Sunday, August 28, 2011

Really? Already?

Wouldn't you know that the week before I go back to work, it is the busiest week of our summer. It was a good busy though. We did a lot of fun things and as I think about my summer spent with the boys, I can only think of how lucky I am to have had the time and I am already looking forward to next summer!!! The water park closes down this coming weekend, and we though we would take the boys once this summer. We went later in the afternoon and the boys swam until supper time! Ashton has been more tolerant of the cooler water and a bit more of the fish, but Aiden loved the water this time too!

This fountain was about as tall as Ashton, but he had no problems getting right in and playing with it.Aiden and Daddy taking it all in. Daddy thinks they will be going down the big water slide next summer.
Adam came home one night this week and was excited to get the boys into the garage...

The Baja Doodle Bug

Adam... I mean the boys got a new toy! Some are surprised it took this long for the boys to get their first motorized toy, but I don't think they will be riding it in a couple years. Don't fret, Adam makes sure it runs every night. Aunt Missy was surprised to see only one and said they boys will need another one or they will fight. I think we need two more or they will still fight... with Dad for a turn ;)

We were so excited to meet Wyatt Thomas... the boys didn't even sleep the night before! Haha. Kimberly Kay was my roommate for three years while at the U of M and we have been good friends since. As I mentioned in last weeks post, he was born just before we went to Door County and we have been itching to meet "The Dude". He was cuter than I have even seen in all the pictures and perfect. I am a bit jealous how much he slept while we were there though. I think Kim and Andy were quite surprised by how big our boys are and how much changes in 6 short months ;)

Wyatt Thomas - Look at those alert eyes! He's just about 4 weeks old.

Wyatt, Ashton, Aiden

We can't wait to see these three boys grow together!

On Saturday we helped Harper J celebrate his 1st birthday. I cannot believe it had already been a year. He is such a happy boy and on the verge of running ALL OVER! He loves to swim so we packed up and went out to his grandma's and grandpa's farm for a PoOl PaRtY!
Ashton partied.

So did Aiden, but he didn't like it when he snapped the strap to his hat! Ouch

Harper got a cool car that you push... Our boys loved it!
I think this picture is one of the cutest. Harper and Aiden are sitting on Harper's Grandma's (Diane) lap and the look he is giving her is priceless.

On Sunday Gramma and Grampa, Missy and Elle came over for breakfast. WOW we make quite the commotion when we go our to eat... I think people run the other way when we say we have five adults and need three highchairs! Then we had the Benson Family Reunion at Wakanda Park. It was fun to see everyone, but sad that each year it seems to get smaller and smaller. That is the side of the family where all the twins (and even triplets) are but only two sets were there. Thanks Josh and Brandon for helping to represent! ;) The boys loved the swings... but I didn't get ANY pictures.

The rest of the week, we were hanging at home and enjoying our last days together...

We bought these shirts for Door County, and they wore them there but we didn't get any pictures. I had to make sure to get some... The boys were "Happy Campers"

The cooler weather is on;y another reminder that it is time to go back to work... but also my favorite time of year. We get to dig out our jeans and sweatshirts again!!! The boys got to wear their Door County that Jerry and Jill bought them. Jerry and Jill are pretty much honorary grandparents as Adam calls then his second set of parents ;)

~ Amy, Adam, Ashton & Aiden. Nizzer too!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

7 Months Old!!!

I cannot believe that these two characters are already 7 months!

Aiden James has two teeth (bottom) and seems to be working on more. He is generally a happy baby although he is beginning to notice when we leave the room and he fusses until we come back. He can sit for a couple minutes on his own, but when the toy he is playing with moves... he gets off center and falls over. We fight with Aiden to take naps and sleep at night. It seems we are playing the pacifier game every hour so during the day we are encouraging him to put the paci in himself so eventually he can do it at night in his crib! Aiden shows a little more preference towards Adam and his face lights up when Adam gets home. Although he is more and more a Daddy's boy, he gets really smiley others talk to him... as long as mommy or daddy are near! Aiden is a good eater and will eat anything offered to him, although green beans and squash are not his favorite.

Ashton Alan seems to be working on his hair growth more than his teeth! Ashton is a happy baby and will play independently, but he will also let you know when he is bored and needs to do something else. Ashton is generally sleeping through the night, although since Door County he has been waking up more at night. I am wondering if he is getting some teeth even though we cannot see or feel anything. When Ashton is tired, he will fall asleep anywhere and he will put himself to sleep. Ashton is a good eater, and just like his brother he will eat green beans and squash but they are not his favorite. Ashton is able to sit on his own for short amounts of time, but still tumbles over. When he does, it REALLY hurts his feelings!

