Sunday, October 13, 2013

Firefighters, Birthdays, and Leaves...

I think we could have named the blog "Fall Fun" again this week!  Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year and we continue to find fun things to do while hanging onto these last few nice days.  The worst part about fall, knowing that Winter is looming. 

Saturday morning, we visited the fire station in the morning.  The boys were pretty impressed with all the big trucks and things to do!  At first they were a bit timid because the firetrucks are loud at the parades.

 Right before we got there, they were giving rides in the fire trucks... We didn't get a ride, as I am thinking they got a bit too busy.  ;(
 Right after posing for these pictures on the ambulance, it had to go out for a call!  
 Cookies and punch... What else could we have asked for?

 Ashton was brave and tried on the fireman's gear!  Had there been a dispatch, he was ready!
 "It's too heavy"!
 So cute!

While trying to avoid the vicinity of "Sparky" the dog, Ashton tried the fireman's hose.

 While Ashton was putting out a fire with the hose, Aiden was warming up to the idea of a picture with Sparky.  This is as close as we got.  Halloween and Santa are going to be both interesting this year!
 Junior Firefighter Aiden

 Junior Firefighter Ashton

 They even got "Junior Firefighter" t-shirts for making two bean bags in a hole!
 What a fun day at the fire house!

After naps, we headed to Elise's first birthday party!  She was a trooper as she was coming off being sick in the week.  I can't believe she is already one.

Birthday Girl
 The kid table...
 Not quite understanding the concept of presents yet, she did want at the balloons!

 For the boys' first birthday my Aunt Debbie made them Monster blankets matching their theme.  For Elle's 2nd birthday I made her an owl matching her theme, and for Elise's birthday I made her a pumpkin.  She cuddled into it right away!  Either she liked it, or she was tired ;)
 Smash Cake time!  Ready... Set...
 This is as messy as she got!  
 HapPy BiRtHdAy ELISE!  

Sunday morning we had the Rueber's, Gramma and Grampa over for brunch.  The kids got some Halloween treats early.  Thanks Gramma and Grampa!  I think Gramma has been busy on Pinterest lately - so many cute ideas in their pumpkins.

 Gramma got to open a couple presents too!  It was her birthday on October 4th.
 Ashton tried out her shoes... "Yep Gramma, they are comfy!"
 Speaking of shoes - look at these baby shoes.  The CUTEST ever!
 Zoom in!
 Aunt Missy made an pan of Apple Crisp for Gramma's birthday cake. Yummy!

 Gramma was enjoying some quality time - looking through all the pictures on their iPad.
 Ashton joined in for a little bit...
 Aiden sat for a good hour...
 And then Ashton fell asleep on Daddy watching the Packer game.
 After nap, we enjoyed our back yard.  We never really had leaves to play in before.  There is not shortage now!  I'm not sure what the boys liked the best - jumping or raking!
 Aiden actually enjoyed raking and throwing them over the bank the best.

 Ashton loved "tackling" in the leaves.

 Action shot - Ready... Set...
 Throw them up in the air!
 We are so very fortunate to have this be our back yard.
 We knew we loved this spot when we decided to build here last Winter, and it's an extra bonus to have it look like this in the Fall! 
Another great week and weekend!
Thanks for checking in.
The A Team.

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