Saturday, June 13, 2015

Twins, twins, and more twins

We started out June with celebrating Meg and Sean's Marriage.  
Alex and Chase came up from Florida so for the first time we had all the twin cousins together.
Ashton, Josh, Aiden, Chase, Alex and Brandon.
 Alex and Chase are 20.  Josh and Brandon are 19.  Ashton and Aiden are 4.
Here they are lined up from oldest to youngest.  
 Megan was a beautiful bride. 
It didn't take long for the boys be be stuck to Josh.
 Trying to hang with the big kids.

 Meg and Sean chose a quaint little place in Chippewa.  It was rustic, country, and perfect.
 Paula and Hadley.
 Proud parents walking the bride down the aisle.

 Mikyla got some Hadley snuggles.

 I got some Anzio snuggles.  Anzio is my cousin Alex's son.

 Uncle Steve and the bride.
 Yeah right... Good luck getting a picture of these two dancing goofballs.

 Some Family...
 The Larsen's.  Cute.

 The Gilbert's
 Adam and his mini me.
 Leaving the wedding we were at the truck when John Denver came on.  Adam said we left one song too early... then Ashton says:
"Dad I love you.  Don't ever let me die.  I don't want you to ever be dead."
"Don't let me down dad."
"Mom - you let me down.  Mom - you let me down, we should have stayed for one more song."
Where did that come from?

The boys have been waiting for a water park day.  First we needed the time, then we needed the weather to cooperate.  Well this last weekend we went to a parade and it was HOT.  So afterwards with a bucket full of candy, we went to the water park for a quick swim.

 Wednesday night we had a special delivery to make.  The boys put on their Sears hats and delivered a new lawn mower across the state to Grampa and Gramma.  Of course once it was delivered, they needed a ride!

 With every one's busy lives, we are lucky to get to Gramma and Grampa's house more than once a year.  We loved being able to see them and hang out outside and join them for supper.

 A driveway, a hose, and a watering can is all these two boys need for hours of entertainment.
Sorry for your water bill Grampa.

 Washing Daddy's truck.

 Gramma has some beautiful flowers in bloom!

 Popcorn with Gramma.
 This is a typical night at our house.  If Ashton and Aiden aren't in the basement shooting pucks, they are playing baseball in the yard or riding bike.  They can't just play baseball... they need the WHOLE UNIFORM.  Sometimes I think Ashy is more concerned with how he looks than how he plays.  Oh Boy!
 T-Ball starts Tuesday!
 I'll say it again, I love Ashton's little baseball stance.  He sure looks like a little baseball player  ;)
It's finally Summer.
 My new favorite room in the house.  Izzie likes it too.
The week isn't over, however I'm going to post early.  We'll see if I post again tomorrow to finish off the week or if I just add it to next week.  Either way... I am officially caught up!  

Tonight we have a graduation party and tomorrow we have hockey and a very important dance recital.  This was the year that Mikayla finished dancing at the high school level and Elle is just beginning.  I can't wait for many more years of dance!
Happy Summer.