Both are using up the last of their six month clothes that still fit and we are buying 9-12 for the Fall! Both boys are still wearing size two diapers, but we have some threes on hand for nights.

The boys had their first overnight at Nana's house while we helped celebrate a friend's 40th birthday. They came home with a piano (keyboard) that was Mikayla's (14 years old) and they LOVE it! *Side Note - Do all babies drool this much? Yuck! They are always soaking wet...

On Sunday we went to Nate and Katie's house for a grill out. Katie's parents had yet to meet the boys and they had a special gift for the boys! Ashton and Aiden are very lucky to have so many people care about them.

Look at these hand-made quilts! Ashton's is blue and Aiden's is brown.

I think Izzie likes them too! :)

While in Door County, Adam's parents bought the boys some t-shirts from Wilson's. We thought that if we got the boys dressed and ready, Gramma and Grampa would come pick them up and take them for some ice-cream!

We have had a busy week trying to catch up on laundry, celebrating Aaron's 40th birthday, celebrating Aunt Elly's 27th birthday, and getting ready for the transition back to school!


CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Kimberly Kay. Kim and her husband, Andy, welcomed their 'little dude' right before we left for Door County. We cannot wait to meet little Wyatt Thomas in the very near future!!! Although our get-togethers are going to look a lot different... I think we can all agree that we will feel better the next morning after hanging with our little boys! I see us giving up the bars, for the zoo. :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The County of Door

For the past 30 years, Adam's family has been packing up and heading to Peninsula State Park in Door County. This is a trip that is very near and dear to Adam's heart and we have been looking forward to including the boys in this tradition for the past 6 months! This year not only marked the boys' first year, but also Laura and Jerry's 35th Wedding Anniversary!

We usually rent a camper from the Green Bay area and have it delivered to the park... but this year we had WAY too much stuff to bring and getting a camper from here (Rice Lake) allowed us to pack it full and then pull it! I will admit that I was a bit scared with how packed we had everything and how heavy the camper was for the Endeavor to pull. After many reassurances from Adam we packed the boys in and we were off (I was tempted to safely follow Adam with the boys in my car)! But we made it and the boys traveled AWESOME!

We left right after the boys ate first thing in the morning so they could take their big morning nap on the road. We stopped about half way and fed both ourselves and the boys and we were back on the road. The boys slept the entire time and stated stirring just as we were pulling into Fish Creek.

The first night was a learning night... to try and keep somewhat of a routine we bathed the boys every night... the first night slipped away from us and we were doing baths in the dark. From then on it was a well planned effort by all to get supper made, supper cleaned up, baths done, bottles made, and kids down for the night all before we lost the daylight!

In the mornings, everyone makes their way to the beach for breakfast, donuts, and coffee. The first morning, the boys had to show off their "coon hats!" It is well known that all food needs to be put away or you will get "visitors" during the night. We joked that we had some visitors and the boys caught them and made some hats. ;)

Ashton - I think it looks like a really bad wig...

Aiden - looks like a little Russian.

Another morning, I was busy getting the boys' breakfast made and when I got back, they already had some breakfast! It's hard to see in this picture, but Adam smeared powdered sugar on their cheeks from the donuts... it was too cute!

On one of out morning visits to the beach, the boys could not wait to have their feet in the water for the very first time! I think it was a bit colder than the water they are used to, but they did well! Ashton was a bit more tolerant of being more submerged in the water, but next year I am sure we will not be able to keep both of the boys out of the water!

Ashton's first dip with Daddy.

Aiden's first dip with Daddy.

Daddy and Grampa in the water.

Many days are spent at Nicolet Beach and this is what you do. Stand, talk, drink, and play. In the past it was volleyball and paddle ball, but this year it was the Wa-Bo-Ba (Water Bouncy Ball).

Two Boys in a Boat!

While they boys weren't huge fans of being IN the water... they had no problems floating ON the water.

Ashton even fell asleep while standing in the water with Daddy.

Elle was too cute! I think she had more swimsuits than all of us put together ;) If you look back to last years blog post of Door County, you will see a picture of her 4 weeks old and wearing these same sunglasses.

Aiden was content in his boat (borrowed from Harrison) looking out at all the rest of the boats. Dreaming...

Adam's dad has had a wagon for the past couple years to haul all the goods to the beach. We thought with adding more kids stuff needing to make it to and from the beach... Adam should get a wagon too!

