Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Fun

The weather was beautiful this week, and we made sure to enjoy every last minute of it!  Since we moved in to our neighborhood 5 1/2 years ago, more and more kids have moved in.  The boys are just starting to notice all the neighbor kids and play with them.  Too bad we are moving soon and the weather is going to force us all inside...
Another thing we will miss about where we live right now is the new walking trail.  We visit the horses just down the road almost nightly.  Aiden needs to check on them and say "hi and goodnight".  He asks about them as soon as we get home from daycare. 

Once we see the horses, they get to walk home.  This takes double the time to get home.

We take about 5 steps forward and three steps back the whole time home.

It takes so long to get home that even Izzie gets tired!

We have to stop and check every ant hill between the horses and home...

Stop and play trucks... until we finally make it back in the wagon or home before bedtime.

Saturday night we went to some friend's house for a bonfire.  The boys loved watching the big boys, run and play football.

Briggs is great with kids, and Aiden liked being pulled in the wagon!

Two little boys after dad's heart... watching the fire.

On Sunday we met Elle, Missy and Dave at Pleasant Valley to have some fun in the beautiful fall weather.

Everyone climbed the hay pile...

and slid down the slides.

The colors are beautiful!

Under the hay pile there are tunnels.  I was hoping the boys wouldn't go in because I was NOT coming in after them (I get claustrophobic)!


Ashton liked the trains...

While Aiden and Daddy were watching the pumpkin launcher go off.

We could have stayed by the animals all day!  Aiden is fearless, while Ashton sticks tight to Adam or I.

While we walk and see the horses nightly, we don't touch them because they aren't ours... Aiden loved touching the nose and ears on this one.

PUPPIES!  This one, Ashton would go close to the cage.

Baby chickens...


While Aiden could have stayed by the animals and crawled in the cages with them, Ashton went back to the trains.  See someone peeking?

Do we have a future cowboy?

Or two?

After the animals, we made our way to the GIANT sandbox!

Three Pumpkins...

and one tired boy!

Late night at the bonfire and early morning to the pumpkin patch, caught up with Ashton.

Saving the best for last, we ended the day with a hay ride.  Ashton stayed awake for a little of it...  Aiden on the other hand, couldn't get close enough to the tractor.

We couldn't have asked for a better day!  The next time we are out at Pleasant Vally, we will be picking out our Christmas Tree and the colors WILL NOT look like this!

As always, thanks for checking in! We had a busy weekend and ALL are tired.  As for the HOUSE UPDATE we are hoping there is more to update on next week... we changed our lot to a different one in the development due to how our house fit on the first one we had picked out, so we are pushed back a week or two waiting on the perk test.  In the meantime we close on the 25th of October and have a rental to move into for October 1st through January 31st.  Needless to say, the next couple weeks, we will be slowly transitioning from one place to the other!  Let the fun begin.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Playing Together!!!

It was a pretty slow week at the Wamboldt House this week.  Not sure if it is allergies, new germs at day care, or the change in the weather but the boys cannot seem to kick the colds they have had for about three weeks now. 
The GREATEST News of the week... GRAMMA IS HOME!!! We are so happy for her as this has been a long journey for her and she has been such a fighter.  Adam went home on Wednesday to help out with some appointments and welcome her home in person.  Now they boys just need to get healthy so they can go visit too!  We continue to facetime almost every night and the boys love it.  When they see the ipad they say "Gramma... Grampa!"
The other highlight of the week... "Catching" the boys playing together.  Playing NICE together.  Not biting each other.  SHARING their toys.  I was making supper and I checked on them in the living room, because they were quiet for too long.  That usually means trouble... but this is what I saw.
Playing cars and playing together!

Then Ashton busted me with the camera, and gave me his best "Cheese" face, Aiden too.

They rarely can get this close without fighting...

Aiden is even letting his brother touch him... and drive his trucks on him!

Thursday night I made apple crisp and I had a helper.  One pan stayed home (the one Aiden helped with) and the other pan went to school ;)  Yummy!

HOUSE UPDATE:  Not much new, besides a start of the road to get to our lot!  It makes everything look very different.  The last times we were up there, 4 wheel drive was needed and there were a lot of over-grown weeds!

This is at the end of the cul-de-sac looking "Up" at the neighbors house...
End of the cul-de-sac.

I walked up and took a picture from where the neighbors house is being built.

As they make progress on the road, we will have a better picture of how our house will fit on the lot.  There are a lot of trees to be cleared as well.  Other than that, we are pretty much set on having all the "big" decisions made and are waiting on permits and for the digging of the basement!
Thanks for checking in!  Stay Warm.