Sunday, September 2, 2012

Accepted Offer

The one phone call we have been waiting for is our realtor to call and tell us we have an offer.  The first phone call she said those exact words, we accepted the offer!  As many know, we have been on a roller coaster ride with our house.  We had plans to build and our house was on the market... and then I freaked out with the boys coming.  So we slowed everything down and held tight in our current place for the last year.  With toys and "stuff" busting through the seams... it was time again to go down the road of having our house on the market and we are in need of a little more space.  

It was a LOOOOOng summer with random showings and having to have the house "show ready" in the drop of a dime and getting the boys and dog all out of the house for a half hour showing.  Only to come home and get the feedback.  "Didn't like the location, still looking, don't like that it's a twin home, can't get financing, etc."

I said the house will sell in the most inconvenient time... either Back-to-School or Christmas.  Well, BINGO.  We ARE NOT complaining at all because we are ready to build, however the offer came the day before I started back-to-school, and it looks like we will be moving at Christmas time.  Making decisions and shopping for all we need for the new house will make this fall fly!

A couple things have changed over the summer.  We decided in a very short amount of time that we wanted to build somewhere else and sold out lot on the Menomonie Country Club Golf Course in ONE DAY!  We decided we wanted a little more space and we are now the second house going in a new development just outside of Menomonie.  It is called Timber Canyon.  

We have had our plan set for quite awhile now, however we were still going back and forth on a couple things... vaulted ceilings or not, transoms above some windows or not, moving some windows around, and minor cosmetic changes.  Now decisions need to be made, and I get a bit of anxiety knowing after a certain point I can't change my mind.  :)  Windows need to be ordered next week.  We have our perk test ordered, and they started clearing our lot late last week.  There will be a hole dug, footings in, and basement poured as soon as permits are pulled!  In the next few weeks, we need to pick out the flooring and cabinets as well.  This process is all very exciting, however I am such a visual person I am beyond anxious to see it all come together!
A couple pictures from the "Last Week of Summer".  I call it the last week of summer because we are officially back to work and he boys are at Bonnie's.  They went three days last week while I had meetings.  The Friday before, we visited in the afternoon just to get familiar with it again.  I was pleasantly surprised when Aiden ran right up to Bonnie and they started playing like we never left for the summer!  The first couple days back went really well.  They boys LOVE all the animals and are sitting at the "Big Kid" lunch table and they take their naps on sleeping bags on the floor with the "Big Kids" too! 

The boys love their sweet corn. Love it is an understatement...

We went to Irvine Park on last time to see the animals.  If I would have let Aiden, he would have crawled right in with the horses and donkeys.  Ashton is content just sitting in the wagon  ;) 

 This will be the last time I point out the "Cheese Face" because I think you get the point, but it CRACKS me up!

They were tiny babies in Door County the last time they sat in the swing like this... might be getting a little big!

Bought some popcorn from the Optimist Club.  It kept them busy...

Saturday, August 18th we went to a 40th Wedding Anniversary at Whitetail Golf Course.  Congrats to Jerry and Marlene Pelke (My sister in-law's parents)!!!  The boys had to do a little golfing...

Ashton was trying hard to hit it...

But soccer might be more his sport.  He decided in the end to just kick the ball.

Aiden wanted to golf so badly with the "Big People".

He concentrated very hard to hit it in the hole!

Mikayla was a good golf instructor   ;)

I will be updating the blog weekly with the house developments and of course keep talking about the boys.  If you are a Facebook person, you can also "Like" Timber Ridge Homes as our builder updates daily on his projects. 

We are excited for what this fall and winter will bring, but will be trying to enjoy the last of the summer on the weekends!  I cannot even begin to think of our days of not being outside and keeping busy...
The A Team.

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