Thursday, April 12, 2012


Happy Easter!
We had a busy Easter weekend and were ALL sick! I started feeling icky on Thursday night and on my day off (Good Friday) I felt like a bus hit me. Thank goodness Nana only had to work until noon and came to let me rest! Saturday it was Ashton's turn... notice the droopy eyes. But even being sick wasn't too much to dig through the Easter Treats that Gramma and Grampa brought!
Bubbles, play-doh, pin wheels that light up, candy, splash balls, cookies, and all sorts of treats! S.P.O.I.L.E.D... not to mention some swings for a future swing set. (Something temporary for now, until we move).
Sunday morning, the Easter Bunny dropped off some treats at our house.
Izzie was just as curious as Aiden... Remember the "Shhh Shhh" from a previous post (sweep sweep)? Well Aiden had become just as intrigued with the vacuum, so he got one! Of course he would rather use the big one...
Yogurt Puffs... Jelly Beans for breakfast? Why not! Heading to church soon anyway ;)
With being sick, Ashton was later to rise than Aiden, but Aiden left his basket alone. He found the M & M's right away... and his favorite, yogurt puffs.
Notice Izzie right in on the action.
I forgot to mention that Easter Sunday was Aiden's day to be sick... but off to church we still went! The boys were very well behaved, with all the music and new faces to look at. Ashton was Grapma's buddy the entire time and Aiden was dancing and singing with dad. I got to be kid less and sit with Elle some of the time. It was a good change! After church we have brunch at Fanny Hill.
Daddy with his Boyz.
Grampa with the boys too! That is what 50 some pounds feels like ;)
Pretty Stylin' Dudes
We need a little white fence like this all around our yard!
The Easter Bunny must have just walked that way...
Ashton Alan (close to 15 months old)
Aiden James
We have very few family pictures...
Add Grama and Grampa...
And then add the Rueber Family.
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Another Great Easter! Spring is flying... don't blink, you'll miss it!
I have added three other posts... so keep reading ;)

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