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No... I don't plan on doing monthly blogs... I just need to get caught up.  Thanks for being patient!

Where did the spring go?  We are busy busy busy with many things going on.  Adam gets very busy in the spring with lawn and garden season, my spring was busy with transitioning my current students to 9th grade (high school) and greeting my incoming 6th graders for next fall.  The boys' activities are starting and we are constantly on the move!  Enough about is... let's share some pictures of what we did in April!

Right outside Ashton's window... we have a wildlife center!  Opening his curtains on morning, he had turkeys and deer.
 You have to look close for the deer all the way back by the pond.

 If we can't see the animals in our yard, or at Bonnies... we pay money to see them at Govin's.  Our yearly visit included the Rueber Family, Mikayla, and Nana.
 Both boys liked the ponies... my goal for this summer is to find a place to take them riding where you go for more than a few minutes in a circle.
 Weight Limit***  In a couple more years, the boys won't be able to ride ;)
Ashton is 42 pounds and Aiden is 41 pounds.

 The baby chicks were a popular animal for all the little hands.  Poor things!

 Elise wasn't so sure about touching the animals.

 Baby Pigs!

 Elle held one and when it was Aiden's turn it peed on him.  We had to tell him it was water to keep him from getting upset.  ;)
 Feeding the sheep with Uncle Dave.  Yucky slimy hands!

 If they could, they would have brought home a lamb!  Mikayla too!

 The boys felt right at home in to goat pen... except for when they were at the backside of them... eeeew.
 Ashton found a little friend that was away from all the people.

 Hugs or tackling?  
 Everyone got some snuggles.

 So proud they could catch them and "pick them up".

 Time to ride the ponies.  Giddy Up Cowboy!

 Uncle Dave was giving some mini golf lessons... They are now looking forward to mini golfing in Door County!

 On our way out, the kids got to drive the horses.

 Nora, our little neighbor, turned 2 in April.  The boys love playing with "new toys" and Lauren makes a pretty darn good "Pupcake" as Asthon calls a cupcake.

April 25th we held our 2nd annual Hometown Hustle.  The boys participated with the Rueber Family and Nana as I had to be available to organize it.  It was a success, but we would always love more runners!  It is a fundraiser for the Middle School.
 Brotherly Love!
 Ready to run!

 The kids 1/4 mile dash...

 Elise had the shortest legs...


 After listening to a little music... we called it a day.
Thanks for continuing to check back for updates... I know I was stuck on the Easter post for quite a while... too long.
I have all my pictures organized and will work hard to sum up May and our start to June.  We are officially on summer break, the days are getting longer but we are not slowing down one bit.  However, the boys start summer school next week so I may have some spare time on my hands to get caught up!  Maybe.  

Check back soon for May and June.  Then I hopefully will get back to my weekly posts.  ;)

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