Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Days I

So how are we spending our summer?  OUTSIDE.  A quick glimpse into our days...

In the sprinkler.

Being Goofy.

Driving Trucks.

At the Water Park... After two visits, we bought a family pass.  Worth it!

Keeping a close eye on the construction on the main road by our house...

Playing with the trucks after our walks to see the real trucks...


and last but not least, checking out all of dad's cool things in the garage.  They love watching him mow the lawn and using all his "toys".

I am trying hard to get caught up... These pictures have been sitting and just waiting to be narrated.  Keep reading for a post about the circus and stay tuned for another summer update and our Annual trip to Door County... Coming soon.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer.  We have three precious weeks together before it's back to work I go!  Stay cool. 
~The A Team
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