to live in Menomonie, but now live on the lake while their parents run the resort.
It was a great time, would have been better with nicer weather, but we were with great friends.  We will for sure be back next year.  If you are looking for very nice cabins on a beautiful lake - The Gathering Place in Birchwood is the place to go!
What else do you do on a rainy night?  Use technology in bed.  Like father like son.

The boys had a blast trying football this fall.  It was a Little Punters camp for three weeks.  For pictures they got to put on a varsity jersey and pads... I think they have a little growing into the gear to do!  They loved it!
 Will they play football?  It will be fun to watch them play together if they do!
 Is this the making of a championship team for Fall 2027
We think so!!!
 It's great seeing the coaches and players work with the littles.  The players are role models to many!
 The boys got paired with Mason Stokke as their coach.  He has committed to play for the Wisconsin Badgers next year and now they boys love listening to his name on the radio and watching him play running back/linebacker at the games.
 They worked on catching, passing, and kicking.
 Seeing them listen to and look up to Stokke was cute!
 They lost a bet, so the kids had to do push ups... 
but if they hit a passing target, the coach had to do push ups!
Thanks to the Menomonie football team, coaches, and players to work with the youngsters.
They boys LOVED little punters!

After practicing for 3 weeks, they got to test their skills on the varsity field at the first home game.  At half time, it was their time to shine and the boys were super excited for :their game".  They thought everyone (packed stands) was there to watch them.
Caz, Aiden, Ashton, Maxel, and Payton
 Game time!  They came running out cheering and so excited.  
I was just thinking... Don't fall... don't fall... don't trip!
 Football Dads. Proud Football Dads.
 4 of the 5 are former Menomonie players.
(Adam is the odd duck out)
 Two of the boys biggest fans came to watch and cheer them on!
 Ashton LOVED them watching and paid more attention to his cheerleaders, than the game.  He is our PR guy.  During hockey he always does hot laps to say hi to the fans too...
 Then he kicked the ball...
 Aiden acknowledged his support too ;)
 Go Team!
 Thanks for coming and showing your support Rueber family!
From one sport to another... 
We finished out the boys' summer program.  They loved it, we saw improvement, we met new families, and the boys are already complaining that they don't have hockey.  They were downstairs shooting pucks tonight for an hour... 
 Looking more comfortable on the ice!
 Something they started on their own... Pep talks to each other before getting on the ice.
"Let's skate harder than the older kids"
 After their last practice, I was sneaking pictures from the box with the coaches and all the players taking a knee...
 They then invited me out to take a team picture.
Thanks to a great Summer!
 We wrangled up the Menomonie Crew for a couple pics...
 Aiden, Ashton, Bryce, and Caz
Hockey "Tough Faces"
 These four worked hard... 
 Bryce has the best "Tough Hockey Player Face"
 Can't wait to see these boys skate together again in October.
The boys keep asking when they will go back to "their old hockey."
 Funny story:  Jaxon, their friend skated summer in the cities and when we were vacationing in Door County, he asked his mom if Ashton and Aiden got traded.  He didn't want them playing for another team on the other side of the state.  She assured him they weren't traded, but instead going a different place for summer training and they will all skate together in October.  He was serious and seriously watching the trading between the teams :)
 Camo buddies after the last practice.  Pretty tired and not too uncommon for after practice!
 Bryce has the serious face down!
 and.... the only way to get a decent picture is to promise a silly face afterwards.
I shared the team picture with the coaches and sent a picture of the Menomonie Crew in a Thank You.  The head coach then emailed me telling me to check out the homepage:
Are they really old enough to be going to 4K?
The first day was orientation and a chance to drop in and meet the teacher.  
Aiden was disappointed that we weren't leaving and he couldn't stay there by himself.  They are together because each placement is a single section... so the big decision will come next year on whether to split them or not.
 It must be nice having your best friend and your brother there by your side as you are nervous about this new place, the new teacher, and the bus experience.
 They had to color their birthday cupcake for the birthday board!
 Taking it VERY seriously!
I ask everyday who they sit by and they say each other.  Either they are well behaved or they are pulling my leg.
 As expected, Aiden really took his time coloring and Ashy rushed on to the play area.
 1st real Day of School.
The night before, I let them choose their own outfits.  To my surprise they picked completely different AND older clothes.  This really bothered Nana, as they were different and with all the new clothes she bought them, they chose "old clothes" from their drawers.  They couldn't have been more excited!  
Here comes the day of riding the bus to Bonnie's!!!!!!
 I had Bonnie text me the first couple days when they got off the bus to make sure they made it.  Now, I trust she will text if they don't make it!
Their first assignment (more my assignment) for their class scrapbook:

A few randoms:
*Ashton falls asleep on the bus most days and the first day Aiden told me, "I got tired of holding Ashton's head off me."  So I told him to let Ash sit by the window so he doesn't have to lean on him ;)
*The next day they came home and told me a boy on the bus called them "annoying" but they said they didn't know what that meant.  
*Aiden was super excited to have the job of being the weatherman.  Ashton was the chair person and it was "annoying."  (he had to push in all the chairs).  Aiden said, "That's okay Ash, you can be the weatherman some day."  Love him and I guess the boy on the bus taught them a new word.
*I look forward to super time when I can ask the boys their favorite part of the day.  
*While watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, the characters were floating in bubbles.  Aiden told me he wanted to float in a bubble, to then correct himself and say, "No... I don't want to ride in a bubble because I don't want to get off the Earth."
*While crossing a bridge, Aiden saw a damn and told me it was a naughty word.  He then apologized for saying a naughty word, but it "wasn't naughty because the damn is holding back water."

Those are just a couple I made note of in my phone.  They make me smile each and everyday and they are getting so dang smart!

Last but not least... This weekend we tackled a project the boys have been asking for all summer.  Their play set/swing set/tree fort.
Gramma and Grampa visited and the Rueber family came to help.  I did not have my camera out as one of the days it was pouring and I was in the moment, helping, and let's just face it... not taking pictures.  Sorry but not sorry.  I will have a picture of some progress this week maybe, or when it is finished.  
While Daddy, Dave, and Grampa were building, we took the time to play a game with Gramma and Nana.  The boys are super into Hide and Seek lately and playing Memory.  They are good!  They usually beat me fair and square.
 In the rain...  hard workers! 
The boys are going to LOVE it!
That's all.  I know I have more pictures on my phone and we had a blast at the Pheasants Forever kid fun day... but it will take a bit to get them off my phone.
We had two excited little boys getting to shoot guns, climb on things, get dirty, ride horses, and shoot more things (paintball guns, BB gun, and slingshots).

Next weeks post.  Or should I just say "next post" in case it's in a month?
Thanks for checking in...