Friday, June 22, 2012

Memorial Weekend

Memorial Weekend seems so long ago, it's hard remembering what we did!  Then again, I often times can't even remember what we did yesterday...

One thing we did do was help Elle Marie build a new swing set.  It was an all day project plus some, but it meant a fun day in the sun while Grampa, Dad, and Dave were busy!  We can't wait to play on it this summer.

I found out fast that Aiden is a little monkey.  He climbed the first few step and loved sitting on top of the ladder and supervising.  Pretty much feeling like a big shot.

As I mentioned earlier... I take the time to put a swim diaper on them and theur swim trunks = they don't go in the water.  I change them into dry clothes, and they end up wet from head to toe!  Oh well, they had fun.

Aiden isn't so crazy about getting in the pool, as he is standing outside the pool and playing in the water or dumping it on him. 

Ashton will get in... if it is the temperature of bath water!  Door County is going to take some getting used to (COLD)...

Again, Aiden feeling pretty proud of himself playing on the slide... until Ashton wanted up too and they would push each other.

Ashton got pretty comfortable on Elle's new slide as it was laying on the ground.  In a couple years I can only imagine Elle, Ashton, and Aiden thinking up of ways to go down the slide head first, backwards, or into a pool!
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I honestly cannot remember what we did the rest of the weekend, however I know we were busy!  I didn't have my camra with me, otherwise that is how I remember what we have done during the week :)  Thanks for emailing th pictures Aunt Missy!  I have some catching up to do and it's easier to put them in seperate posts and uploading the pictures that way, so keep reading for more new posts! 

The A Team.

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