Sunday, June 26, 2011

First Trip to Gramma & Grampa's

There are a lot of pictures to share this week as we made our first trip to Gramma and Grampa's house with the boys! We were very excited to take the boys away for the weekend but nervous at the same time. This past weekend marked the first time the boys have been away from home for more than a couple hours and the boys were troopers! We will share all the highlights of the weekend, but first I need to back up a bit.

We went to one of Uncle Dave's baseball games (he plays for the Menomonie Eagles), but we don't have any pictures! Bummer... It was VeRy cold and the boys were all bundled up, and sleeping. They had to wear their Minnesota Twins shirts that Uncle Dave got them for Easter since that is the only "baseball" attire they have. Hopefully we can make another game when it feels like summer.

On the weekend of the 19th, I drove to the cities (without the boys) to help "shower" Baby Gretz. Kimberly Kay is one of my best friends going back to our college days. She is expecting a baby boy in the beginning of August and we are very excited to meet this little man!!! We hope to have many play dates in the future...

So... this last weekend we were finally able to make the trip we have all been looking forward to! We traveled to Adam's parents house in Oconto Falls. It is about 30 minutes north of Green Bay. We were packed tight! This was the true test to see if we really need a larger vehicle...

It all fit (barely)!

The boys slept the entire 3 hour ride both there and back!

Once we start packing, Izzie knows that we are going somewhere and she DOES NOT let us out of her sight. She will sit in the car as we pack it to make sure she goes along!

The boys got to meet our friends, The Meyers Family and the Wendt Family. They are like second and third parents to Adam and two of Adam's best friends are Matt and Kyle. Although Marie says she doesn't "do babies," she was a champ and Aiden was content to sit on her lap a great amount of time!

Grampa and "Da boyz". Since we were heading close to the home of the Green Bay Packers, the boys had to wear their gear. Gramma and Grampa brought these onsies to the NICU before the Super Bowl... back then they looked huge! Now they fit! ;)

Grampa put many miles on the stroller without even leaving the back yard! The boys had many rides on the "Zippen Pippen". The Zippen Pippen is a roller coaster
that was recently brought to Green Bay. It was one of Elvis' favorite... Grampa recreated it in the back yard with the stroller. Maybe someday the boys can ride the real Zippen Pippen with Grampa!

Ashton crashed out on Grampa's lap. Grampa is an alum of Wisconsin, Mom and Dad are alumni of Stout. Too cute.

Gramma got some snuggles too! I think Ashton is just a bit confused why Gramma is dressed like it's January... when it's the end of June?!?!?! :)

The best time of the day for the boys is the mornings. They are happy, playful, and talkative! We're glad Gramma and Grampa could enjoy this time with them as well!

On one of the roller coaster rides, Aiden fell asleep... so under a shady tree was the perfect place to take a little snooze! I think he was a little confused when he woke up all alone... under a tree... in the middle of nowhere.

One of the very first items of clothing the boys were given were these "Mine, Mine, Mine..." (Little Mermaid) onsies from Gramma and Grampa's trip to Disney last fall. They finally fit and it's only fitting that they show them to Gramma and Grampa!

Two very lucky little boys got to lounge in Grampa's recliner!

And snooze during their morning nap while Grampa had his morning coffee...

Adam and I had a mini vacation this weekend! We just cannot figure out why Gramma and Grampa were so hands-on during the days, but didn't want to help with the nights?!?!?! JUST KIDDING! They boys did well sleeping their first time away from home!
Grampa helped feed Ashton. We can't tell who got more food in their mouth though, Ashton or Mickey?

We had one last walk to stretch the Nizzer's legs before heading back home on Sunday. The boys love riding in their stroller in the "big boy" seats... which makes them look very tiny ;)

It was a busy weekend and we LOVED every minute of it. We are tired and plan on doing a lot of hanging out this week, find time for some walks, and gear up for the Holiday Weekend!

Do you want to count how many times I typed "Gramma and Grampa" in this blog post!?!?!?! We could make it a drinking game ;)

The A Team & Iz

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Many Firsts

This past week marks many firsts. One first that we are very excited about is CEREAL! The boys are officially "supported sitters" and they are bringing everything to their mouths, so we though we would try their first cereal. They did great! There was no gagging or spitting it out. Aiden had chowed his right down, while it took Ashton just a little bit longer to make the connection. About half way through his second time, his eyes got bright and he got excited. After that he chows down also!



