Thursday, April 12, 2012

Baby Animals... BaaHHHH

Spring means Baby Farm Animals and the boys are IN LOVE with animals books and trying to make the sounds they make. Some nights you will hear us roaring like lions, growling like polar bears, making fishy lips, and barking like dogs. Those are most nights. Every night, you will hear Ashton and Aiden bleating like sheep. Reminding you the boys have sheep, goats and chickens at their day care... they are obsessed with farm animals! Some nights I go to pick them up and I would swear two little lambs escaped the cage... nope, it's just Ashton and Aiden sitting on Bonnie's cement patio acting like her lambs!
So when Elle invited us to Govin's Farm, I knew the boys would be entertained for a couple hours! There just a couple minutes and we found some goats. This one is looking for food in Aiden's hand... no luck, but Aiden thought it was funny!
Once inside the barn, we saw the baby chickens. Uncle Dave asked how much they were in case one of our kiddos accidentally broke a wing, foot, or neck :0
We didn't spend too much time holding them, they were too fragile!
Baaaaa. They had some babies born just hours before!
The boys must be too used to Zeke at Day Care... they didn't really care they had a lamb on their lap...
I love this next picture. Ashton was seated in between two hay bales, and this picture captures a face like he is freaking out and falling! No... he didn't sink.
Cousins... will we EVER get a picture of them all looking the same way?
Who put this lamb on our lap? Doesn't the lamb look thrilled!
So, I couldn't stop feeling sorry for this mama pig. She was due to give birth any day to 6-12 piglets. She was HUGE, looked miserable and could not move... kinda like me just over a year ago.
They could have stayed in this barn all day.
Are those fences sanitized daily? Well at least we have sanitizer for our hands, lets go eat some pie...
The chicks literally all ran away from Aiden as he approached... I wonder why?!?!
elle got to ride a pony! Maybe next year we'll try with Ashton and Aiden, they really had no interest. They just sat and Bahhed making everyone think two lambs were out of their pen.
Do you see Aiden in this picture? He didn't want to leave with us. Do you think they would notice a little boy left in the barn for the night?
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Thanks for inviting us Elle!
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