Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Tiger and The Tank

What?!?!?! We had preemies??? The boys had their 6 month check-up this past week and they are both healthy and doing great! Both boys were in the 70th percentile for their height, 50th percentile for their weight, and the 25th percentile for their head size. These figures are when compared to other babies born in January that were full term! As Dr. Walker would say, preemies will catch up and usually they say within two years, but Ashton and Aiden are pretty much right on track as healthy, 6 month olds. Coincidentally, the same day the boys had their check-up, there was a WIAA Physical "camp/clinic" for all the athletes and the boys happened to be wearing their "Menomonie Future Athlete" onsies that Nana bought them for Christmas!

"The Tiger"

We call Aiden the Tiger because as of this week he has lost his cute little talking/babbling voice and the only sound he makes is when he is GROWLING! It is the funniest thing! Aiden weighed 17 pounds even and was 26 inches tall. He has rolled from stomach to back AND back to stomach. Is is only 2 ounces smaller than Ashton, and while he looks smaller in size and in his features, he is pure muscle.

"The Tank"
Ashton has had the nickname as Frank the Tank for a bit now as he has always been noticeably bigger than Aiden with larger features. He has big hands, big feet, and a rounder face. Although he looks bigger than Aiden, they are the closest in weight than they ever have been and only a half inch separates them in height! Ashton weighed 17 pounds 2 ounces and is 26 1/2 inches tall.

We also had a follow up appointment with the pediatric urologist and got GREAT news! Both of the boys' kidneys are looking better. They are still a bit large, but they are moving in the direction to correcting themselves as their kidneys are growing and are healthy. We will follow up in 6 months and then move towards yearly check-ups for the next few years!

Daddy celebrated his BiRtHdAy this past week on the 27th... he turned the BIG 32! We had a mini celebration at the house before we went to the Dunn County Fair with some friends for some entertainment, refreshments, and good ol' fair food.

Spoiled with presents... mostly clothes as he DOES NOT buy clothes for himself, so they make perfect gifts! How else does he always look so nice?

In the years to come he will have two other helpers, but for now... Izzie LOVES to help open presents and she has learned that she often gets new toys and bones as presents, so she always thinks they are for her ;)

The weather has still been hot, so the walks have been shorter and the pool times have been more frequent and longer! Both boys LOVE the water. We cannot wait to get them into swimming lessons and get them to Door County and on the Lake in the years to come!

Aiden doing laps.

Ashton gets giddy and splashes.

The boys have really been noticing each other. They watch each other play, turn their heads when each one cries, smile at each other, and are starting to babble to each other.

Ashton gives kisses and reaches for your face.

Both boys have been waking up around 5 am, so to let us sleep until 6 they have been snuggling in bed with us for the last hour. We love the snuggles and it also gives them the time to snuggle with each other.
Let it begin... whatever one is playing with, the other is interested in. Our supper times are getting a bit easier as we feed the boys and then when it is our turn to eat, they play in their high chairs. Adam and I can actually eat together and not in shifts!

On Saturday morning we met Harper and Cindy at the Fair. We walked around and looked at all the animals and you can't go to a fair without getting a funnel cake and fresh squeezed lemonade! It was great catching up as the boys are growing SOOOO fast.

Harper will be one year old at the end of August... before we know it, they boys will be playing and running in all different directions ;)

HOME AWAY FROM HOME... On Thursday we are leaving for Door County and for the next 10 days we will call a camper "home". The boys tested it out and liked laying and looking out the windows.

We usually get a camper from Green Bay, but we have so much "Stuff" this year, we had to get a camper from this side of the state so we can pack it full and haul everything... it was either that or rent a u-haul!

We are excited to start this tradition with the boys. We look forward to our trip to Door County every year. This will be my 5th year as Adam and his family have been going the past 30 some years, and hopefully in 30 years the boys can say the same.

We will take pictures of the camper packed full! We have so many toys, bikes, gear, and family fun to pack, we joke about looking like gypsies going down the road.

The most important gear to pack...
The Boys' Beach Gear from Gramma and Grampa. We will log many hours on the beach! Thanks Gramma and Grampa!

The next post will be AFTER Door County!!!! It will be a big one, so be sure to give me a little time and check back to hear all about Ashton and Aiden's FIRST VACATION!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Half Birthday x 2

Last week I had NOTHING to write about... and this week it seems like there is a lot to write about with some odds and ends. One thing that is not an "Odd" or "End" is the boys' half Birthday! Yep, they are 6 months old...

We have been doing the plain rice cereal for about a month now and both boys were doing so well, we started to introduce some veggies! We started with sweet potatoes and Ashton LOVED them...

While Aiden was not so sure at first. The first couple bites, he did not like them and I wish I could have gotten a picture of his face!

The second time around, Aiden ate all his sweet potatoes. After a couple days of sweet potatoes, we then tried peas. Nana was feeding Ashton and he gave her a look like "Hey Nana, I don't think you made my sweet potatoes right!?!?" We are now just finishing with trying carrots before we move onto the fruits! Yum.

Turning 6 months old, must really tire a person out! Ashton fell asleep after his bath while waiting for his bottle to be made...

While Aiden feel asleep in his high chair... Every kiddo needs a picture while sleeping in their high chair!

Even Mom has a picture in her high chair ;)

This past month has brought a lot of changes for the boys. It seems like they grow from the time I put them down for a nap and when they wake up! Both are wearing 6 month clothing. Anything 3-6 month is getting small and the 6-9 month range is better. This past week, we went shopping and bought some 9 and 12 month things for them "to grow into". I tried them on Ashton when we got home and they fit! We are finishing up their last pack of size 2 diapers and we are now stock piling size 3. With as much formula as we are going through, it is no wonder why and how they boys are growing so fast! We are ordering formula by the case from Adam's cousin, Jeff. Two cases last us roughly a month... thank goodness we only have 6 more months of formula!

