Sunday, January 26, 2014

3 Years Young...

We survived the marathon of Birthday Celebrations.  Starting out the Friday before swimming with Grampa and Gramma, their construction party on Saturday, feeling a little under the weather and tired on Sunday, and our neighbors joining us on the Boys' actual birthday Monday night... we were busy!
 The boys were super excited to take a treat to Bonnie's.  We went to the store and I let them each pick something out.  Ashton has been talking about wanting to take licorice for a couple weeks.  Where that came from or who else brought licorice for their treat, I have no idea!

 They are pretty excited to be three.
 Ashton Alan.
Ashton is a softie and his feeling get hurt easily.  He is great at sharing with his brother.  No matter what he has, identical or not, if Ashton has it, Aiden wants it.  Ashton usually gives in to his brother and trades his toys away.  He loves to play hockey, football and baseball.  He also loves loves his trucks, cars, train table, and animals.  His favorite movie is Mighty Ducks, John Deere Heaven, and Might Machines.  He eats everything, but his favorites are tacos, spagettios, pizza, yogurt, ice cream and anything with noodles.
 Aiden James.
We call Aiden the "Boss" because he is very particular about how to play, where to stand, and what to do while playing with him.  He will always want what his brother has and will fight for what he wants. Aiden is a love bug,  He often tells us he loves us and will give random hugs and kisses.  Aiden doesn't like to be dirty and is more particular about how clothes feel and fit him.  Aiden loves to play baseball more so than hockey and football, but will play all three with his brother.  He also loves his cars, trucks, and animals.  Aiden eats most anything but his favorites are pizza, tacos, meat, chips, "green" (lime) yogurt, and ketchup on most anything.  After being sick on and off for three weeks, I took Aiden to the doctor this week.  After a strep test, a flu test, and a chest X-ray we found out he had pneumonia... poor little guy.  The birthday marathon either really tired him out or he was a tough little kid through it all!
 Take a look at these cheese faces...  Later in the post you will get a sneak peak at their three year-old pictures and we practiced out "happy smile"...
 Monday night we had pizza on their "special plates" before our neighborhood friends were joining us for cupcakes!

 Before our friends came over they had to open a couple presents from Mommy and Daddy.
 Goof Balls.

 What could these two little boys possibly need more of?  
Construction Trucks!

 They now have a grader, dump truck and a loader.
 Roni and Thomas, Finn and Molly, and Nora joined us for cupcakes.  We now have 9 kiddos in the neighborhood, 7 being 3 and under!  The summer is the best when we can all play outside and see each other!
 Izzie was celebrating too.
 "Happy Birthday to you..."

 A hard hat on WITH their birthday hats.  
 Our friend - Finn.
 Roni turned two this last fall.  She keeps up with the boys and their dump trucks though!
A random picture from the week.  Why do we have such a big table, when all three of the boys want to sit at one end?!?! 
Friday night we went to the basketball game to watch Mikayla Dance.  The boys got to meet the team afterwards and they thought they were pretty special.  
 They also liked being able to run on the court and pretend to play.  I am not sure who this little girl is, but the boys thought she was a "real" basketball player, so they wanted to play with her.
Mikayla competed in New Richmond on Saturday.  We couldn't make it, but she qualified for STATE next weekend in La Crosse.  I am excited to head to La Crosse and cheer her on!  The boys will stay home with Dad as a full day of Dance is way too much for them. ;)  I stole some pictures off facebook, I wish I could have been there!



On Saturday Grandpa Rodney stopped by with two special treats for the boys.  He knows they love animals and cars... they haven't stopped playing with the cars yet!  Then we were off to the boys' very first movie in the theater.  With the weather the way it is, FROZEN was a great choice!  It was a very cute movie and the boys did great!  Both stayed awake AND sat the entire time.  Adam and I half expected to have to leave half way through and not be disappointed, but we were wrong.  They are begging to go back again.

Today we had our Friend Becky (Painted Iris Photography) come over for some snapshot of these two three year olds.  We spent some time practicing our smiles, this is a snapshot I got of Aiden before she got here.
 After pictures, we got outside for a bit as we won't be playing outside all this week ;(  
Temperatures are dangerously cold.  School has been called off for tomorrow for the third time being a "cold day".  Thank goodness January is just about done.  Bring on some warmer temperatures in February!!!!  The boys built a snow fort with Daddy.

I will leave you with a sneak peak of the photo shoot from today.  Becky does an amazing job capturing the personalities of these two goof balls.  Between their cheese faces, being crazy, not listening, and being stubborn I am always amazed at the shots she gets!

We love these two little faces.  
Bundle Up.  Stay warm!