Sunday, January 19, 2014

3rd Birthday Party!!!

Friday night we kicked off the Birthday celebrations on Friday night with some swim time at Gramma and Grampa's hotel.  Pizza and swimming was a great way to kick off some birthday fun for the weekend!  Sorry for the iPhone pictures... 

We had "Loads" of fun this past Saturday celebrating the boys turning T-H-R-E-E!
Our house was turned into a constructions site and Ashton and Aiden had many special people join them to be "their crew".  Today we asked the boys their favorite part of their party and their responses were "the cake and balloons and all the people."  
I had Walmart help me with the baking, and I decorated the cake.  I think it was re-decorated by Aiden about 5 times before we actually cut into it.
 How can you have a construction theme party without making dirt cups?
 Aiden had to keep an eye on the cake, line up candy bars, and redecorate the cake a couple times.  How often do you get to play trucks on your birthday cake?

 Decorating was pretty fun.  The theme wasn't a hard choice as the boys are obsessed with any trucks needed for construction.  In the summer, our entertainment is driving by construction sites and sometimes even parking and walking past them to watch the 'guys work."
 We borrowed some "hats" from Daddy's work.  They need to wear these when making some deliveries to a new big project.

 Gramma and Grampa brought some cut-outs that were fun!  Ashton and Aiden driving the bulldozer ;)

What can they possible need or want a month after Christmas?!?!  There are some pretty special people in the boys' lives that are really creative and thoughtful!
 Who's ready to open presents?
 We have been working on how to show 3 on their fingers, but when you ask how old they are they will say "two" or "four".
 Scoping our what present they want to dig into first...

 The first present they choose, some match box cars from Marcy and the boys!  They keep pointing out the Superman on the bag. :)
 This one looks like a good one!  More gear to be firefighters.  Thanks Papa Coach and Maureen!  Our kids are so lucky to have so many grandparent figures in their lives.
 Maureen knew they got snowballs for Christmas, so she made stacking snowman cups for them to aim at and knock over.  

 The truck, car, and tractor theme held strong.  Nana got them their first remote controlled cars.
 Every present needed to be opened and played with which made for a long session of unwrapping presents.

 Monster Toss!  Thanks Missy and Dave, we needed more things to be flying around the house!  Just kidding, this will be fun to take in the yard this summer and at least it gives them a target ;)
 Tractors!  Thanks Elly and Price.  
*Just let us know when you want to take them shopping to spend their gift cards!  You will need a couple spare hours as they will go up and down each aisle and try EVERYTHING before they pick something :)
 Something that we didn't un-box, and will be a whole other surprise this summer.... Diggers for their sandbox.  Real diggers that you sit on like at the park!  They will LOVE these when we break them open this spring/summer!  Thanks Uncle Dave, Missy, Elle, and Elise.
 So many cool cards!  I didn't take pictures of all of them, but what is the luck of having Tonka Truck cards matching their theme AND having it be for their 3rd party?  I guess we don't have the only three year olds obsessed with trucks ;)

 We had these graders out on the driveway today "plowing"snow.  Thanks Gramma and Grampa!
Another part of their present was the BIG black tub full of... swing set accessories - lumber not included!!!  Our spring project will be building a tree fort and swing set with all this cool stuff!  We will have everyone over again for the building process, I will grill burgers and brats.  :)

 Uncle Steve and Janie brought the boys' first paycheck from A1 and A2 Construction company.  Uncle Steve works construction so he brought them some working gloves and hats too!  We had both on today while playing trucks inside :)
Something that the boys may not understand right now, but Mommy and Daddy will tuck aside for them... money.  If you ask Uncle Nate, he will say to spend it on some snowmobiles for next year, and Mikayla probably thinks it is for mini Jordans.  If you ask Aunt Katie, it is probably for college (I agree).  :)  Thanks guys!
 We cannot believe we have two 3 year olds.  Where has the time gone?  It seems like just yesterday Gramma and Grampa hung the "Under Construction" sign on our camper in Door County when I was 8 weeks pregnant.

 Cake Time!!!  We have sung Happy Birthday every night at bedtime for the last two weeks.  These two were pretty excited to have everyone sing Happy Birthday to them at their party!

 Ashton got to blow out the candles first since he is three minutes older.  

 Like a pro.
Then it was Aiden's turn to get sang to and to blow out the candles.

 *If looks could kill... I am surprised there wasn't a punch thrown... Ashton blew out his candles before he got the chance too.  Oh Boy!
 Attempt #2.
 He practically smashed the cake trying to get the last pesky candle out!

 Aunt Debbie made the boys two of their very own construction crew vests.  Now when they are working and playing trucks, everyone will be able to see them!  These are also from Meg and Sean and we can't wait to see the completed construction theme blankets!  Handmade gifts from the heart are so very special.  Thank you!
 This is a great picture... a rare moment with everyone together!  I just need to photo shop our family in and it's a framer :)
Uncle Price and Aunt Elly.
Uncle Nate, Aunt Katie, Mikayla, and Nana.
 Snow Ball Fight!
 Pin the stop sign on the construction poster.  The bigs had more fun than the littles!

 Ashton didn't cheat and bonked right into the wall... with his face!

 Izzie enjoying some attention from Gramma, trying to escape the snowball fight, the cars being raced around, and the cute little girl chasing her.
 Cruising with one of the boys' tractors... she tries to keep right up with the big kids.
 Some more cut-out fun...
Elly and Price driving the dozers.
 Elle and Elise...
We couldn't end the night of a party without heading downstairs and playing some hockey.  Well - if you ask Ashton that is how to start every day and end every day along with playing all through the day.   

Tomorrow is a very special day.  It is their actual birthday.  They are off from school, but taking a treat to Bonnie's and then we are having our neighborhood friend's over for cupcakes after dinner.
We sang Happy Birthday three times before bed tonight and we put our two year old boys to sleep one last time.  Tomorrow they are three.

More birthday fun next week!

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