Thursday, April 12, 2012

First Haircut

I celebrated my Birthday the end of March, and Adam couldn't have found me a more perfect card... The front said, I thought I would get you what you really wanted for your birthday... some rest and relaxation. Then to the inside -
I was spoiled a bit and among some of the things I got, the boys NEEDED to try out my new bottle... for my bike.
We knew the day would be coming soon... so onto the FIRST HAIRCUT for ASHTON. It has been so full and curly and I dreaded cutting it but - after picking him up from day care one day and having it hang in his eyes, I knew it was time. So I called Estillo and Marie squeezed us in! I also knew it was time when a lady at the chiropractic office commented how cute my twins were. Then she asked if one was a girl and one a boy?!?!?! Then... out neighbor asked if that is how we told them apart, by giving one a haircut and not the other!
Before April 7th, 2012
During... notice the sucker (eventually COVERED in hair, but Ashton did not mind... YUCK)!
About a total of 10-15 minutes later... Nice Job Marie! Not too much off, don't want him to be grown up looking quite yet. I think Grampa was expecting a buzz cut ;)
Such a big boy, now waiting for Gramma to get her hair pretty. Liked the chairs that spun!
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I was nervous to cut his curls, afraid they would not come back... Not to worry, they sprang up even better after the next bath with his hair being a bit shorter and not weighted down. Aiden got spoiled too... he got to stay and play with Elle, Grampa, and Aunt Missy for a little bit. I don't even think he knew we were gone.
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