Mr. Aiden has his FIRST TOOTH! His bottom tooth on the left side has poked through. For the last week or so we that both of the lower teeth were close and they were bothering him, the other one is not too far behind! Ashton doesn't have any teeth that we can see coming, but he is getting to be "Mr. I Want To Be Independent." He wants to hold his own bottle (if only we could get him to hold it high enough to drink it!!!) and he reaches for the spoon when we are feeding him. We also need to now be careful for what is in front of him as he reaches for the remote on the arm of the couch and he will reach for my drink on the table if he is on my lap. Both boys are rolling over from their stomachs to their backs, and are soooo close to rolling from their backs to their stomachs and they are also soooo close to sitting up unsupported!

They will be out of their bouncies and swings in the next few weeks as they are out growing them and Aiden will arch his back and work to wiggle his way out of both. It is perfect timing, as Nana bought them some Toy Story chairs. The boys look so grown up sitting in their chairs. They are content looking out the patio window and watching the ceiling fan.

Ashton Alan

Aiden James

These chairs will also be perfect for Door County to get them up off the ground at the beach and the campsite! Thanks Nana!!!!

So did you notice Aiden's legs in the past two pictures?!?!?!?! His new thing is holding his legs straight out when he is sitting... He RARELY relaxes! We joke that he is going to be an Olympic gymnast with rock hard legs and abs ;)

In his swing...

In his carseat...

and in his stroller!

Makes my legs sore just watching him!

We were getting quite bored being stuck inside the past week because of the heat and humidity! Thank goodness we are able to walk again. They boys LOVE their walks, and so do I.

Even Dad and Nizzer like to walk!

The boys had a follow up appointment at Children's this past week and their six month check up next week. I will talk about both appointments in next weeks post!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fireworks and Parties

A quick recap of the past two weeks... FiReWoRkS, Birthday Parties, and Random pictures with the new Camera!!!

It seemed like the theme for our 4th of July was "Full Speed Ahead!" We started out the day walking/jogging the Fire Cracker 5K at Wakanda Park with Jamie and Brooke. Aunt Missy and Elle also joined us bright and early at Wakanda Park to get some exercise. After taking turns pushing Elle in her Burley, I have decided I will never try another 5K with the boys without one! I think it is safe to say that I get quite the work out when pushing the boys!

After the race, Elle was a big help trying to give the boys their pacifiers and give them a sip of water from their sippy cup!

After the race, we took a short break at home for some food and a shower and we were right back at Wakanda Park for some of the Freedom Fest activities. Next year the boys will be able to do a lot more of the activities!

Ashton tried sitting on the dinosaur while Elle was swinging and playing on the slide!

Next year Aiden will be able to sit and climb all by himself!

Before the race, Daddy thought they needed their sunglasses. This picture reminds me of "The Blues Brothers"...

After the Wakanda festivities, we made a stop by the family cottage to visit my dad's side of the family. They have a nice spot out on Tainter Lake and it was fun to see everyone meet the boys! Sorry - I don't know why I didn't bring my camera with! After the cottage, we went to a friend's house for some yummy food, chatting with some great friends, and maybe staying awake for their firework show! No kidding, next year there will be anywhere from 20-30 kids running around!!!! Needless to say, we could not stay awake for the fireworks... It had been a busy day and the boys were t.i.r.e.d! Plus, it worked out well that we were home when the Wakanda Fireworks started to comfort Izzie. She is deathly afraid of fireworks and no matter how many fans I turned on high and how loud I turned up the TV... there was no hiding some of the BOOMS that shook the house!

Poor little girl... Wouldn't you know that all the neighbors start celebrating the holiday many days early and continue to celebrate for days after! There were some nights I couldn't get anything done without her being on me heels and tripping on her... I put her in the Baby Bjorn and strapped her right to me. Brilliant! It worked.

In other news... I have some random pictures to share as I was playing with our new camera!

Daddy still like to put the boys' pant on their head! He started doing this WAY BACK WHEN the boys were in the hospital...

We have been meeting some friends most mornings for a walk. I am proud to say the boys L.O.V.E their stroller and are usually out of the house before 7:30 am, have a 4 mile walk in, and are home for a snack all in time for their morning nap!

In the years to come, the boys are going to have a good friend. Reese is one month younger than the boys and a good little walker too!

Aiden likes the stroller so much, that when he falls asleep in it, we DON'T take him out... we just move the stroller into the dining room ;)

The sticker on the back of my car... Adam got this for me as a Christmas Gift. It will be fun to change out as the boys grow! (Just testing out the camera) ;)

The boys are really working into a routine for their naps. They take a two hour nap in the morning a couple shorter naps in the afternoon!

Aiden on the left and Ashton on the Right

Last but not least... we ended our week by celebrating Elle's FIRST BIRTHDAY! This last year has gone by so quick, I cannot believe she is one.

She had the cutest Lady Bug themed party...

and she is ALWAYS moving!!!


The boys loved swinging in Elle's swing. Too bad we don't have any trees large enough to hold a swing ;(

Aiden James

Ashton Alan

Looks like Grampa is telling Ashton secrets at Elle's party... doesn't he know the boys will never keep any secrets from their Mom?

Ashton also got some snuggles from Gramma.

and... I had to include the last picture (even though it isn't the best) just to show that Aiden gets some love too! We promise.

The end of July brings the boys' 6 month check-up, a follow up on their kidneys at Children's in St. Paul, and lots of planning and preparation for our Door County trip in August!

Thanks for checking in!

The A Team, and Iz too!