Monday, June 16, 2014

This and That

 The boys are at daycare today so I can finish up some of the last of my paperwork for school... I can't feel completely caught up until the blog is done too!  He have had another busy couple of weeks.  The boys also keep reminding me that the weather is nice so we need to go to the water park, uncle Dave's baseball games, and camping too!  Bring on Summer!

We ended the year with the First Annual Hometown Hustle 5K Walk/Run for the Middle School.  This was a lot of work and disappointing that the weather did not cooperate, to say the least.  We joke that we now know how to organize the race, next year we will organize it AND run it!  We had the head track coach watching the weather, and the lightning wouldn't let up...  Thanks to ALL that showed up and was ready to walk/run rain or shine

 Wamboldt's and Rueber's... Ready - Set - Go!
 The Cut-Aways played inside and we were still able to hold the little kids dash. 
 Ashton proud of his ribbon and his "race shoes were fast".
 After the race we had some lunch at our house, before heading out to look at some parade homes, including The Rueber Family's!  I bet they are soooo excited to get moved into their new home!
Saturday night we headed to the Richartz's house for some fun.  The weather didn't cooperate for a fire or pontoon ride, but he still had fun inside!  With Blais and Brigs around, our boys are HAPPY!

 Sunday we headed to Durand for Fun Fest.  We headed down early for some fun and lunch, then the parade by Aunt Katie's parents house!
 Not sure what they were looking at, but three peas in a pod!

 The Merry-Go-Round was a hit.  They rode the giraffe and then some horses.


 The Flintstone Cars were fun too!  First they rode in the blue...

 and then they had to go again to ride in the green!  They took their driving/steering very seriously!

 I agreed to go on the Dizzy Dragons as long as we didn't spin too much!  Aiden and I had to ride in the green...
 While Daddy and Ashton rode in a blue dragon.

Forty dollars later, we were back at the Merry-Go-Round.

 After lunch, we played while waiting for the parade to start.

 As we were leaving they decided to be brave and go down the BIG HUGE SLIDE. 
 I don't think Ashton loved it.  I was afraid we weren't going to stop at the bottom!
 Parade Time.  They had their ice-cream pails ready!  They liked the tractor and the "baby barn".
 We were in the first block of the parade and nobody was shy to throw their candy!
 Ashton knew he had to wave to get some candy!  He was constantly waving.
 This puppy was a part of the parade, but he wanted to hang with the boys instead!
 Jack Pot!  Too much candy for two little boys!
 We have a four wheeler gang in the neighborhood.  Finn and Molly were out of town the past week and I think they boys went through withdrawal.  Not sure what we will do when they leave for Disney in a week!  Yesterday Aiden wouldn't nap as he was looking out his window to see if Finn was outside ;)
 Molly is turning ONE!  She gets to be at Disney World for her birthday, so we are headed over to her house tonight for cake and ice-cream.  HaPpY BiRtHdAy Molls!
 Tuesday Night I had my grade level over for some End-of-School fun.  We had been talking all year about getting together so our kids can play.  It was a great day and a good way to end the year!  Great people, good food, and celebrating a successful year.  I will miss the 7th grade staff as I move with my kiddos to 8th grade next year!

 Wednesday night was a long one getting ready for the thrift sale!  We made the decision to sell the baby stuff!  The memories of bringing all the tubs of clothes out was just about enough to say I wanted another baby... for a couple moments ;)  It is time to share with other families and make more space in our basement.  The boys had to go to daycare for the two days of the sale, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to sell anything!  We were up until 2a.m. pricing 12 bins of clothing size newborn to 3T.  I couldn't do it earlier because of my grade level get together... so needless to say it had been a long week.  Who's idea was it to end a school year, organize a race, host a grade level party, and have a thrift sale all within the same week!?!?!?
 The neighbors also had sales, so Wednesday night the boys pre-shopped.  Aiden chose a Dinosaur from Devin.  It sleeps with him, it  naps with him, and it goes to Bonnie's with him.  Best quarter we have ever spent!
 Ashton chose a horse from Devin and Lauren's sale.
 Uncle Nate brought up a drum set to sell... LOUD and Noisy, it didn't sell fast enough!  For a moment Adam actually thought about buying it for the boys... we bought the acoustic guitar from Uncle Nate instead.  The drums left last night - thank god!

 Friday night we had our first neighborhood outing outside of the neighborhood.  It was Summer Daze downtown and they had a Super Hero parade to walk in.  A beautiful night to be out with the neighbors!
 Aiden (3), Molly (1), Finn (3), Nora (1), and Ashton (3)
 Usually Ashton would be scared of the mascots, but I guess when they are giving out candy, they aren't so scary!

 This SUPER TALL MAN was scary though!  He wasn't giving out candy ;)
 Walking and Waving
 Aiden wasn't so sure he liked all the attention, Ashton LOVED it.

 After the parade it was encouraged to support a local business downtown and eat supper.  We chose a bar to let the kids play with a game involving guns... family friendly right?  The adults wanted a drink ;)  It was a great night, and although we were a bit nervous taking 5 kids 3 and under to a restaurant, we all agreed that it went well.  It could have gone A LOT worse!
 Yesterday was Daddy's Day.  I have the best Husband and Father to our kids.  
A flash back from the 1st Daddy's Day with the boys.  
Adam is just excited that the boys "grew necks".
 The boys picked out the cards all by themselves.  Daddy just about got a birthday card, but they then settled on a Nemo Father's Day card and a Super Hero Card.  Daddy is a Super Hero!  These two little boys ADORE their Daddy.  The first thing in the morning is "Where's Daddy?"
 Daddy needs to pick out his present - a new grill.  He wanted me to surprise him, even though he probably has one picked out and he is the one that works at SEARS... ;)
Cuddling, watching a movie before bedtime.
I feel like I am forgetting something, but it is safe to say I am caught up!  Now to stay caught up.

Have a great week!  Thanks for checking in.
~The A Team

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