Saturday, June 4, 2011

NICU Renunion

This past weekend was a big weekend for the boys. We made a trip back to the cities for the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) Reunion. We were excited to hopefully see some familiar faces of the families we met and the nurses that took such great care of the boys. It was PaCkeD full of kiddos of all ages and so neat to see everyone come together. In the years to come, the boys will be able to join in on the activities and play more! As we were sitting quietly having lunch, it was a bit of an emotional time as I was reflecting on our first month with the boys and how lucky we were. I couldn't help but people watch and think about some of the experiences many of the families had.

Almost everyday we were at the hospital, we looked at the NICU Quilt hanging outside the unit. It was inspiring to see the happy, healthy babies that were once teeny-tiny and sick babies. I would always look for those born similar to our boys and then seeing the "after" pictures were inspiring. So of course we HAD to do a square at the reunion to hang in the hall for the next year!

Another eye-opener... They had an issolette for picture opportunities. Most kiddos there stood along side of it, but our boys still fit in it (barely). Adam called this their "Rocket Ships"

Ashton - January 2011

Ashton - June 2011

Aiden - January 2011

Aiden - June 2011

Sorry for the blurriness (we are getting a new camera soon)!

Daddy and his boys at the reunion, just wait until next year, they will be running around!

With the amazing weather, we try to get outside any chance we can get. Here we are on the deck with a make-shift sheet to make some shade. It sure will be nice when the boys can wear sun block!

Adam and I often make comparisons between the boys and it seems like they "Leap-Frog" each other often. Aiden was the first to discover his voice and now Ashton is the more talkative one. Ashton smiled first, but I think Aiden giggled out loud last Thursday. Aiden was the first to like tummy time and hold his head high, but now Ashton is the one who likes the jump-a-roo and exersaucer more.

Aiden is still content lying on his back and using his play mat, or as Adam call it the "jungle gym".

Ashton is starting to reach out for what is in front of him. He LOVES the panda bears on the exersaucer!

Cuddle time before bed. we went shopping this past weekend on our way back from the cities. The boys are officially in 3-6 month jammies! I have started packing away their 0-3 clothes (but not all) and washed up all their 3-6 month stuff. They are growing like dandelions!

Bath time is a fun time for Adam. He gives the baths while I get things ready for the morning and night.

Aiden's clothes got stuck on his head... there's a picture from in the hospital with his pants on his head (earlier blog post in January)!

Playing in the yard on one of the gorgeous nights... I snuck in a picture of the Nizzer. She is so great with the boys!

Aiden James likes to bug Mommy...

So does Ashton.

I love all the GREEN in the picture!

Well, this is the last week of school!!! YAY!!! It is bittersweet as I send off a group of kids and will be welcoming a new group in the fall, but I cannot wait to be back home with the boys.

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