Sunday, April 17, 2011

Who do they look like???

The boys ventured out today to meet the Easter Bunny at the Oakwood Mall. I cannot help but get anxious about getting a "good" picture of the boys. It's hard enough to not have a single child crying or looking away from the camera... let alone two! But, all pictures have a story and this cute Easter Bunny Picture. ;) This was our first trip to the mall and I bet 90% of the people who passed us commented about the "twins". Either they stopped to talk to us about them, made comments in passing, or comments to each other (which we heard). We are not used to this yet as we haven't been out in public a whole lot with them!

Once we got home, Ashton wanted to put on his bunny ears...

But.... Aiden DID NOT. The boys wore shirts that say "I believe in the Easter Bunny." This picture cracks me up. NOT flattering of either one...
Izzie didn't want to miss out on the Easter Bunny action... although she chases bunnies out of our yard!
I am guessing the boys are pushing 9 pounds... as I am feeling that they are getting too big to snuggle on my chest together. However, I have room on my lap and both LOVE to rock in the rocking chair!

I see both Aiden and Ashton in this picture of Adam.
I think of Aiden when I look at this picture of Adam!

And I thought I drank too much caffeine... I think Aiden gets his big eyes from Adam! So Cute!!!

Can Ashton have CrAzY blonde hair like his mama???
I see a little bit of Ashton in this picture of me. Looking back on some very early pictures of Ashton in the NICU... before his face got more full.

Is this Ashton as a little Indian? Nope. It's me.

It's hard to say who they really look like. A little of both maybe??? As both of their faces get more full, they are actually looking more and more alike. They have the same noses and BRIGHT blue eyes. They are changing each day!

This week is my last week of maternity leave and we are busy! We will be meeting with the pastor for their baptism in May, heading to doctor appointments at Children's, meeting with the babysitter that is covering the next seven weeks, and I am going to work for an afternoon to "shadow" my sub to see where she is at with my classes! I am excited to get back and see what my other 20 kiddos have been up to, but it will be hard to leave my favorite 2 kiddos each morning.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Busy Bees

Since the last post, we have been very busy... however I feel that the pictures are a bit random! To start out talking about me... It was my BiRtHdAy the last week of March and I was SPOILED! I woke up to the boys giving me a card. Inside the card was a schedule for the day. With both Gramma and Nana were on hand to watch the boys and I was treated to a day of pampering... Adam scheduled a hair appointment for me to get a cut and a color. After that we had lunch at my favorite place, Panera. To sit and enjoy lunch was a treat in it's self! After lunch, Adam and I did a little bit of shopping and with the help of some others in the form of gift cards... I treated myself to some goodies from the mall! Then we were off to Lotus Spa so Adam and I could both be pampered with massages. The day was just what I needed, thanks to all who helped. I am a very lucky girl. We are starting to go on more and more adventures with the boys as the weather is continuing to get nicer... but we still had a doctor appointment as well. The boys got their second (and hopefully last) RSV shot.
Aiden was so good he got a "Happy Easter" sticker... but he wasn't very happy about it! Look at that little pout face... He weighed 8 lbs. 3 oz.

Neither pictures are good ones of the boys as Ashton was just waking up from a nap... but he also got a sticker! Ashton weighed 8 lbs. 13 oz.
Both boys continue to get stronger and stronger! We spend some of our day playing on their tummies...

And hanging from our tummies!!! Adam's parents got us a carrier and we liked it soo much... we borrowed another one from a friend. Now we have two so we both can "strap up" and not have to adjust it every time...

They are soo nice, we can actually get some work done!

And go for walks...

Adam and I are very fortunate to have MANY helping hands. My aunt Debbie helps a lot during the week, and the little girl that she babysits loves to hold the boys! Notice how Izzie wants to be involved and she is basically hanging on to the edge of the chair!

We ventured to Elle's house a couple times since the last post. The first time, Aiden wanted to cuddle with Elle's doll. ;)

Elle checked out the boys' diaper bag to make sure they weren't hiding any treats or holding out on any cool toys.

The second trip to Elle's house was all about playing outside and enjoying the 76 degree weather!

Elle walks behind her Dinosaur! It is sooo cute... Look at those little Piggy Tails!!!

We broke out the stroller for the first time and took the boys on the Maiden Voyage. We bought the stroller last fall, so we were quite excited to try it out with the boys (they slept the entire time...)

Ashton all ready to go for a cruise!

Aiden probably wanted to keep going faster...

While we were playing outside, Izzie was at Petco getting her haircut... and when we returned Elle wanted to say "HI".

That pretty much sums up the activities of the past two weeks. We are having fun leaving the house a little more often even though it takes us MUCH longer to get ready and actually leave the house. The routine needs to start about 2 1/2 hours before we actually need to be out the door in order to be on time! but it is worth getting out of the house, enjoying other's company, and doing things with the boys!

Until Next week... A to the 4th power & Izzie.