Sunday, September 16, 2012


  We had a lot of fun this weekend and with the beautiful weather while at the Apple Orchard, I didn't realize how many pictures I was taking.  Many of the pictures being of happy and smiling boys! So this post will be mostly pictures, which I am sure is why people check the blog for the most part :)
Saturday, I needed to run to a few stores at the mall so we packed up and went to Eau Claire.  The goal was to have the boys play, and any shopping I could quickly do would be a bonus!  Nana bought the boys some new balls from Old Navy.  They are obsessed with balls right now.  They throw them, kick them, roll them, and hit them with their golf clubs, bats, and hockey sticks.  Ashton wouldn't put it down while he played at the mall...

Taking them to this play place is getting easier and easier.  As long as there aren't any big kids running like wild animals, I can just sit back and watch them play independently.  I do keep an eye on the entrance/exit as they try to sneak out sometimes, so that is where I sit.

BIG BOYS who love stepping off the logs without any help (Ashton trying to get up without having to put his ball down).

We walk to Wakanda Park to see the buffalo, deer, and elk.  Now every deer is a
 "e-lllll-k".  Even this Bambi at the play place.
On Sunday we joined Missy, Dave, and Elle at the Apple Orchard in Eau Claire.  It was a beautiful day and so much fun!  We did this last year, but I remember having one of the boys in the Bjorn and attached to me.  They were running, playing and helping pick this year.

Some pumpkins were just their size.  We didn't get any though... we have an AWESOME pumpkin patch in the area we will visit in a couple weeks!

While we were inside trying some apples they boys came up to me and said, "Bye."  They walked out on their own and continued to play.  Getting to be so grown up.  *Side Story - each morning Adam drops the boys off at day care, they say bye and run off to play.  This week they wouldn't let Adam help them down the stairs, and later in the week they gave him a kiss and said bye in the driveway.  Adam said, "I have to walk you in!"  I thought maybe they were getting to be "to cool" to kiss and say good bye in front of their friends."  Adam said they will probably want to drive themselves next week.  ;)  It makes taking them there so much easier when you know they love it!

It is impossible to get all three kiddos to do the same thing... "All peek from behind the fence".  Nope, not Ashton.

The boys will pick at any flowers they can, hence why mine all died this year.

"Don't pick the flowers, SMELL the flowers!"

I love this picture of Aiden James. 
20 months old

I love this one too of Ashton Alan!
20 months old



Brothers = The Best of Friends, The Worst of Enemies!
*Thanks Missy and Elle for being behind us and making us smile and look at the camera  ;)

Bringing the wagon was a good idea.  It helped haul all the kids and the apples!

The boys love tractors... it made their day to ride on a wagon being pulled by a tractor!  They would have rode all day if they could have.

Finally time to pick the apples.  We were lucky enough to be able to pick our own apples.  Because of the early season weather, and lack of rain 80% of their crop was down and many orchards are not allowing "pick your own."  They boys had to try one, or two... or three.

We had to watch them closely, they wanted to help by putting the apples off the ground in the bag.  Or 'try' the ones off the ground, eeeewwww gross. "Save those for the elk (deer)."

Yummy! Want some?

After picking apples, we visited the animals and played.  They had a llama and goats. 
They see these animals everyday at daycare, but they still love them and didn't want to leave!

Being brave and feeding them some corn.

Would have been such a cute picture, had all three been peeking out the 'Cool Bus'.

There was a tractor race track.  Next year they will peddle around!

Thanks for inviting us to the Apple Orchard Elle!  The boys loved it, and now mama gets to make Apple Crisp (in my spare time this week).
HOUSE UPDATE: Not much new.  We have the kitchen design all done and everything set.... Until I changed my mind on the cabinets.  Just the color though ;)  We have a good idea for the wood floor, carpet, counter tops and tile.  Now just the details have to be put into design of the tile shower and the tile back splash in the kitchen.  We'll be meeting with the builder early this week to FINALIZE all plans and decide on all windows to get them ordered and the siding.  We are just waiting on a price quote for adding transom windows across the back of the house and that decision will be made.  All permits have been applied for and as soon as those go through, we will be digging (next week or the week after).  Most importantly, they are focusing on getting the road in this week, so you can even get to our lot! 
Have a great week, looks like the weather is getting cooler.  It is beginning to feel more like FaLL!

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