Sunday, June 29, 2014

Staying busy

 This week's play date was at a park in town.  We started out playing on the equipment.  It is fun to be able to have conversations with adults as the boys play.  They are getting better at entertaining themselves.  So much so I was kicked out of Aiden's room this past week because they were playing and cooking me a surprise in their kitchen.  They brought me breakfast (a plastic pizza).  I had to go check on them though because they were quiet for too long and that just isn't right!

 We walked past the baseball fields and checked on the animals.  It just so happened we were in quite the conversation of pay and board approvals in this picture.  It also just so happened we all received a email from HR regarding some board decisions about pay... Whose keeping an eye on the kids?
 The boys were excited to see that the baby from last year is grown up and has horns!
 The boys talk all week about their friends.  A couple are Isaac and Jasper.
 Ashton likes the slides, and Aiden isn't so sure about them.
Aiden LOVES to swing high and Ashton is just getting comfortable again going high.
 They both CLIMB like monkeys though!
 One of the rainy mornings we went to the mall to play and look at a couple things.  It is safe to say i cannot go in any store to even think about looking for clothes.  I had about a two minute window to try on a pair of jeans... no more shopping with these two!
We did make a stop at the "rides" with their quarters they took from their piggy banks.  They had to choose carefully what to ride!
Ashton chose the train.
 Then so did Aiden.  
They didn't get my explanation that they would save money if they rode together.
 Then Aiden chose the car... and his money was spent.
 Ash did the jeep.  He said the car would scare him.
 This is the sight at our house lately.  They hit the ball, run the bases, and then slide into home.

 They take a baseball break and dig in the sand box... their favorite place is the tiny area by the swings.  Don't be fooled, they have a HUGE sandbox and they fight to be in the same tiny space.

 Ashton has had a lot of compliments on his eyes this summer.
They both have baby blues like Daddy (mine are blue too but not as cool of a color)!
 Thursday we were busy.  We needed to get out of the house, so we did breakfast at McDonalds and then headed to story time at the library.  The theme this week was the ocean and sharks.  They boys loved it.  They sit so much better this year.  They participate and are attentive.  I am thinking preschool was good for them, plus just another year older.
 After the story and songs, they got out the parachute.

 Then the last 20 minutes is play time.  Forget the art project and sensory tables with rice.  They go straight for the trucks.  A great idea to create roads and bridges with boxes though!
 After the library it was time for their dentist appointment for a check up and cleaning.
They do so great!  Aiden always volunteers Ashton to go first.  I tell Ashton that it's okay - I would rather get it done and over with!
 All clean, no cavities, and 20 teeth!
 After nap, I got Aiden in to an appointment with our family doctor.  He had a pink spot on his neck and jaw for a couple weeks with some random fevers.  That just went away and now he's complaining that his left leg hurts.  After two weeks of telling him it's growing pains, I wanted him checked for Lyme's.  As Ashton would tell you "they sucked his blood out to see if he is sick because he had a wood tick!"  Aiden was very tough and brave while they drew his blood, and he was pretty proud of his bandage ;)  It was the day of appointments, because then after supper we were off to get some haircuts for the boys!
 This is how Izzie spends her days.  She probably wishes we would leave more often and for longer.  She wants to be outside to lay on the porch where it is quiet and peaceful.  Some days I think she would go home with anybody to get away from the busy boys who yell and throw balls!
 This morning Daddy and Ashton went to go get donuts.  I guess that's what you do when your up before 6 a.m. and Aiden and I are still sleeping!  This is one happy boy with his chocolate donut with chocolate frosting, and chocolate filling!  I told you he has a sweet tooth...
 Daddy made them both a "nest" to eat their donuts on the couch... Izzie liked the nests too!

Today we went to Nana's to do some yard projects and the boys were playing in Adam's truck (with no keys in it).  They were going to the science museum, the park, the library etc.  Aunt Debbie was along for the ride to all those places too ;)
Just think, in 12.5 short years this will be Ashton in his first car.  
Have a great week!  Enjoy the 4th!  Be safe!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer is here.

 Only truly being one week in, I think it is safe to say that we have found our summer schedule.  The boys have been sleeping in until about 8 a.m. and still napping most days in the afternoon.  I say most days because some of the days Aiden thinks he just needs to "rest" on the couch, and some days we can stay busy and push through nap and have a earlier bedtime.  It's nice to not have to plan everything around naps, while still having happy and non-crabby kiddos; on the other hand naps are still a nice "downtime" in my day.  Sometimes I rest too, other times I can actually get some housework and laundry done!

