Sunday, April 29, 2012

Swings and Sand

 We can not believe that we have two 15 month olds already!  They are growing so fast and doing very well.  We had Ashton and Aiden's check-up this past week.  We have two very healthy boys, two boys that were not happy about getting their shots, and one boy that is a bit larger than his brother. ;)  The only question I had... "What can I do about Aiden biting his brother?"  Yes, Aiden still bites.  He doen't bite anyone else at daycare, except his brother BUT It makes me feel horrible.  Timeouts and pushing his lip back into his teeth are what we are going to try :(

Ashton was 25.6 pounds and 31.8 inches tall.  He is a good sleeper and a great eater.  He eats most anything but his favorites are grapes, bananas, yogurt, and COOKIES.  He uses his fork with most anything and is becoming "Mr. Independent".  As soon as he is done eating, he signs for a cookie with a huge smile on his face.  He doesn't care much for any meat right now.  He signs more, milk, cookie, and eat.  We are working on please and thank you, although he says "thank you" (Tay Tay).  He is saying more and more words each week!

Aiden was 24 pounds and 31.5 inches tall.  He is a great sleep and a a good eater.  He is a bit more picky of an eater with vegetables and meat, but will eat any fruit.  He especially likes grapes and bananas.  He is not as crazy about the sweets as his brother either.  Aiden signs more, milk, all done, and eat.  He also says "Tay Tay" (thank you) and we are working on more signs.  Aiden trys to repeat more words each day.  At times I swear he says "brother" and points to Ashton's crib.  It's only a matter of time here more will be able to understand him, as I am often his translator ;)

Ashton has some pretty crazy bed head!  One day I picked him up from day care and I commented in his wild hair.  I thought it was from nap time... NOPE.  That's the way daddy dropped him off.  That's OK, I still get 6th graders coming to school with some pretty bad bed head.
Nana spoiled the boys with a Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae from DQ.  The boys dug right in!

Gearing up for our busy summer!  Daddy, Uncle Nate, and Price were on hand to help build the temporary swing set.  I say temporary hoping we are moving soon and we will build the permanent one at our new house!  Yep, house back on the market.  Met with the builder to make a couple changes since the last go-around, and we are all set and crossing our fingers our place sells...SOON!  But in the meantime, we needed the swings up the boys got from Grampa and Gramma for Easter!

Trying to stay out of the way... picking some pretty "flowers".

Hard at work!  Thanks for the help, hopefully it was practice for when the larger one is built at our new house ;)

The two goofy monkeys were having a blast hanging out under the ladder.  They thought they were pretty special...

And time to SwInG!  Ashton didn't stop giggling for the first 15 minutes.

Aiden let uncle Nate push him pretty high!

Another highlight of the day... Daddy bought a sand box when he was picking up the lumber for the swing set. All we need is a pool and we are set for the long days of summer, outside.

I didn't mention earlier that at the check-up they asked if they scribble on paper (developmental milestone) and I had to say no!  It made me feel bad and I have been thinking lately that we don't really do much with sensory activities.  Not that they won't scribble, I just honestly don't think about giving them a pencil, pen, marker or crayon because EVERYTHING still goes in their mouth.  So... while at Perkins this weekend, I purposefully gave them a crayon to color on their place mat.  Yep, they scribbled, but then not a few minutes and it was in their mouths and wax pieces in their drool.  Yuck.  Tried shaving cream on their sensory table... in their mouth.  Try play dough... in their mouth.  Try a bubble bath... in their mouth.  Bubbles... in their mouth.  Case in point, sand in the mouth... Maybe it's just me and they need to learn, but it makes me cringe to have both boys crunching on sand as I am sitting next to them!  They know the work "Icky" but they don't really care.  It must not taste Icky to them.

Ashton is a CLIMBER!  Aiden isn't confident enough quite yet, but Ashton is up on the furniture, on our bed, and on top of whatever he can climb if he is out of your sight for more than 10 seconds.

Digging.  When they are swinging, they want in the sand box.  When we are in the sand box, they want to swing.  It will be a BUSY SUMMER, but so much fun!

Finally, the last pictures of the week.  Our little boy that is obsessed with cleaning.  The broom, swifter duster, steam mop, and the vacuum are better than any toy you could buy.  Before tonight, Aiden wanted to vacuum but was afraid of it.  I had to hold him while vacuuming (try that for  a work out).  Tonight he toughened up and actually held it... and pushed it back and forth for as long as I would have let him!
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Have a great week.  We cannot believe it is just about MAY!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

We SCREAM for Ice Cream...

