Sunday, December 29, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas from our Family to Yours!

It's hard to believe that Christmas is here once again.  My mom said it best tonight, "You know Christmas is almost here again."  It seems that we start thinking about Christmas in July when it is six months away, and then BOOM it's here!  I did reply to my mom, "So if next year's Christmas is almost already here, then I must have two-almost-four-year-olds."  Let's not get too far in front of ourselves!

Looking through the three hundred and some pictures I had, the boys' Christmas definitely had a theme... Hockey, John Deere, Trucks, and more Hockey.  These boys LOVE trucks and sports.  Go figure right now we are in hockey season.

I wanted to play with my camera and get some pictures of the boys with Christmas lights.  Low aperture doesn't go well with movement so to get the right shot, I used Adam as a "sit-in".  Nice pictures huh?  I should have put one on the Christmas card.  ;)  
Here is my attempt.  I saw the idea on Pinterest, kind of a fail... but still learning how to take my camera of the "auto" setting as well.  This season escaped us with a good family picture.  The boys were either sick, had pink eye, or we were too busy to get a photographer friend to our house ;(
Couldn't get too much of a close up with Ashy.  He looked like he got in a fight with Rocky (pink eye).  He was still posing though!

On the Wednesday before break, the boys had a holiday party at their school.  It was an hour long and the parents were invited to stay.  I didn't know about it and the my students had two big tests so I had Adam take the iPad and tape it for me.  Here are some snapshots as well.  
They did some holiday art.

They frosted and decorated some graham crackers for snack.
This is one of their favorites to play with at school, Super Hero capes.  Looks like they even got daddy to put on on too!
When they got home from the party, they thought they were pretty special having a "Picnic Daddy Lunch".  Sandwiches and chips on the stools...
Elf has been busy.  He hasn't been too creative with the stuff he gets into though because the boys aren't that into him this year.  The one thing they are into - the treats he brings them and they get to eat before going to Bonnie's.
He left donuts one morning and helped put on the sprinkles...
He LOVED their Santa picture!
He stayed up late one night and helped make their treat for Bonnie's... Ritz crackers with melted rolos and donut reindeer.

He even brought a gift for the boys to take to daycare for all their friends to play.
He got stuck on some toilet paper one night...
While we were home the couple days of break, he brought a project for the boys to make.
The last couple of days with us, he just hung out.  
On Christmas Eve, he watched over us all opening presents and said good bye.
We went to see Santa at the mall one night.  The boys were all giddy with giggles and I was nervous Daddy and I would also be sitting on Santa's lap or we would have at least one crying kid.
Trying to pass time as we were waiting for Santa...

While there to see Santa, where did they want to be?  This place that was closed, but they could see all the fun toys to play with through the window.
To experience the Holiday Season through a 3-year old's eyes is what really made our holiday season special this year.  I had tears in my eyes as Ashton was super excited seeing Santa return from his supper break walking down a back hall.  He screamed and I would have thought he had just seen a celebrity.  Well, Santa probably is a celebrity in his eyes.
 No crying kids, and Daddy and I not having to be in the picture.  Aiden got a little shy and Ashton was disappointed he didn't get his present right then and there, but the trip was a success.
Friday morning, we all put on our favorite Christmas Sweaters and headed off to daycare and work.  The boys were super excited to take their treat the Elf made them and the game to their friends at Bonnie's.  Izzie even got in the picture with her stick-em-up bedhead.

One of the nights, we attempted to do a little baking.  Unwrapping rolos for a turtle snack I saw on Pinterest was easy.  
Mixing cookies, was a fail.  I started over once because Ashton was adding extra baking powder behind my back... someone must have added something else behind my back on the second attempt because the first pan did not bake well and I threw the rest of the batter away.
Wouldn't you know BOTH boys were pretty sick on Monday and still not 100% back on Christmas Eve.  Ashy fell asleep on the couch...
while Aiden helped me clean the shower and tub.
"Mom take a picture of me cleaning and holding the tiger!"
We had my family over for Christmas Eve.  The entire day leading up to our company arriving was like this:
"Mom, I just want to go to Walmart to look at presents"
"Can we go play at McDonalds?"
"Mom, we need to go to Walmart and buy presents"
"Is it time to open presents?"
"When do people get here?"
Ashy was so excited, he didn't nap, so he got a couple pictures in front of the tree.
"Ashton - Smile!"
"Okay - now DON'T smile."
We weren't opening presents until after dinner, but Uncle Nate, Katie, and Mikayla agreed to let the boys open one early.  They weren't wrapped so they had to close their eyes.  This was really tough!

