Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Days II

Welcome to the Wamboldt House.. What animal sound do you want to hear today?  The boys are like sponges right now and are picking up everything!  They love farm animal books and know most sounds.  Nana bought them some little farm animals that can keep their interest while inside.  Here is Ashton telling us that a cow says "Moooo" and Aiden is making the tractor noises... his chin is usually drenched ;)

The animal sounds they know are Cow, Pig, Horse, Duck, Chicken, Sheep, Cat, Dog, Izzie (panting), and tractor.  Ashton can cry like a baby and he attemps to wink with his eyes.  They can also point to their nose, eyes, ears, hair, arm, belly button, toes, and leg.  *Adam is also pretty proud that they can point to their 'Pee Pee" but we don't broadcast that one.  They are learning new words Daily.
The boys have some sunglasses that we call "Cool Dudes" and we fight for them to wear them.  Except for about two days Ashton really wanted to be a Cool Dude.  He sported this cool look on a wagon ride... in his diaper.

Look at Aiden's "Cool Dude" chill leg...
The boys also usually bring a bat or a golf club on the walks to drag and make a soothing annoying noise of something dragging...

Morning snack on the porch... in "Cool Dudes".

Reading a book with dad... with "Cool Dudes".

Blurry picture, but LOVE the smile!  It is rare for Ashton to show his teeth...

Tuesday nights we head to Lake Superior, I mean the field house pool that is FREEZING.  The boys like the water however they start shivering and lips turn blue at the end of the hour.  They are good sports - I think we complain about the temperature more...  We work on kicking, scooping with our hands, blowing bubbles and floating.

The first weekend of July, we visited Grampa in Oconto Falls to help celebrate his 60th Birthday!  It was a great time and we enjoyed relaxing with some after-dinner Popsicles on the patio. 

Cousins = best friends and worst enemies (when they have to share toys)
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We are making the most of every day, every weekend, and the rest of our summer!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Days I

So how are we spending our summer?  OUTSIDE.  A quick glimpse into our days...

In the sprinkler.

Being Goofy.

Driving Trucks.

At the Water Park... After two visits, we bought a family pass.  Worth it!

Keeping a close eye on the construction on the main road by our house...

Playing with the trucks after our walks to see the real trucks...


and last but not least, checking out all of dad's cool things in the garage.  They love watching him mow the lawn and using all his "toys".

I am trying hard to get caught up... These pictures have been sitting and just waiting to be narrated.  Keep reading for a post about the circus and stay tuned for another summer update and our Annual trip to Door County... Coming soon.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer.  We have three precious weeks together before it's back to work I go!  Stay cool. 
~The A Team
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The Circus

Trying to get caught up... The story of my life!!! This post is all about the circus.  You may interpret this in two ways... my life or the actual circus?  Some days I feel like our house is a circus...
We joined Elle at the circus for a night of fun.  The boys liked watching the elephants and the ponies, but we didn't ride.  Maybe when they get older, as this mom is not a fan and did not want to ride with!

You cannot go to a circus without meeting a clown.  Aiden wasn't too sure about him, but he gave him a balloon.  They boys L.O.V.E "baboos" (Balloons).

Ashton enjoyed the popcorn...

Some acts kept the boys' attention more than others. 

How come dad always gets the kid that sits nice and calm?  ;)

You'll notice a pattern here... this yellow balloon follows Aiden EVERYWHERE the next couple days...

It's amazing how many things he could do one handed while still hanging onto the baboo.

Notice it in the bath?!?!

Once it popped, we had to get more balloons to attach to the stick.  What could get any better than a balloon on a stick?  Cheap entertainment I guess.
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