Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

It's about time I do some catching up before we have a fun-filled Memorial Weekend!  Needless to say, we have not been bored in the last 16 months!  Adam still stays home with the boys every Tuesday for Daddy Daycare.  When Uncle Dave has Elle, they all get together and play.  I don't even need to tell you how much of the days are spent outside. I'll just tell you how many bottles of sunblock we have went through at the end of the summer ;) 
Driving their fire trucks...  Aiden trying to fix the one Elle is driving.

Break time... all that playing make you thirsty and need a snack.


We swing daily.  Ashton L.O.V.E.S to swing and often falls asleep in it, he gets so relaxed.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!  We started the morning at home where I opened my present.  I got a bag full of cleaning supplies... for the new house-keeper to use!!!  This is something I have wanted since we knew we were expecting twins.  I am spoiled, however I do have to believe this will benefit Adam as well.  Can I count this gift as a Father's Day gift too? ;)  We then joined Nana at church and had brunch on the deck at Jake's.

We couldn't do what we do without Nana helping us out! 

Both boys have been eating so much fresh fruit lately that they got some diaper rashes... so we were trying to do some diaper free time outside.  Why not break out the pool?  They loved it!  Ashton is a bit more comfortable in the water and he was a little fish.

Aiden was in and out, as he likes exploring and chasing Izzie around the yard.  I guess with no diaper, there isn't much to hold up his shorts!

Isn't this a classic picture that may come back to haunt Aiden at graduation time?
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With very few days left of school, I am looking forward to many more summer days of hanging with the boys, planning play dates with friends, Elle Marie, and Aunt Missy, and still having Daddy home with us on Tuesdays.  I laugh at comments about being excited to have my summer off.  Off is an understatement... we will be busy - but cannot wait!  9 days left!

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