This was my first week off and I am enjoying spending time with the boys. We are finding ways to entertain ourselves...

Posing for pictures... BEST BUDDIES

Dressing up in all our hats...

Aiden looks like he's ready to go cut Christmas Trees. However, I don't think this hat will fit in December ;( We often play dress up because what I think is going to be way to big... fits them! They are into 6 month clothes and I am packing away most all of their 0-3 month clothes. All I have to say is there will be some great finds when we have a thrift sale! Most outfits they have worn once, and it makes me very sad. I bought some more GAP jeans and they are size 6-12 months! They are a bit big, but the 3-6 months wouldn't have fit for long...

Aiden wearing his hat how Daddy wears his.

This week also marked our first walk of the summer. Not exactly the first walk, but the first time I loaded up the boys by myself and ran some errands and drove to the trail to put on some miles.

Ashton was a sleepy boy.

Aiden was ready to go. Adam calls him "our little Marine" because he never skips a beat!

I am sure it is a sight to see... As I am walking down the trail with the double stroller, Izzie cuts back and forth in front of the stroller so I have to stop and switch hands with the leash and stop while she sniffs around. Then I need to stop and do pacifier patrol... Then Izzie gets tired and we head home. Needless to say, she will stay home on the days that I want to put on some miles! Sorry Iz.

If we aren't eating, playing dress up, or walking... we are PLAYING! They are getting so strong and all toys are going to their mouths.

Ashton Alan

Aiden James

This pictures only shows half of the determination that Ashton had in trying to "get" his little giraffe on his exersaucer. He focused for over 15 minutes trying to get it to his mouth.

The last "First" of our week was celebrating Adam's FIRST FATHER'S DAY!!!

The boys were all decked out in their "I lOVE MY DADDY" shirts. We surprised him with a trip to Long Lake. He wants a cabin on the lake, and even though we cannot buy one right now, I thought we could go look and have lunch on the lake. The boys also got daddy an empty golf bag with a note saying he had to fill it (how do you pick out golf clubs for someone else???). Next to his bag were the boys' very own Little Tikes golf clubs so they can go with in a couple years. The perfect gift... A gift that will get all they boys out of the house in years to come ;)

Da Boyz (they found each other's hands)

Daddy and his boys.

Adam is the BEST Daddy these two little boys can ask for. They are two very lucky little boys!!! Nizzer and I are very lucky too!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Week in Pictures

This past week is a slow news week. Looking back on the pictures from the week, there was a whole lot of hanging around the house. This week also marked my last week of work and we were busy! So... there isn't much to say, here's the week in pictures!

On Tuesday, I was quite tired when I came home so the boys and I took a quick nap together. Izzie joined us too!

Monday was HoT! We bought the boys a small pool to cool down in.

We need some little swimmers! We first just put them in in their diapers, but they started cutting into their little legs... so we put little shorts on them. They like the water and I am looking forward to spending some hot summer days sitting right along side the boys!

Ashton is getting really strong and LOVES to stand. He can hold himself up against the furniture and stand (daddy is very close by)!

The boys are starting to notice each other. It's hard to capture on camera, but Ashton has interest in Aiden and tries to talk to him. Aiden doesn't use his voice as much as Ashton, but he smiles at his brother!

The boys got some new bucket hats this week, gearing up for the summer sun and Door County! We had to roll it up to see Ashton's eyes... hopefully he grows into it just a little bit.

Speaking of eyes... look at these lady killers! Aiden has the bright blue eyes and super long lashes, just like his daddy!

Ashton will stand all day long if you let him! He also always looks for the ceiling fan in the dining room. Here's a picture of him doing both!

The boys are starting to look at the books I read to them. Here we are reading "Itsy Bitsy Spider." It's hard turning the pages with both boys though.

We met Gramma and Grandpa for breakfast before we spent the day going through the Parade of Homes. The boys were troopers! So was grandpa who helped us carry them through the houses ;)

Let our SuMmEr BrEaK begin...

Amy, Adam, Ashton, Aiden, and Izzie