Sunday, August 28, 2011

Really? Already?

Wouldn't you know that the week before I go back to work, it is the busiest week of our summer. It was a good busy though. We did a lot of fun things and as I think about my summer spent with the boys, I can only think of how lucky I am to have had the time and I am already looking forward to next summer!!! The water park closes down this coming weekend, and we though we would take the boys once this summer. We went later in the afternoon and the boys swam until supper time! Ashton has been more tolerant of the cooler water and a bit more of the fish, but Aiden loved the water this time too!

This fountain was about as tall as Ashton, but he had no problems getting right in and playing with it.Aiden and Daddy taking it all in. Daddy thinks they will be going down the big water slide next summer.
Adam came home one night this week and was excited to get the boys into the garage...

The Baja Doodle Bug

Adam... I mean the boys got a new toy! Some are surprised it took this long for the boys to get their first motorized toy, but I don't think they will be riding it in a couple years. Don't fret, Adam makes sure it runs every night. Aunt Missy was surprised to see only one and said they boys will need another one or they will fight. I think we need two more or they will still fight... with Dad for a turn ;)

We were so excited to meet Wyatt Thomas... the boys didn't even sleep the night before! Haha. Kimberly Kay was my roommate for three years while at the U of M and we have been good friends since. As I mentioned in last weeks post, he was born just before we went to Door County and we have been itching to meet "The Dude". He was cuter than I have even seen in all the pictures and perfect. I am a bit jealous how much he slept while we were there though. I think Kim and Andy were quite surprised by how big our boys are and how much changes in 6 short months ;)

Wyatt Thomas - Look at those alert eyes! He's just about 4 weeks old.

Wyatt, Ashton, Aiden

We can't wait to see these three boys grow together!

On Saturday we helped Harper J celebrate his 1st birthday. I cannot believe it had already been a year. He is such a happy boy and on the verge of running ALL OVER! He loves to swim so we packed up and went out to his grandma's and grandpa's farm for a PoOl PaRtY!
Ashton partied.

So did Aiden, but he didn't like it when he snapped the strap to his hat! Ouch

Harper got a cool car that you push... Our boys loved it!
I think this picture is one of the cutest. Harper and Aiden are sitting on Harper's Grandma's (Diane) lap and the look he is giving her is priceless.

On Sunday Gramma and Grampa, Missy and Elle came over for breakfast. WOW we make quite the commotion when we go our to eat... I think people run the other way when we say we have five adults and need three highchairs! Then we had the Benson Family Reunion at Wakanda Park. It was fun to see everyone, but sad that each year it seems to get smaller and smaller. That is the side of the family where all the twins (and even triplets) are but only two sets were there. Thanks Josh and Brandon for helping to represent! ;) The boys loved the swings... but I didn't get ANY pictures.

The rest of the week, we were hanging at home and enjoying our last days together...

We bought these shirts for Door County, and they wore them there but we didn't get any pictures. I had to make sure to get some... The boys were "Happy Campers"

The cooler weather is on;y another reminder that it is time to go back to work... but also my favorite time of year. We get to dig out our jeans and sweatshirts again!!! The boys got to wear their Door County that Jerry and Jill bought them. Jerry and Jill are pretty much honorary grandparents as Adam calls then his second set of parents ;)

~ Amy, Adam, Ashton & Aiden. Nizzer too!

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