We had a couple peekers!
After dinner, it was time to dig in.

Uncle Nate was the designated truck assembler and opener!

The focus in on the kids.  Yes, Mikayla is still a kid and very much spoiled ;)
A snap shot of some of the boys' treats.  We are not biased to a team yet... notice the Blackhawk gear and the Wild gear...
Their new "Hockey Hat"
Floor puzzles!  Thanks Nana.  This is a nice thing that they do together and on their own!

I think our family kept Ugg and North Face in business this year.  The Larsen's both got some Ugg boots.
Aunt Elly spoiled the boys with some super hero capes, masks, and a dinosaur cape!

Sleeping bags for camping, sleepovers and watching movies... so cozy!

Two of the cutest Menomonie Hockey Fans  They can't wait to go to their next game!
The boys were in John Deere Heaven!  Thanks Nate, Katie, and Kayla!

Once mess #1 was cleaned up, Santa visited and we were prepared for mess #2!
Their 2013 Christmas ornaments.  Very fitting for the two boys who LOVE trucks.
Izzie found her stocking!
So did the boys!
(Try to focus on Ashton's excitement and not the look at Adam's face and the Dude's on TV)
Score... two excited little boys.
One of their favorite movies this holiday season was Polar Express.  They through it was pretty neat that they got a bell from Santa.  It must have fallen off the reindeer's harness...
What have they been talking about the last two months?  What were they consistently asking for from Santa?  BIG HUGE EXCAVATORS!!!

More hockey gear.  
Adam didn't initially see the need for helmets.  Being a teacher (and a mother) - I reminded him that they only have one brain to last them their whole life!
Now they are "Real Hockey Players" like Brigs and Blais.  That is straight from both of their mouths... daily.  "Real hockey players eat all their food?  Real hockey players take naps?  Real hockey players go to bed?....."
We opened the last present after nap, because I knew they would want to bundle up and head right outside to the pond...  SKATES!

A little wobbly a very nervous mom to stay off the wood floors.  It didn't take long for the real pucks, sticks, and skates to find their permanent places in the garage. ;)

Izzie staying tucked in with her new toy... trying to avoid the chaos of hockey sticks.
On our way to the pond!
This is how far it is from our house... I can watch the boys from their bedroom window.
Aunt Elly had to get a quick snow angel in before they boys skated.
If dad has his way, he will be tying hockey skates for many years to come!

Next purchase or project for Adam is a trainer for skating.  My back was sore real quick...

First time skating and loving it.

Daddy laced up his skates and they loved watching him skate around.  I think it frustrated them even more that they couldn't do it on their own quite yet.

They then took their skates off and played a little boot hockey with their new sticks.
Back inside to warm up, they kept Aunt Elly busy doing all their new puzzles.
A perfect end to a perfect day... cuddling up and watching their new "hockey movie", Mighty Ducks.  Notice all their hockey tidbits that Ashton had to gather to watch the movie.
Strategically placed around him.

Everything opened, unwrapped, and played with multiple times in the past couple days.

Christmas is one of my favorites, not for what I receive but for what we give the time spent with family and friends.  The boys keep asking if Santa is coming back soon, and I guess if you ask Nana, he is!  Soon enough.  This past weekend we celebrated our last Christmas in Oconto Falls with Adam's family.  That blog will follow sometime soon this week.

Thank you everyone for the Christmas Cards; it is so much fun seeing the families and reading the letters.

~The Wamboldt's