Sunday, June 24, 2012

June is Here... and Gone?

June came and is now just about over! 

On June 2nd, we had the boys' NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) Reunion at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.  One of the first stops was to make their quilt square.  The NICU makes a quilt that hangs and I cannot tell you how many hours were spent looking at each square when we were there looking for other babies born so early and are now happy and healthy! 

Here is their square that many families will look at in the coming year, hopefully finding strength, hope, and support for their little ones in the NICU.


While I was making their square, The Boys found the station with balls and jump ropes.  This was right up their ally.  There are many other things for kiddos to do and I am thinking each year the boys will participate in more.  The huge bounce houses will be a hit next year!

It's amazing walking around and looking at all the shirts and stories about some babies there.  One teenager was wearing a shirt that said, "I'm a Miracle.  Born weighing 14 ounces."  I do have to say it is a day that also brings back many emotions and memories as well.  We are able to connect with the doctors, other families, and the nurses that we spent many hours with too! 

The weather was so beautiful, we played outside with hula hoops and HUGE balls!

We ended our morning with a picnic lunch.  We missed taking a picture with the boys and their isolete this year, but here is Daddy and his Boys this year...

Compared to last year!

The entire day the boys were infatuated with the balloons.  Some kiddos had them and I wanted to find out where they were getting them from... The boys found them!  Once we found out we could take some, our day was complete. 

Next year I would like to put a team together for the baby Steps 3K and raise some money for this awesome event.  There is a booth that gives healthy snacks and educates parents, another that fits kids for bike helmets, and a story time booth where all kids get to pick out a book and take them home.  It is a great time, a day to reflect on our journey and truly think about how blessed we are to have two healthy boys.  We will continue to participate as long as the boys enjoy it and want to!

Wednesday, June 6th was my last day with kiddos at school.  The boys stayed at Bonnie's through Friday to give me a couple extra days of work.  The boys absolutely love to go to Bonnie's and we will miss her this summer.  We may try to sneak in some visits or days throughout this summer to keep the boys familiar with everything and continue to see some of their friends and maybe give mom a break! 

Sitting on the front porch.  Any nice day, I could find the boys outside and playing hard!

Aiden couldn't leave without doing one last Sweep Sweep.  :)
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We cannot believe it is just about July... Where did June go?  Time flies when you are busy and having fun!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Memorial Weekend

Memorial Weekend seems so long ago, it's hard remembering what we did!  Then again, I often times can't even remember what we did yesterday...

One thing we did do was help Elle Marie build a new swing set.  It was an all day project plus some, but it meant a fun day in the sun while Grampa, Dad, and Dave were busy!  We can't wait to play on it this summer.

I found out fast that Aiden is a little monkey.  He climbed the first few step and loved sitting on top of the ladder and supervising.  Pretty much feeling like a big shot.

As I mentioned earlier... I take the time to put a swim diaper on them and theur swim trunks = they don't go in the water.  I change them into dry clothes, and they end up wet from head to toe!  Oh well, they had fun.

Aiden isn't so crazy about getting in the pool, as he is standing outside the pool and playing in the water or dumping it on him. 

Ashton will get in... if it is the temperature of bath water!  Door County is going to take some getting used to (COLD)...

Again, Aiden feeling pretty proud of himself playing on the slide... until Ashton wanted up too and they would push each other.

Ashton got pretty comfortable on Elle's new slide as it was laying on the ground.  In a couple years I can only imagine Elle, Ashton, and Aiden thinking up of ways to go down the slide head first, backwards, or into a pool!
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I honestly cannot remember what we did the rest of the weekend, however I know we were busy!  I didn't have my camra with me, otherwise that is how I remember what we have done during the week :)  Thanks for emailing th pictures Aunt Missy!  I have some catching up to do and it's easier to put them in seperate posts and uploading the pictures that way, so keep reading for more new posts! 

The A Team.

Aiden's First Haircut

So many people comment on the boys' hair.  Ashton's hair is thick and curly.  Aiden's hair is fine and has taken awhile to grow!  Aiden probably didn't need a hair cut, but since Ashton needed his second on, we though we would have Aiden's curls (mullet) cut off the back.  Ashton is a seasoned pro.  He has no worries as long as he has a sucker in his hand.

Second hair cut, a bit shorter and makes him look more like a big boy!

After Ashton showing him how it was done, it was AIDEN'S TURN!  He didn't even notice what was going on... with a sucker in his hand.

To finish the suckers (I was not able to take them until they were G.O.N.E) we waited for Daddy to get his hair cut outside.  The boys were sticky and full of hair, but they didn't care.  Aiden was in seventh heaven with finding a broom!

No more curls... Will they come back?

Big Boy!

Ashton checking to see if Dad needed a sucker for his haircut...

Sticky messes!  Time to head home and take a bath... and don't touch mom or anything in the car :)
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I'm trying to get caught up on the last couple weeks... Keep reading for another new post below!

All Boys

Just as the title of this post says... Ashton and Aiden are ALL B.O.Y.  From rocks, truck, balls, dirt, tractors and bikes... they are interested in all!  We have rocks in our landscaping and they will spend much of the time outside throwing them, cleaning them (with their mouths), and moving them from one area to another...
The best place to put them is in the pool! 

You;ll notice a lot of diaper shots in this post... I do dress my kids, however when I have swim trunks on them, they want nothing to do with the water.  The times I let them out in regular clothes, they want in the water.  So I have stopped fighting the battle, and they go in with clothes on and we changes their diapers or have no diapers ;)

A break from the boys... yes we still have time to spoil the Iz.

Whatever one does, the other tries.  Monkey see, Monkey do.  Aiden was being a helper and watering the tree from the pool...

So Ashton thought he should too.  We didn't tell his that Daddy's sandal doesn't hold the water...

The are able to let themselves out on the deck if the glass door is open.  Needless to say they have let Izzie out a couple times without us knowing, but she has always came back after awhile!  We now need to teach them how to hook her rope to her collar ;)

Goof Balls.

They are getting the hang of their trucks they got for Christmas.  Ashton Cruises around the yard.

If they aren't driving in their trucks, they are playing trucks.  They push them up and down the sidewalk and make all the noises to go along with them.  Spit, drool and wet shirts and all!

The truck they fight over... One gets to drive while the other stands on the back.  They literally run to this truck when outside.

Last but not least... After Dad's Heart - The motorcycle.  They know Mommy doesn't ride it or push it, but they want on this thing All. The. Time.  Starting it kind of scares them, but they will let Adam push it around the yard until he is dead tired (it's not easy to push)!

And if it's not running right, they even help fix it.   
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Sorry it has taken so long to update!  We have had a busy start to the summer already... and getting into our daily routines since I've been done with school!  More posts to come to get caught up.  I HATE falling behind as it is more work getting caught up than staying up to date and doing weekly posts.  :)