Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mikayla's #1 Fan

The BEST part of this week was going to Mikayla's first home game! Sadly, I am no longer coaching 7th grade volleyball... as it would have been too difficult with the boys (I cannot wait to get home to them after work) and coaching would have interefered with making it to Mikayla's freshman games. On Tuesday, the boys put on their Menomonie shirts and we were off to cheer! Aiden cheered and was proud of his cousin...

Where's Ashton?!?! All the cheering wore him out. He fell asleep amongst the cheering and the whistles!

There wasn't much going on the rest of the week, so we hung out at home. The boys are noticing Izzie more and more, and she knows exactly how close she can get to them and how far their arms will reach. She likes to play with blankets and will play "Blanket Rough House" with Adam (she attacks his hand under the blanket). It was too cute when Ashton was playing "Peek-a-Boo" and she started to play the blanket game with him. He was giggling and giggling!

This is an example of knowing just how close to get to Ashton. If anything, it will push the boys to start crawling... so they can chase her. Oh Izzie... find your safe place now!
She also knows just how close to get to Aiden. She has gotten too close and they get a hand full of hair! The stare down...

Izzie thinks if she brings a toy to Aiden, he will play with her...
Aiden takes the toy. He thinks it's now his. She moves in too close. Aiden gets a hand full of hair... and Izzie decides the safest place is BEHIND Aiden!
To get out of the house, we went to the park a couple times over the weekend. They boys LOVE to swing. We keep telling dad that we need swings at home. Maybe next spring!



We are doing all we can to entertain the boys... bathtime and bedtime are slowly creeping to earlier into the night as they are getting more active and more tired! To pass the time at night, we play... Ashton attacks his toys...
They sit on the floor and play toys (and pose for pictures)...

Love this picture of Aiden!

Aiden watches "TV" in bed... until I heard him cry in the middle of the night and upon checking up on him, I found it on top of his face :( No more watching "TV" in bed!

and... They ride in laundry baskets. How come it looks like we have to entertain Aiden more than Ashton?!?!?! ;)

***Notice the cute little "Oshkosh" overalls in some of the pictures... They are adorable and a gift from Great Aunt Amy (Adam's Aunt) at their baptism. Thanks Amy!!! Looking back through this post, they are in most ALL the pictures... must have taken most of the pictures all in the same day! :0

Our nights are busy by the time we get supper for the boys, supper for us, walk/play, bath time, and bed time. It makes the weeks fly by. We look forward to the weekends to hang out, play, and spend time together! Apple Orchard and Volleyball tournament next weekend... WE CAN'T WAIT!

~The A Team and Nizzer too!

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