Sunday, September 25, 2011

8 Months

Ashton Alan and Aiden James are 8 MONTHS OLD!!!
These two 8 month old boys L.O.V.E their bath time so much it was fitting enough to take their pictures in the tub. With the weather getting cooler outside, we are spending our free time in the tub. All summer long, when they got fussy and we were in between naps and eating we would load up in the stroller and walk. This week our walk time has been spend stripping down and jumping in the tub for some play time. It may be a long winter with these two busy boys...

So what have these two busy bodies been up to?!?!?!

Ashton is sitting on his own and exploring the house by rolling all around. He scoots, creeps, and rolls as he is beginning to discover the crawling position. He will be fully on the move in no time! Ashton just got some new sneakers... a size 4! He is wearing 9-12 month clothes and will most likely be in 18 month for the most part of the winter. Ashton likes most all fruits and vegetables and is just starting to eat 'puffs' without gagging. He has started to think he is cute when he spits out his food. It is really hard to say NO in a firm way without smiling while he is sitting there spitting his food out with the biggest smile on his face, but we are trying! Ashton has had some great nights sleeping the entire night. Every night he sleeps through, we find him on his tummy and moving ALL OVER his crib. Ashton is falling behind in the teeth game. He has yet to get any teeth! We joke that his brother will be eating steak while he still gets his baby food. ;)

Baby brother, Aiden James isn't too much different from Ashton. Aiden sits entirely on his own, but doesn't roll around exploring as much as his brother. He isn't as tolerant to being on his stomach and doesn't have much interest in crawling. He is more vocal and likes to yell. I would say he has a great 'outside' voice. Aiden is a great eater and hopefully he will not be copying his brother's new trick (spitting out his food). Aiden hasn't had as many nights of sleeping all they way through, but I think we can blame it on the top teeth he is working on. They look very sore and for his sake and ours... they need to poke through SOON! Aiden looks quite a bit smaller than Ashton, but is in the same size clothes. However, his new shoes are a size smaller (3). Aiden has just a bit more petite features when compared to his brother. At their 6 month appointment just 1/2 inch ans 2 ounces separated the boys. A informal weight check on our scale shows about a pound difference now and a noticeable height difference (Ashton seems taller). We'll see next month at their 9 month check up!

Mikayla had another home game this past week, so we went to cheer her on. It's amazing how much better the team gets with just a week separating their games. I don't even recall the last time I really held both boys together... they are getting so big! Mikayla must have muscles!

Aiden gave her a "hug" right away when she held him. He loves his cousin!

Ashton just likes EVERYTHING in his mouth right now... but he will give kisses.

The boys we so well behaved, we stayed a bit after Mikayla's game to watch the Varsity team. After one match it was getting past bath time and bedtime, so we left. Menomonie ended up loosing to Memorial in 5... so it would have been a late night had we not left early!
On Saturday night, Gramma and Grampa came and spent the night with us. We usually try to keep they boys up, between dinner and bath time, but Ashton enjoyed the snuggles just a little too much!

Grampa was enjoying the snuggles too!

As mentioned earlier, the boys got some new sneakers! Daddy was shopping online and found their first pair of NIKES. They are so adorable! It looks like Ashton and Aiden should be running around and heading off to kindergarten when they are wearing them ;(

Yes, Aiden's are a size smaller and even came in a smaller box :) At least when Ashton out-grown his, Aiden can still wear them!

Something else new this week... taking care of the pearly whites! They boys both got a new Thomas the Train toothbrush. Ashton uses his too even though he doesn't have any pearls to brush...

Daddy-Daycare Day was spent with a walk. I LOVE hats and with the cooler weather we like to cover the boys' ears. These are some newborn hats from last spring! They look pretty dorky. I cannot wait to go shopping for some fall and winter hats!

The leaves are turning beautiful colors, the weather is getting cooler, I want to make apple crisp, we are thinking about our Halloween costumes, AND Homecoming is this week! Fall is my favorite time of year... HaPpY FaLL.

The A TEAM and Nizzer too.

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