Monday, July 30, 2012

The Circus

Trying to get caught up... The story of my life!!! This post is all about the circus.  You may interpret this in two ways... my life or the actual circus?  Some days I feel like our house is a circus...
We joined Elle at the circus for a night of fun.  The boys liked watching the elephants and the ponies, but we didn't ride.  Maybe when they get older, as this mom is not a fan and did not want to ride with!

You cannot go to a circus without meeting a clown.  Aiden wasn't too sure about him, but he gave him a balloon.  They boys L.O.V.E "baboos" (Balloons).

Ashton enjoyed the popcorn...

Some acts kept the boys' attention more than others. 

How come dad always gets the kid that sits nice and calm?  ;)

You'll notice a pattern here... this yellow balloon follows Aiden EVERYWHERE the next couple days...

It's amazing how many things he could do one handed while still hanging onto the baboo.

Notice it in the bath?!?!

Once it popped, we had to get more balloons to attach to the stick.  What could get any better than a balloon on a stick?  Cheap entertainment I guess.
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