The only pictures on the camera from the last two weeks... Ice Cream! We had to do a test run to make sure the boys were true Wamboldts. What do the Wamboldt's have in common with ice cream and why would this matter? Well, Door County means HAVING to go to Wilson's for Ice Cream at least a couple times when we are there. Door County also means ice cream on the Beach almost daily. So we need some practice eating ice cream cones and the most important test was whether they liked ice cream. Grampa would be proud and happy to know... They L.O.V.E. it.
Ashton also likes the traffic and people walking by. He is definitely the more social of the two. Aiden is a little more picky about getting dirty and was a little hesitant of digging in.But he managed quite well.If you look closely, Ashton traded cones with me, and ended up liking the chocolate better. Takes after his mom (loving chocolate).

Two happy and very sticky campers!

A couple more trips to the local DQ and we will be all set for The County of Door late July/ early August!

That's it... slow news week, but never not moving!

~The Wamboldt's and Nizzer too!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Baby Animals... BaaHHHH

Spring means Baby Farm Animals and the boys are IN LOVE with animals books and trying to make the sounds they make. Some nights you will hear us roaring like lions, growling like polar bears, making fishy lips, and barking like dogs. Those are most nights. Every night, you will hear Ashton and Aiden bleating like sheep. Reminding you the boys have sheep, goats and chickens at their day care... they are obsessed with farm animals! Some nights I go to pick them up and I would swear two little lambs escaped the cage... nope, it's just Ashton and Aiden sitting on Bonnie's cement patio acting like her lambs!
So when Elle invited us to Govin's Farm, I knew the boys would be entertained for a couple hours! There just a couple minutes and we found some goats. This one is looking for food in Aiden's hand... no luck, but Aiden thought it was funny!
Once inside the barn, we saw the baby chickens. Uncle Dave asked how much they were in case one of our kiddos accidentally broke a wing, foot, or neck :0
We didn't spend too much time holding them, they were too fragile!
Baaaaa. They had some babies born just hours before!
The boys must be too used to Zeke at Day Care... they didn't really care they had a lamb on their lap...
I love this next picture. Ashton was seated in between two hay bales, and this picture captures a face like he is freaking out and falling! No... he didn't sink.
Cousins... will we EVER get a picture of them all looking the same way?
Who put this lamb on our lap? Doesn't the lamb look thrilled!
So, I couldn't stop feeling sorry for this mama pig. She was due to give birth any day to 6-12 piglets. She was HUGE, looked miserable and could not move... kinda like me just over a year ago.
They could have stayed in this barn all day.
Are those fences sanitized daily? Well at least we have sanitizer for our hands, lets go eat some pie...
The chicks literally all ran away from Aiden as he approached... I wonder why?!?!
elle got to ride a pony! Maybe next year we'll try with Ashton and Aiden, they really had no interest. They just sat and Bahhed making everyone think two lambs were out of their pen.
Do you see Aiden in this picture? He didn't want to leave with us. Do you think they would notice a little boy left in the barn for the night?
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Thanks for inviting us Elle!
I am on a roll... keep reading for about 4 other new posts!


Happy Easter!
We had a busy Easter weekend and were ALL sick! I started feeling icky on Thursday night and on my day off (Good Friday) I felt like a bus hit me. Thank goodness Nana only had to work until noon and came to let me rest! Saturday it was Ashton's turn... notice the droopy eyes. But even being sick wasn't too much to dig through the Easter Treats that Gramma and Grampa brought!
Bubbles, play-doh, pin wheels that light up, candy, splash balls, cookies, and all sorts of treats! S.P.O.I.L.E.D... not to mention some swings for a future swing set. (Something temporary for now, until we move).
Sunday morning, the Easter Bunny dropped off some treats at our house.
Izzie was just as curious as Aiden... Remember the "Shhh Shhh" from a previous post (sweep sweep)? Well Aiden had become just as intrigued with the vacuum, so he got one! Of course he would rather use the big one...
Yogurt Puffs... Jelly Beans for breakfast? Why not! Heading to church soon anyway ;)
With being sick, Ashton was later to rise than Aiden, but Aiden left his basket alone. He found the M & M's right away... and his favorite, yogurt puffs.
Notice Izzie right in on the action.
I forgot to mention that Easter Sunday was Aiden's day to be sick... but off to church we still went! The boys were very well behaved, with all the music and new faces to look at. Ashton was Grapma's buddy the entire time and Aiden was dancing and singing with dad. I got to be kid less and sit with Elle some of the time. It was a good change! After church we have brunch at Fanny Hill.
Daddy with his Boyz.
Grampa with the boys too! That is what 50 some pounds feels like ;)
Pretty Stylin' Dudes
We need a little white fence like this all around our yard!
The Easter Bunny must have just walked that way...
Ashton Alan (close to 15 months old)
Aiden James
We have very few family pictures...
Add Grama and Grampa...
And then add the Rueber Family.
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Another Great Easter! Spring is flying... don't blink, you'll miss it!
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