Sunday, August 21, 2011

7 Months Old!!!

I cannot believe that these two characters are already 7 months!

Aiden James has two teeth (bottom) and seems to be working on more. He is generally a happy baby although he is beginning to notice when we leave the room and he fusses until we come back. He can sit for a couple minutes on his own, but when the toy he is playing with moves... he gets off center and falls over. We fight with Aiden to take naps and sleep at night. It seems we are playing the pacifier game every hour so during the day we are encouraging him to put the paci in himself so eventually he can do it at night in his crib! Aiden shows a little more preference towards Adam and his face lights up when Adam gets home. Although he is more and more a Daddy's boy, he gets really smiley others talk to him... as long as mommy or daddy are near! Aiden is a good eater and will eat anything offered to him, although green beans and squash are not his favorite.

Ashton Alan seems to be working on his hair growth more than his teeth! Ashton is a happy baby and will play independently, but he will also let you know when he is bored and needs to do something else. Ashton is generally sleeping through the night, although since Door County he has been waking up more at night. I am wondering if he is getting some teeth even though we cannot see or feel anything. When Ashton is tired, he will fall asleep anywhere and he will put himself to sleep. Ashton is a good eater, and just like his brother he will eat green beans and squash but they are not his favorite. Ashton is able to sit on his own for short amounts of time, but still tumbles over. When he does, it REALLY hurts his feelings!

Both are using up the last of their six month clothes that still fit and we are buying 9-12 for the Fall! Both boys are still wearing size two diapers, but we have some threes on hand for nights.

The boys had their first overnight at Nana's house while we helped celebrate a friend's 40th birthday. They came home with a piano (keyboard) that was Mikayla's (14 years old) and they LOVE it! *Side Note - Do all babies drool this much? Yuck! They are always soaking wet...

On Sunday we went to Nate and Katie's house for a grill out. Katie's parents had yet to meet the boys and they had a special gift for the boys! Ashton and Aiden are very lucky to have so many people care about them.

Look at these hand-made quilts! Ashton's is blue and Aiden's is brown.

I think Izzie likes them too! :)

While in Door County, Adam's parents bought the boys some t-shirts from Wilson's. We thought that if we got the boys dressed and ready, Gramma and Grampa would come pick them up and take them for some ice-cream!

We have had a busy week trying to catch up on laundry, celebrating Aaron's 40th birthday, celebrating Aunt Elly's 27th birthday, and getting ready for the transition back to school!


CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Kimberly Kay. Kim and her husband, Andy, welcomed their 'little dude' right before we left for Door County. We cannot wait to meet little Wyatt Thomas in the very near future!!! Although our get-togethers are going to look a lot different... I think we can all agree that we will feel better the next morning after hanging with our little boys! I see us giving up the bars, for the zoo. :)

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