Sunday, June 1, 2014

What does Graduation mean?

 All week the boys were looking forward to "going to AJ's House" for his graduation party.  They didn't quite know what to expect.  "Is it AJ's birthday?"  Nope - he graduated.  He is all done with school.  "So are we!"  Yep - but he is ALL DONE and going to college.  "Huh?"
They had fun with the Texas Golf Game with Uncle Nate and Kayla and just watching all the big kids playing bean bags.  When we got home they insisted we get out our bean bag boards so they could play like the big kids.

Most all the other pictures from this week come from one day.  On Saturday we headed to Eau Claire to bum.  We started at Rogan's Shoes and the pet store was right there.  We HAD to go see what they had.  You would have thought we went to the Zoo!  

Since Adam and I have been back from Mexico, the boys have been asking us when they get to go on a plane to see the iguanas.  They were pretty excited to see this HUGE one at the store.  They weren't so excited to pet it, and they definitely weren't excited to have one walking around the store and not in its cage!  Mexico next year shall be interesting ;)
 We met Paco the Parrot.
 Luckily none of these little furry creatures came home with us.  
 There was a very nice boy working that loved how excited the boys were.  He said the place made him just as excited so he works there and gets paid to be there.  He took the boys around and introduced them to the animals.
 He then let them feed the turtles with him.  So cool.

 Ashton is pinching a mini goldfish with a long tweezers.  The turtle reached right up for it.  I'm not sure who jumped more... Ashy or the turtle.
 After some lunch, Nana had a hair cut appointment so we found a park to play at.
Aiden Peeking.
 So much fun.  They are really getting confident and playing on their own.  This summer is going to be a lot of fun!

They weren't as impressed with the HUGE frog as they were the little ant-thingy on it's back.  ;)
The only other "fun" thing we did this week was cash in on another sticker chart success!  Slowly incorporating more goals (behaviors) and stretching out the rewards, they are doing great!  
Aiden chose a new tractor set...
 Ashton showing me a "thumbs-up"...
 There he got it.  
Ashton took forever to pick something out last time.  This time he went into Walmart knowing exactly what he wanted.  
A baseball bat.  A real aluminum t-ball bat.  He loves it.
What I love is that they are able to pick different things.  I used to cringe when they picked different things because it would mean melt-downs later when they realized that they weren't the same.  Aiden would get anxious knowing he wanted something but maybe Ashton didn't and would pick something else.  After many reminders that being different is okay - we are getting there.  They are great at sharing their different things and proud to call them their own and their own choices!

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