Monday, September 5, 2011

Two Boys in a Bath

The boys are officially "sitters" this week. Before they were a bit unsteady, but in a matter of days they are strong and steady! They love to sit in the grass and pull at it (they haven't gotten it to their mouths yet) and they like to sit and face each other and play with toys. Aiden gets quite interested in what Ashton is playing with and will just sit and watch, while Ashton is interested in what Aiden plays with... and steals it from him! Most of the time Aiden doesn't really care, but sometimes he will cry. Let the fighting begin.

Being able to sit better makes bath time more fun! They can both sit and play for awhile... they love their bath time books!

Ashton on the left... Aiden on the right.

Ashton Alan
Aiden James

Aiden got his first bubble bath this past weekend. He has a bit of a rash on his face and neck from all this drool and spit. I threw him in the sink to get him clean before putting on some cream. We thought we would try bubbles for the first time... this is what you get when you try to look at the bubbles too close! ;)

So might ask "Why the boys need nightly baths?" Because they look like this after my Aunt Debbie feeds them... Haha. I wonder what they had for supper?

On Saturday night we went to Jamie and Aaron's for a birthday cook out. HaPpY BiRtHdAy JAMIE!!! Her two boys (Blais and Brigs) play hockey, baseball, and football. Not too long after we got there, Brigs had a hockey stick for both boys and was ready to play! I have a feeling Ashton and Aiden are going to have some good role models and mentors to look up to in the years to come!

While taking a break from teaching the boys some moves and saves, Brigs tried out Aiden's chair. :)
Ashton was playing goalie... or the guitar. One of the two!

Just his size.

I don't know where Ashton learned how to "Fake Cry" but he does it ALL THE TIME! He will try to get mad, try to cry, make this face... and yell! We can't help but laugh and that makes him even madder!

While Ashton learned to fake cry... Aiden has learned to "Fake Cough." He will cough and if you tell him he has a bad cough, we will continue to make himself cough. Sometimes he forgets how he made the noise so it comes out as more of a yell. He will do it to get your attention! What a little stinker.

If you tell him he has a bad cough and we better have a doctor look at it... he smiles! Also... look at those Big Boy Jammies! Nana went shopping and bought the boys some new jammies. They are 12 month but fit them! The boys look like such big boys without the feet in their jammies and no snaps or zippers! Thanks Nana...

It was a bit of a slow news week as I was back to work and we enjoyed one of the last weekends of summer! Bring on the Fall weather with jeans and sweatshirts, visits to the apple orchard, and pumpkin patches! We will leave you with three of our favorite little faces... Have a great week!

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