We started off this past week helping Molly celebrate her 1st Birthday!  We usually see Finn and Molly nightly, but the boys thought it was a treat to go INSIDE his house and play with all of his cool toys!  They beg to go to his house as they have been into his "Planes" and Dusty from the Disney movie.
 Playing nicely!
 Three boys in a bed.  Finn has a pretty cool pirate bed!
This lucky little lady gets to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Disney World!  Hope you make wonderful memories.  The boys are not going to know what to do with themselves, as Finn is gone on vacation.
 Yummy ice-cream cake.
 Not often does this happen.  I totally took advantage of a lazy morning this past week.  It was rainy and we were headed to the library.  We missed story time because they were content being lazy, and so was I.  Then Daddy called and needed us to bring him his watch and a coffee to his work. ;)
 On Tuesday we went to a friend's house.  Miles goes to daycare with the boys and I work with his mom.  We are trying to schedule some play dates this summer with some co-workers all with littles.  It was a great day for some sprinkler fun and walking to the beach by his house.
 There are a lot of boys in the group!  Some girls too... but they are a bit younger. I think we represented all age groups in 6 month increments from 2 weeks - 5 years old!
 Picture worthy.  Actually, notice what was taking place and go out to the car for the camera!  Sharing the iPad, Aiden sharing his green blankies, and sharing space without fighting or arguing!
 I even got some smiles out of them!  Aiden does the crooked smile sometimes.
 Thursday we finally made it to the library.  They LOVE the library as we look for dinosaur movies, we found our usual Mighty Machines, and John Deere Heaven.  We found the usual books as well. 
 Ashton likes the Dinosaur books.
 Aiden likes the Construction Site books and he pretends which excavator he is going to drive when he gets bigger.

 Ashton is my little sweet tooth.  I made a pan of S'mores Bars for the play date on Tuesday and he wouldn't walk by the counter without asking for one.  Stinker.
 This week we found we live in quite in the center of nature.  I discovered a family of baby mice living under my rose bushes and in the retaining wall.  I wouldn't let Adam kill them, however as they moved closer to the house, we put them in a shoe box and relocated them.  As Adam was mowing the lawn he saw two snakes where we relocated them... coincidence?  While eating supper on the back patio, we saw we have baby birds in a nest under the porch too!
Then as I was going to water my hydrangeas, I just about stepped on this turtle.  The boys carried him around for awhile and then he found his way back to the pond.

 Friday we went to the water park for the first time this summer.  The boys have been asking and it finally worked out!  I took them by myself until Adam met us there with Little Caesar's pizza.  It was totally manageable!  I am excited for the rest of the summer.  Last year, I still wanted a helper to keep an eye on both kiddos.  This year, they are aware or their comfort levels and listen so much better!  In a couple years I may be able to relax in a chair at the pool!
 Big boys waiting line for the logs.
 Aiden going across.
 Then Ashton.
 His blue eyes match the pool water!

 Since I thought it was manageable with the two boys on Friday, why not take four kids on Saturday! 
Adam had to work all day and he couldn't help Aunt Missy and Uncle Dave move, so I tried to help by taking the kids for the morning.  Nana also came with to help watch the kiddos and help transport them.  ;)
Aiden and Elle rode with me.  These two are great little fiends and cousins.
 Water bugs.
 Aiden, Ashton and Elle where already on their tummies and Elise was sitting.  When I got my camera, she noticed what they were doing and she insisted on being on her tummy too!
 Door County is going to be a lot of fun this year!
 Lunch time.  We had a picnic at the water park.
 Cute little goggle faces!
 Elise needs to be like the big kids!  She saw her sissy tanning so she got her towel too ;)
 Saturday night we went to Reese and Hudsen's house for a fish fry.  Nate worked hard catching all the fish in Canada, then he worked hard frying it for us!  It was de-lish-ous.
 Brigs came after his baseball game.  He was exhausted after a full day of baseball in the sun, but he made the energy to play with two little boys that LOVE him!
Sword fights with pool noodles.

 S'mores by the fire.
 Daddy met us after work, just in time for a pontoon ride. 

 While the mommies stayed back at the fire for some uninterrupted conversation, the Dad's took the littles for a cruise and a little sunset fishing.
 The boys loved it.
Watching these little people grow together is priceless!
 Something that I was struck with this week was how many great people we are surrounded by.  To be able to walk in our neighborhood every night and hang out with who we used to call neighbors, but now friends is amazing and comforting.  To the friends that both I and the boys are making as we have play dates with my co-workers and their kids is what makes going to work even more enjoyable.  To have a get-together with some great friends and set everything else aside is what is needed, while all of the kids entertain themselves is memorable.  To be able to spend time with the boys in the summer makes the chaos of my school years worthwhile.  Last but not least, to help out family, and spend the morning with our two nieces and see how excited the boys get to be with them is what family is all about.
Last year the first week of summer break was rough.  We were finding our groove and struggling with taking pacifiers away.  I called Adam in tears, threatening to take them back to daycare and get a summer job to pay for it!
This week was nice.  We found our groove, and I am enjoying my days.  We are still doing Bonnie's one day a week and tomorrow I am taking advantage of that to spend the day with my other niece, Mikayla.  We are headed to bum in the cities and see what shopping mall we end up at!