Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter 2015

March seemed to come and go.  I'm not even sure if it came in like a lion or lamb... and how it left!
If I remember right, we had some beautiful weather and even saw some 60 degrees!

Alumni Volleyball usually falls on the weekend of my birthday.  This year it fell on the day before my birthday.  So much fun to get the group of high school friends together for a day of volleyball and then some drinks after.

We had a Menomonie graduate and district staff member pass away from a car accident the week before, so there was a lot of support for the family and community.  Every team wore the number 22 in some capacity to honor Mr. Bauer.  #BauerPower
 Mandy, Me, Renee, Stacy, Becky, and Diane.
Cindy joined us after this picture was taken.
 We for sure felt the burn, and we definitely felt OUR AGE.  We were the second oldest team playing. 
 After our exercise, we went out to watch the Badger game (they won) and had some birthday shots.  So much fun seeing the crew from high school.  I didn't get a group shot of the night out  ;(
It's such a special event, Becky flies home from LA.  Either that or her parents just get her to come home to see her  ;) 
 Last Thursday, I was able to sneak out of work for a hour and surprise the boys at their Easter Party at school.  It is so much fun to see them interact with their teachers and classmates.  We are so thankful for this opportunity at our church and Adam being able to provide the transportation twice a week for the last two years.  The boys love it and will be better adjusted for 4K.
 Thursday night the boys wanted to dye eggs.  They weren't too crazy about eating the hard boiled eggs though.
 Determination.  Focus.  Patience.  *Not something we always see when doing arts and crafts.

 Saturday morning we tried the Lion's Club Easter Egg hunt.  My mom was hesitant in joining us due to some bad memories when we were kids.  She had memories of parents running over toddlers to get their child to the eggs, and some even picking up their child to run to the eggs.  I was apprehensive with Ashton being disappointed in not getting many and Aiden getting too competitive.  Off we went to try...
They were in the 3-4 group.
 All lined up and ready to run.  Being 4 years old, I thought the parents were at the starting line just to stand with their children.  NOPE... when the horn rang PARENTS ran their children to the eggs.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I stayed back by the fence and was amazed at the competitiveness of the parents and the helicopters flying around (joke about parenting styles).  Anyway, ranting aside they boys had a blast, they were more than appreciative of what they got, they shared with each other to make their eggs even, and they even gave some of their eggs to a little girl who only got one.  That made my day. 
 Not sure who the other little dude was.  He was just at the line with the boys.
 After.  Feeling successful.

Saturday night we packed up our swimming gear and headed to Gramma and Grampa's house to swim at their pool ... I mean the hotel.  We swam, ate pizza and headed home to cheer on the Badgers (they won).
 Getting brave in the water.  We may have to do swimming lessons this summer.

 Elise smiles for the picture and then wants to "See It."
 Elle had fun trying out the boys' snorkel gear.  She is a fish!
 Easter morning we were busy finding all the goodies the Easter Bunny and Nana left.  Can you say spoiled?  Is it Christmas or Easter?!?!?!
 The bunny had a Star Wars theme and Nana had a Baseball theme.
 Sticking with a tradition from when we were little, the boys got a kite.  Now we need a nice day to go fly them!
After having jelly beans for breakfast, we needed to head to Eau Claire to meet at Aunt Missy and Uncle Dave's church and lunch at their house. 
 Cousins.  Love.
 *Yes, Ashton is wearing his batting gloves.  From one die hard sport to the other.
(Hockey to Baseball)
 Nana joined us for the day.
 Gramma, Grampa and all the Grand Kids.
 After church we headed to the Rueber's for another egg hunt and lunch!  Talk about being competitive.  Put three cousins (born 6 months apart) together all running in the same direction and see who throws an elbow first (Aiden) or who wipes out first (Ashton).  Elise had the right idea... go the opposite direction of all the older kids and then trail behind them and get all the ones they are blowing past trying to out run each other.

 Dead sprint.
 After the eggs were all found, we went inside for baskets from Gramma and Grampa.
Aiden has a really forced smile right now.  ;)
 We sure do love these four kidlets.
 Thanks Gramma and Grampa!
 We have read these books every night since getting them!
 We need to build a play set this summer, and The Easter Bunny brought another piece for it.  A tire swing for both the boys and the girls.
 After lunch and sorting their egg treasures, the boys were dying to go play baseball outside with Uncle Dave using their new gear.
 Let Elise show you how it's done!
 They look the part... now can they play?
 Back up Elise!
 Ready position...
 Not Happy.
Daddy put them in time out for hitting each other with their bats.
 Priceless.  Pouting.
Aiden looks like one sad baseball player.
 "Amy - Take my picture... let me see!"
 I see many baseball games happening this summer.
We are still a year too young for T-ball ;(
April Showers Bring May Flowers... What do Mayflowers bring?  Pilgrims.

Happy 18th Birthday to Mikayla who celebrated on the 4th of this month.
Happy Birthday to Uncle Nate who turns ______ this coming Saturday!

Let's hope April doesn't fly as fast as March did!