Sunday, April 22, 2012

We SCREAM for Ice Cream...

The only pictures on the camera from the last two weeks... Ice Cream! We had to do a test run to make sure the boys were true Wamboldts. What do the Wamboldt's have in common with ice cream and why would this matter? Well, Door County means HAVING to go to Wilson's for Ice Cream at least a couple times when we are there. Door County also means ice cream on the Beach almost daily. So we need some practice eating ice cream cones and the most important test was whether they liked ice cream. Grampa would be proud and happy to know... They L.O.V.E. it.
Ashton also likes the traffic and people walking by. He is definitely the more social of the two. Aiden is a little more picky about getting dirty and was a little hesitant of digging in.But he managed quite well.If you look closely, Ashton traded cones with me, and ended up liking the chocolate better. Takes after his mom (loving chocolate).

Two happy and very sticky campers!

A couple more trips to the local DQ and we will be all set for The County of Door late July/ early August!

That's it... slow news week, but never not moving!

~The Wamboldt's and Nizzer too!

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