Sunday, January 12, 2014

First Concussion

We are so glad that this week is over!  Okay - maybe Adam isn't glad it is over, but the boys and I are excited.  Adam was in Florida this past week for his Hometown Dealer Fest.  He left on Monday, as it was -50 degrees outside.  We are all sure he was heartbroken to be sitting on a plane leaving for Florida while school was being canceled due to the Polar Vortex that shifted from the North Pole!  Pretty nice view huh?  Adam said it was a bit chilly out - like he couldn't eat outside in short sleeves.  I reminded him it was -50 here!
Adam's first night there was Duck Dynasty theme and he sent us this picture.  For the rest of the week the boys though he was bringing home a alligator, and Ashton wasn't too keen on Daddy holding a alligator!  He also didn't like "the big one" peeking in the corner.
Normally I would be beyond excited for no school, but when it was just me home with the boys all week and we couldn't even get outside, it was miserable.  I actually took them to daycare for a bit on Tuesday just to get out of the house.  Plus, Bonnie said there were four new baby goats since Friday so the boys HAD to go see them.  I went in and got some work done!  Born in the extreme cold, all had to be brought inside and be bottle fed.  They have Anna, Jack, Jake, and Una.  The boys got to help give them a bath and bottle feed the one that was just born that morning!

 Diapers on goats?!?!  Too funny.
There were some tears and many nights of the boys wanting their daddy.  On Friday they were ecstatic to have daddy home!  Mommy doesn't play hockey, so needless to say Friday night and Saturday was spent downstairs.  They even built a make-shift rink with boards to keep their pucks contained.  

Saturday we made our first trip to the ER with Ashton.  After supper they were playing downstairs and Aiden tackled Ashton.  They fell down and Ashton hit his head on the basement cement floor.  I was close by and heard it so we went upstairs to get a ice pack and start out bedtime routine.  He wanted a popsicle in the bathtub, asked for ice cream before bed, and went to sleep with no issues.  About 3 hours later he woke up throwing up.  he was throwing up every 20-30 minutes so after the second time I called the triage nurse.  Worried about him hitting his head and throwing up, we were told he needed to be seen.  Was it the flu?  Was it a concussion?  I hate having to make the call whether we go to the ER or wait it out!  
I stayed with Aiden while Adam took Ashton to the ER.  The doctors were worried about how often he was throwing up and how much he continued to throw it up and didn't think it was the flu.  Worried about bleeding and pressure on the brain, they decided to do a cat scan.  
No words a parent wants to hear are: "Bleeding on the brain can be fatal, cause permanent damage, and will need brain surgery."  I was pacing the house and the next hour seemed like an eternity while I was waiting for updates and if they had the results yet!  We were set to be transferred to Children's St. Paul had the scan showed anything... but thankfully it was perfectly clear and decided that he had a concussion, with no bleeding.  Whew.  He was brave!  He said, "I be tough like a hockey player."

Was it the flu or a concussion?  There is no definitive test for either, but with the time frame of the hit of his head and the vomiting they are leaning with a concussion.  Plus after throwing up every 20 minutes for three hours, he was a whole new kid.  His eyes looked better and he was himself again.  He was feeling good enough to ham it up for the camera while waiting for the discharge papers... at 2:30 in the morning!

Waving ;)
 The best news of the night was that they were coming home, and we didn't have to go to the cities!  Once home, he was thirsty and tired.  I'm sure he had quite the headache and he didn't sleep well the rest of the night.  Today we took it easy.  We played downstairs a bit, he wore his hockey helmet, and Aiden knew he could not tackle, push or pull on his brother.  A couple times throughout the day, Ashton crawled up on the couch and took some cat naps.  Tonight he fell asleep on me before supper, so I am sure he is still feeling it a bit and just exhausted!
January means dance competitions.  The other weekend we went to Hudson to watch Mikayla.  One of the weeks I was thinking about we went to the high school hockey game on Thursday night, Blais's game on Friday night, and Dance competition all-day-Saturday.  Fun times!

The boys turn 3 a week from tomorrow.  Where has the time gone?  
We have their Construction Party this Saturday... It should be LOADS of fun!
~The A Team

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