Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Means...

Catch up time!  With Spring coming, the time change, and the boys not going to bed as well we seem to have gotten more busy and I am more tired (hence the blog not getting done).  I don't want to make it sound like an excuse, but the month of March flew by!  
Spring means Mikayla's dance season is done.  She has a show case night that we went to and the boys loved seeing ALL her dances in one night.  We can't believe next year she is a SENIOR!

She got the "Best Performer" award at her banquet.  We would agree ;)
Afterwards, the boys LOVED running on the floor and chasing with her.

Mikayla and AJ.  Not sure who the boys are more excited to see when they see these two.  
Spring also means BASEBALL SEASON!  They are pretty excited to watch AJ and Uncle Dave play.
Future Dancer or Cheerleader?!?!  Probably not.  He was interested in the poms for a minute until he decided to run and pretend to play basketball on the court.
March 1st we hosted the 3rd annual Little Friend Party.
We have Caz, Aiden, Ashton, and Reese all born within a couple weeks.  We use that as an excuse to have about 20 families with "Littles" over for some fun.  We planned it for March thinking we would escape the subzero temps, but who were we fooling.  Only the brave made it out a short time for skating and sledding.  The rest of the time we played inside and downstairs.  I was so caught up in all the people and kiddos, I snapped ONE picture!  Hockey time ;)  I believe I counted 20 kids and 32 adults?!?!  Something like that.
Kipton came to the little's party and then it just so happened we saw him the next week at Brigs's last hockey game for the season.  The boys LOVE Kipton and held his hand walking into the game.  He is only a couple months younger, but they think they need to take care of him.  It probably helps that he loves animals and dinosaurs just as much as Ashton and Aiden!
Kipton sharing his animals.

Aiden's Idol : Brigs.  
He thought he was pretty special to be able to see him in the locker room with all his gear!
A random rare moment.  Content in our bed with the iPad.  Sharing.  This usually does not exist.

The second weekend of March, I traveled to San Francisco to present at the National Educational Support Conference.  I arrived on Wednesday and didn't present until Saturday so believe it or not we had a little time to sight see!  

Our hotel was right within the Union Square Mall and the best shopping in town.
The Bay Bridge was lit up the weekend we were there.  It's not always lit, a local artist is trying to fund raise to keep it lit all the time.  It was beautiful!  The pictures don't do it justice as the lights twinkled.
We stayed at the Marriot Marquis right down town.
For some reason I like finding signs when I travel.  I liked this one.

Friday night was a banquet to welcome everyone and honor the ESP (Education Support Professional) of the year.  Lynn and I presented on improving the Paraprofessional Profession, Empowering Paras, Digging for Data with RTI Teams and how we organize our data, and then she presented on the Paraeducator Effectiveness Model she developed.  
My friend I was presenting with was nominated for the Wisconsin representative.  Such a honor to be her guest!  Lynn Goss is an exceptional person and we are so lucky to have her at the middle school!
This car was parked outside our hotel one night.  Once everyone was taking pictures of it, I took some pictures to facebook my brother and ask him what kind it was.  The feedback was it was a Astin Martin and runs around $180,000.  Someone walking down the street asked if it was mine.  Nope - Adam said it wouldn't handle well in the winter ;)

After our presentation on Saturday we treated ourselves to some fresh crab at the Fisherman's Warf.  It was a good time with some great people!

I was on a mission to find something for the boys.  One morning I walked to their children's museum knowing they would have a gift shop of cool toys.  I found DINOSAURS!  They are all about dinosaurs right now...  I even snapped a picture of them with the green grass.  It was about 60 and sunny everyday.  I would definately want to take the family back out when the boys get a bit older and spend a week there.  It was a beautiful, fun, energetic, artsy city with so much more that I would need the time to explore!
While I was gone, Gramma and Grampa visited!  It was a popcorn kind of night.  I love Ashton's smile in these next two pictures.  He is a happy little boy.

Spring Means walks in our neighborhood and chatting with the neighbor friends.  Deb and Rob have dogs that the boys love saying hi to.  It doesn't hurt that Deb gives the boys cupcakes too!  Yummmm.
Spring Means Spring Break.  Adam and I snuck some rest and relaxation time away in Mexico.  It was lovely, but we both agreed that next year the boys need to come with.  They would love it and we missed them too much!  A few snap shots - I don't take many pictures without the boys!
Our daily view, right outside our room (swim up room).
Loved the palm trees, green grass, and blue skies!  So much better than the cold and snow.

While we were gone the boys stayed busy with Nana.  Emily and Mikayla hung with them and they went to the Children's Museum and the Sports Complex in Eau Claire.  They took more pictures of the week, but they aren't on my camera ;(
Story time at bedtime!
While we were gone, Aiden started having troubles wanting to go to bed.  The last few weeks have been a bit of a struggle with him not wanting to go to sleep, being afraid of the dark, wanting to sleep with a flashlight, being scared of his closet, and NEEDING Izzie to sleep with him.  He now has a sleeping buddy.
Ashton is okay that Izzie doesn't sleep with him.  He gets the cuddles during the day and he is far more attentive to her by wanting to feed her and tell her he loves her when he gets home from daycare.
I wanted to get this posted, sorry it is late.  This past weekend we had some more spring fun and I will start working on the most recent post to get all caught up soon!

Thanks for checking in and continuing to check back for the completed blog!
Think Spring.
~The Wamboldt's