Friday, June 22, 2012

Aiden's First Haircut

So many people comment on the boys' hair.  Ashton's hair is thick and curly.  Aiden's hair is fine and has taken awhile to grow!  Aiden probably didn't need a hair cut, but since Ashton needed his second on, we though we would have Aiden's curls (mullet) cut off the back.  Ashton is a seasoned pro.  He has no worries as long as he has a sucker in his hand.

Second hair cut, a bit shorter and makes him look more like a big boy!

After Ashton showing him how it was done, it was AIDEN'S TURN!  He didn't even notice what was going on... with a sucker in his hand.

To finish the suckers (I was not able to take them until they were G.O.N.E) we waited for Daddy to get his hair cut outside.  The boys were sticky and full of hair, but they didn't care.  Aiden was in seventh heaven with finding a broom!

No more curls... Will they come back?

Big Boy!

Ashton checking to see if Dad needed a sucker for his haircut...

Sticky messes!  Time to head home and take a bath... and don't touch mom or anything in the car :)
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