Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

The first week of big boy beds has gone smoothly.  Maybe too smoothly?  Ashton let himself out after nap yesterday and this morning at 7:30, but they really haven't figured out that they can get out on their own during bedtime.  That is fine by us!

Friday night, Menomonie took on Marshfield in the first round of playoffs at home.  It was probably the last game that the boys will be able to go to this year and they had a BLAST!  Menomonie won and will be moving on!
 They made it through the entire game, loved seeing "Spirit" the Mustang and they watched closely for tackles and touchdowns.  At the end of the game they got a kick out of going out onto the field and having the chance to run and tackle with each other on the field.  Sorry - no pictures as my phone was dead.  Ashton is right now!
On Saturday we had Wyatt and Kim over.  I met Kim at the U of M and we have been friends since.  I was just thinking about the time that has passed today - 15 years since we met and we don't get together often enough!  Wyatt turned two in August and is excited to have a little brother or sister in March!
 The three boys played great together and had a blast acting like monsters at supper ;)
 The last picture I have of these three all together is of them in their car seats when Wyatt was a newborn!
Wyatt, Ashton and Aiden all in the same order...
 Ashton trying to tickle Wyatt to make him smile - It worked!
 Today we headed to Pleasant Valley Pumpkin Patch.  It was a perfect day for some Fall Fun.
 We had two excited little boys running to each area...
 The colors and the land is so beautiful!
Aiden driving the tractor.
 Ashton's turn!
 Aiden peeking out of the wooden train.
 Ashton loving the slide by the hay bales.
 Have you ever seen two cuter little butts?  They better not get stuck in there because this claustrophobic mom is NOT going in after them!!!

 The corn maze was pretty weak... not sure if they boys could have even gotten 'lost'.

 These horses were new this year... 
 We had to take a break from the horses to watch the pumpkin launcher.  It was LOUD, but very intriguing to these two little boys!

 Aiden was too busy sprinting from activity to activity.  Ashton stopped for some posed pictures.  If you look closely... Ashton is in the middle ;)
 Can you find Ashton?  He wanted to be the princess with the kitty.
 It wasn't very busy, which was perfect for the bounce houses.  They get intimidated with other kiddos so they had them all to themselves!

 Ashy riding the bucking bronco.

Aiden posing.  Not really - but I love this picture!  
 Aiden wanted it to move so badly, Ashton would have freaked out had it been real.
 Aiden was focused on catching some "siff" (fish).
 Cookie Break, in the boat.

 We ended the day with a hayride!  Aiden couldn't get close enough to the tractor.

 I love this little face!

 It's hard to believe we will be back in just over a month to pick out our Christmas tree!  We were keeping our eye out for a good one...

Just another week of Fall Fun....  Our fall fun days are limited.
Have a fun and safe Halloween!  
Trick - or - Treat

~The Wamboldt's

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Carving Pumpkins

If Ashton didn't have his Packer helmet on this week trying to tackle us, he had his fireman's hat on.  Since our fire station visit last weekend, they have wanted to do their fire truck puzzle more and they use their fire trucks to put out fires in their barn.  They say that they are "saving all the animals!"
 Kind of a low key weekend, and we are not complaining!  On Friday night, Nana picked up the boys from daycare to have pizza and a movie night at her house.  Adam and I snuck away right after school to head to Hudson.  The football team was playing at Hudson and we thought we would make a night of it.  Adam's favorite place to eat is Buffalo Wild Wings, so that is where we went.  After that it was football game time.  Menomonie and Hudson were playing for the conference title and both went into the game undefeated.  Sadly, Menomonie lost, but we now look forward to playoffs.  The boys would have loved to be there, and luckily the first playoff game is at home this coming Friday night!  Go Mustangs!  

Who needs to go to a football game, when we have football players come visit us?  On Saturday night Mikayla and AJ came over to visit, have supper, and carve pumpkins.  You cannot enter our house right now unless you play catch with a football and tackle!

Ashton getting tackled by Mikayla...
 Mikayla getting tackled by Ashton...

 After supper, we carved some pumpkins.  This was the first year the boys got to do this.  Last year we painted the pumpkins ;)  With two great helpers and two littles that didn't like reaching their hands into the pumpkins, it was a success!
 As Mikayla and AJ were scooping the gunk out - the boys were scooping it right back into the pumpkin.
 Aiden refused to touch anything.  He is our kid that does not like being dirty.
 Thanks for smiling for the picture Mikayla!
 Now everyone smile!
 The boys did a pretty nice job carving their apples, while the big people cut into the pumpkins.

 The finished product...

A bat, a pirate pumpkin, and a ghost!
 The boys would be happy if Mikayla visited us everyday.  Today all we heard about was Mikayla, AJ, "Kayla's friend", and "the football guy".
 The Carving Crew...

 If Aiden got any closer, I think he wouldn't have any eye brows!  We were sad the pumpkin patch didn't work out this weekend due to the weather... maybe next weekend?!?!?!
Today we took a big step into BIG BOY BEDS.  I have been hesitating this next step because they sleep so well, they go down so easy, and they never even tried to crawl out of their cribs.  I was going to wait until they were three, but I think they are ready and we are only three months away from their birthday.  They were super excited.  So excited that they wanted to play everything in their beds the rest of the day.  I think they thought it was pretty cool to take their toys in their beds and be able to get in and out by themselves.  I wasn't pushing the "in and out by themselves" because I am hoping they don't get in and out themselves at bedtime and through the night.  Night #1 - so far so good!  It may have helped that they didn't nap today so they were more than tired.

The weeks are flying by and snow is now in the forecast.  We are hoping to still get to the Pumpkin Patch, but Christmas planning has started.  Hopefully the weather stays decent enough for the boys to get to the football game this week.  Then hockey starts!  We will replace footballs with hockey sticks, and tackles with checking.  Today Izzie and I cuddled in bed for a bit to get away from the boys all tackling, footballs flying all over, and watching a "baseball movie" (Homerun Showdown).

Until next week!
The A Team.