Sunday, September 18, 2011

This past week was REALLY S-L-O-W news week! When I went to download the pictures this week I was actually surprised to see some on the camera (thanks to Daddy taking pictures on his Daddy-Daycare day)!

There was just a whole lot of hanging out at the Wamboldt House. The boys are noticing each other more and more each week. Ashton is always interested in what Aiden is playing with and will often times try to steal his toy. Aiden is content letting Ashton have his toy and loves to sit back and watch Ashton play.

They attempted their first sleep over. Aiden wanted company in his crib after waking up from a nap. With someone else in his crib, the relaxing after a nap didn't last long.

They think it's pretty fun playing in their beds. I can only imagine what nap time will look like and sound like in the months to come!

Neither are crawling yet. Neither really have any interest... that may be because they can get where they want to go by ROLLING! They will roll all over the living room floor to get where they want to go. This includes to get to each other and wrestle!

On Thursday night Gramma, Aunt Missy, and Elle came to visit. Capturing a picture of these three busy kiddos is getting more and more difficult!

I'm not sure what secrets Elle is telling Aiden... but he looks pretty interested.
Aiden was telling Gramma stories.

In last weeks post, I shared some pictures of Izzie playing with the boys and staying away from the boys. Looking through the pictures this week, it's safe to say that being near Ashton is safe... when he's sleeping!
No Apple Orchard this weekend... icky weather when we were going to go. No rush, maybe soon! On Saturday we went to Mikayla's volleyball tournament in Hudson. I forgot the camera, but it was a nice day. Mikayla and her team had made improvements since just the last time we saw them! The boys like people watching and looking around at all the new environments. AND they probably don't mind all the attention they get from the High School girls ;)

Have a great week!

The Wamboldt's

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