Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wamboldt Family Christmas and The New Year

Last year's toy train table has reappeared as a favorite again with the addition of a couple new Thomas The Train cars.  Anything that they can play together and in close proximity, is lovely!

Th couple of days before we traveled to Oconto Falls were busy... playing with all their new stuff!  We had two super hero dinosaurs running around one morning.

On Friday we packed up and headed North-East to Oconto Falls.  We don't make it to Gramma and Grampa's nearly as much as we would like to.  We often see them when they come this way, so the boys kept thinking we were going to the "hotel to swim".  They were pretty excited the entire way knowing we were sleeping at their house. 
Aiden found Grampa right away.  He is such a Grampa's boy!
Ashton found the train right away.

Both loved the train as they got to drive it this year.  Last year Grampa drove it while they looked on.  They also checked out all the ornaments on the tree.
"Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!  What do you want?  I'm Santa!"
We couldn't leave the house without their new favorite movie!!!  Might Ducks 2.  We have watched it 4 times daily since they opened it on Christmas Day.

Grampa and the boys in their Santa hats.

Saturday morning we were ready for round #2 of unwrapping presents!  Elle got an adorable owl hat in her stocking!
All four grand kids.  They sit still when they know they get to open presents after the picture!
Last Year 2012
This year 2013
 We didn't even plan the same exact seating arrangement ;)

Elise had enough and was o.u.t.  She had things to do and people to see.  She is on.the.move!

Elle Marie has such a pretty smile.
Time to dig in!  We made the kiddos be patient while we took turns opening gifts in order from youngest to oldest.  The nice part is they could open their toys and play with them until it came back around to their turn.  That worked some of the time ;)

With a fireman hat!
I love shopping for the girls, but it is difficult!  I think everything is so cute, but not having two little girls I am not sure what is practical!  A girl can never have too many hats and puffy vests.
Aiden is one of the best gifts :)
The big kids loved checking out Elise's "baby toys" just as much as their new toys.  Good thing Elise shares well.  The big kids sharing?!?!  Not so much.
In a sea of princess and dolls, Ashton's "Clay Matthews" doll fit right in.
A new tractor.

The final must in a hockey themed Christmas?  MINNESOTA WILD JERSEYS!!!  Thanks Gramma and Grampa, I think they have had them on daily since we left your house.  Daddy is chomping at the bit to take them to a game.  Maybe next year they will be ready.  For now Stout, Menomonie, and youth hockey games are right up their alley.

Elise May getting so big, too fast.
More hockey stuff?  yep, a indoor hockey set with goal nets and sticks.  It sounds redundant, but I am not kidding when I say they LOVE Hockey.  Ashton wakes up wanting to go downstairs to play hockey and goes to bed wanting to still play hockey.  He gets upset when Aiden doesn't want to play or hold his stick 24-7.

Even Elise got in on the hockey action.

A really cool idea - snowballs for inside fun!  The littles gained up on Grampa.

Look at that stance, so serious and loving it.
Before the freezing cold temps arrived, we spent some time outside sledding.  Gramma and Grampa had the perfect size hill right at their house.

Crash.  A little snow in the face isn't going to hurt anyone, right?!?!
He's fine!
Ashton isn't so much of a fan of sledding.  It doesn't surprise me, he doesn't like swinging in the summer either.  He would have rather moved all the snow from the snowbank ONTO Grampa's driveway.

Ashton did agree to go down with me once, but I had a hard time steering ;)
After a couple runs down the hill, we went for a sled ride out on the lake.  All the fishing shacks reminded me of the movie "Grumpy Old Men."  A small lake in a little town, shacks and trucks all over.

Ashton loved watching for snowmobiles.

Aiden and Elle loved going over a mini jump they found.  Over, and over, and over...

4 Babies in the Bank.  Most frozen and ready to head in to warm up!

We settled in for the night with watching the train and watching a movie!
Aiden shared his sleeping bag with Elle, for a couple minutes.

A gift the boys got was a shaving kit "Just like Daddy!"  On Sunday night they were super excited to take a bath and shave.

So cute!
They even took turns and shaved each other's backs.  They have looked forward to shaving every night since!
Another Christmas has come and gone.  I spent the last couple days packing away old clothes that no longer fit in their closet and drawers to make room for the new.  I got many new bins to organize their new toys and cleaned out both of their closets to make room for the new and it feels nice to have everything put away, organized, and have it's "spot".  

What do you do when it is FREEZING outside?  Have picnics in the living room for lunch and go to the basement to play hockey.  It is WAY to cold to even play hockey outside!  Enjoying our couple days before having to go back to school and work, we had a picnic for lunch.  What is their focus on?  The TV - a picnic, watching Might Ducks of course!
 We had a couple ideas for New Year's. 
1 - Adult Only Dinner and Drinks
2 - Family friendly dinner and bowling
3 - Family friendly at our house with pizza, snack, and some sippers.

Choice number three worked for some of your friend's so pizza and family fun it was.  Family fun turned into a pretty intense game of hockey in the basement.  The boys idolize Brigs and Blais so they were in heaven playing hockey with them!  At one point I went down to check on everyone and it was Adam, Ashton, and Aiden against Brigs and Blais. 

 Aiden had the important job of being goalie!

 "Mom, hockey players need to take breaks and drink water!"
 Brigs scored a goal.  He celebrated with a little dance.  I wonder if he does this on the ice?!?!?  We'll be watching for this little celebratory dance this weekend Brigs!  :)
 When Adam was getting schooled by Brigs and Blais, Nate came to save the day.  Adam and Nate ended up beating Blais and Brigs in a prey intense game.  So intense, Nate wore out the bottom of his socks, and swore they were brand new socks when he came!

 At this point Ashton and Aiden were just sitting back, loving to watch the "Big Kids" play.
Another highlight of New Years... Meeting Hudsen Miller for the first time!  
Brooke, Nate, and big sister Reese welcomed their baby boy to the family just before Christmas (December 20th).  He is a cutie, perfect and healthy!  I apologize for no pictures, I was too busy enjoying the adult conversation and drinks while the boys were entertained downstairs!  The first New Year's we hung out Brooke and I were hugely pregnant, and we have been dates ever since.  It was also great having the other Richartz Family (Jamie, Aaron, Blais, and Brigs) join us for they have been away at a hockey tournament the last two years!

HaPpY NeW YeAr!!!
To many great things in 2014.

Now on to planning their birthday!  What more could these two little boys need less than a month after Christmas?  Oh Boy.

~ The Wamboldt's

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