Friday, June 22, 2012

All Boys

Just as the title of this post says... Ashton and Aiden are ALL B.O.Y.  From rocks, truck, balls, dirt, tractors and bikes... they are interested in all!  We have rocks in our landscaping and they will spend much of the time outside throwing them, cleaning them (with their mouths), and moving them from one area to another...
The best place to put them is in the pool! 

You;ll notice a lot of diaper shots in this post... I do dress my kids, however when I have swim trunks on them, they want nothing to do with the water.  The times I let them out in regular clothes, they want in the water.  So I have stopped fighting the battle, and they go in with clothes on and we changes their diapers or have no diapers ;)

A break from the boys... yes we still have time to spoil the Iz.

Whatever one does, the other tries.  Monkey see, Monkey do.  Aiden was being a helper and watering the tree from the pool...

So Ashton thought he should too.  We didn't tell his that Daddy's sandal doesn't hold the water...

The are able to let themselves out on the deck if the glass door is open.  Needless to say they have let Izzie out a couple times without us knowing, but she has always came back after awhile!  We now need to teach them how to hook her rope to her collar ;)

Goof Balls.

They are getting the hang of their trucks they got for Christmas.  Ashton Cruises around the yard.

If they aren't driving in their trucks, they are playing trucks.  They push them up and down the sidewalk and make all the noises to go along with them.  Spit, drool and wet shirts and all!

The truck they fight over... One gets to drive while the other stands on the back.  They literally run to this truck when outside.

Last but not least... After Dad's Heart - The motorcycle.  They know Mommy doesn't ride it or push it, but they want on this thing All. The. Time.  Starting it kind of scares them, but they will let Adam push it around the yard until he is dead tired (it's not easy to push)!

And if it's not running right, they even help fix it.   
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Sorry it has taken so long to update!  We have had a busy start to the summer already... and getting into our daily routines since I've been done with school!  More posts to come to get caught up.  I HATE falling behind as it is more work getting caught up than staying up to date and doing weekly posts.  :)

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