Sunday, July 24, 2011

Half Birthday x 2

Last week I had NOTHING to write about... and this week it seems like there is a lot to write about with some odds and ends. One thing that is not an "Odd" or "End" is the boys' half Birthday! Yep, they are 6 months old...

We have been doing the plain rice cereal for about a month now and both boys were doing so well, we started to introduce some veggies! We started with sweet potatoes and Ashton LOVED them...

While Aiden was not so sure at first. The first couple bites, he did not like them and I wish I could have gotten a picture of his face!

The second time around, Aiden ate all his sweet potatoes. After a couple days of sweet potatoes, we then tried peas. Nana was feeding Ashton and he gave her a look like "Hey Nana, I don't think you made my sweet potatoes right!?!?" We are now just finishing with trying carrots before we move onto the fruits! Yum.

Turning 6 months old, must really tire a person out! Ashton fell asleep after his bath while waiting for his bottle to be made...

While Aiden feel asleep in his high chair... Every kiddo needs a picture while sleeping in their high chair!

Even Mom has a picture in her high chair ;)

This past month has brought a lot of changes for the boys. It seems like they grow from the time I put them down for a nap and when they wake up! Both are wearing 6 month clothing. Anything 3-6 month is getting small and the 6-9 month range is better. This past week, we went shopping and bought some 9 and 12 month things for them "to grow into". I tried them on Ashton when we got home and they fit! We are finishing up their last pack of size 2 diapers and we are now stock piling size 3. With as much formula as we are going through, it is no wonder why and how they boys are growing so fast! We are ordering formula by the case from Adam's cousin, Jeff. Two cases last us roughly a month... thank goodness we only have 6 more months of formula!

Mr. Aiden has his FIRST TOOTH! His bottom tooth on the left side has poked through. For the last week or so we that both of the lower teeth were close and they were bothering him, the other one is not too far behind! Ashton doesn't have any teeth that we can see coming, but he is getting to be "Mr. I Want To Be Independent." He wants to hold his own bottle (if only we could get him to hold it high enough to drink it!!!) and he reaches for the spoon when we are feeding him. We also need to now be careful for what is in front of him as he reaches for the remote on the arm of the couch and he will reach for my drink on the table if he is on my lap. Both boys are rolling over from their stomachs to their backs, and are soooo close to rolling from their backs to their stomachs and they are also soooo close to sitting up unsupported!

They will be out of their bouncies and swings in the next few weeks as they are out growing them and Aiden will arch his back and work to wiggle his way out of both. It is perfect timing, as Nana bought them some Toy Story chairs. The boys look so grown up sitting in their chairs. They are content looking out the patio window and watching the ceiling fan.

Ashton Alan

Aiden James

These chairs will also be perfect for Door County to get them up off the ground at the beach and the campsite! Thanks Nana!!!!

So did you notice Aiden's legs in the past two pictures?!?!?!?! His new thing is holding his legs straight out when he is sitting... He RARELY relaxes! We joke that he is going to be an Olympic gymnast with rock hard legs and abs ;)

In his swing...

In his carseat...

and in his stroller!

Makes my legs sore just watching him!

We were getting quite bored being stuck inside the past week because of the heat and humidity! Thank goodness we are able to walk again. They boys LOVE their walks, and so do I.

Even Dad and Nizzer like to walk!

The boys had a follow up appointment at Children's this past week and their six month check up next week. I will talk about both appointments in next weeks post!

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