One of the days, Adam's Grandma, Aunt Missy, and Aunt Amy visited us. It was great seeing them! We hung out at the campsite and went to the playground.

The boys got to swing, and both fit in one! Perfect.

Aiden James

Ashton Alan

One of the days, we make plans for the boys to go golfing and the girls to meet them at the club house for either breakfast or lunch. While Aiden was sleeping, Ashton got to pick out what he wanted from the menu...

Since getting everyone ready and loaded into the can was a longer process this year, we planned one day for all of our excursions out of the park. We had lunch at the club house, we went into Fish Creek shopping, and topped off the day at Wilson's for some old fashioned ice-cream.

Nana and the boys. Good thing they can't have ice-cream yet... they both slept the entire time!

Gramma and Grampa with all the grand kids.

Elle enjoyed tasting every one's different flavors! Next year the boys will be able to have some too.

Gramma and Grampa baught the boys some shirts to always remember their first (of many time's to come) at Wilson's

With many days spent at the beach and one day shopping out of the park, what else did we do?!?!?! We walked. I want to know how many miles we spent walking around for nap times, to go to bed, and to pass the time with the boys! Thank goodness for all the people who offered to help us walk with the boys... We could not have done it without all the fresh legs to take the boys for a spin! The boys also played which was a bit challenging since they are not quite sitting on their own yet... so they spent time in what Adam calls the "stand machines."

When we weren't at the beach, walking, or playing... we were attempting to take naps and sleep! The boys did OK during the nights. At home, they are "fussing it out" during the nights and we are moving away from night feedings. BUT, while camping we had bottles ready and in their mouths at the very first little peep. Ugh... a crying baby in a camp ground! That was us one of the nights (to our defense, Aiden was teething and now has two teeth). They also got spoiled by sleeping with either Adam and I in separate beds and naps were hit and miss, so needless to say we are still trying to get back on schedule and keeping the boys in their cribs at night even though they sleep well and snuggle with us ;) Our camper had three pop-out beds and it is pretty neat to feel like you are sleeping under the stars in the great outdoors!

Many naps were at the beach. To help Aiden settle in, he sleeps better with something over his eyes. Now boys boys settle in with blankets up by the faces and over their eyes. Daddy is just trying to fit in.

Many naps were also in the hammock, and Mikayla was a great snuggler and helper!

Ashton sleeping in the camper - see what I mean about snuggling with the blankets? Good thing they are out of the high risk stage for SIDS... I am constantly checking on them and moving the blankets from their faces!

How was camping for 13 days with 2 six month-olds? Just ask Adam! It was e.x.h.a.u.s.t.i.n.g but worth every minute of all the hard work.

We had laundry up to our ears and piles all over the house when we got home... and I have a feeling it will only be worse next year when the boys are mobile and getting into more dirt.

Here's to another year!!!! It's great that my mom, Mikayla, and Emily have joined us for the past three years for part of the time.

Where are the boys? I can't see them because they are wearing camo! My aunt Debbie also made the boys some camoflauge blankets (you will see theme in most pictures) that they L.O.V.E... THANKS AGAIN Deb!

Adam's parent's had "craft day" one year and made this sign. It represents where the family had lived in the past and where we had traveled for our honeymoons. It is fun to see all the people stop and comment on the sign! We started out own sign last year keeping track of the year and the site we stayed at. That didn't get done this year... I cannot imagine why we didn't have the time?!?!?!? Maybe next year.

I almost forgot... one of the mornings, a friend of the family and photographer met us and took some family pictures! They turned out great... check out the sneak peek at this site:

It has now been a week since we have been home and all is getting back too normal. Reflecting on this trip, it is amazing how Adam's parents have continued with this trip for 30 years and as I mentioned earlier... Adam looks forward to this trip all year and it is a really special place for him. We look forward to continuing this trip with the Wamboldt Family and Friends and we hope this can be just as special of a place for our boys. There is so much we do... yet so much of the time is just spent with family and friends hanging out, it was hard organizing this blog (and sorting through my 400 some pictures)! We already have our site booked for the end of July next year and believe it or not, we are already planning meals and looking forward to doing new things with the boys as they will a bit older and be able to do more!

Another reason I love The County of Door... taking pictures of the flowers, boats, signs, and architectural structures. Here are just a few:

Check back in a couple days... I will have another post for this past week that we weren't on vacation. I was unpacking, cleaning, doing laundry, my sister turned 27, and the boys turned 7 months old!

~The A Team