Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fireworks and Parties

A quick recap of the past two weeks... FiReWoRkS, Birthday Parties, and Random pictures with the new Camera!!!

It seemed like the theme for our 4th of July was "Full Speed Ahead!" We started out the day walking/jogging the Fire Cracker 5K at Wakanda Park with Jamie and Brooke. Aunt Missy and Elle also joined us bright and early at Wakanda Park to get some exercise. After taking turns pushing Elle in her Burley, I have decided I will never try another 5K with the boys without one! I think it is safe to say that I get quite the work out when pushing the boys!

After the race, Elle was a big help trying to give the boys their pacifiers and give them a sip of water from their sippy cup!

After the race, we took a short break at home for some food and a shower and we were right back at Wakanda Park for some of the Freedom Fest activities. Next year the boys will be able to do a lot more of the activities!

Ashton tried sitting on the dinosaur while Elle was swinging and playing on the slide!

Next year Aiden will be able to sit and climb all by himself!

Before the race, Daddy thought they needed their sunglasses. This picture reminds me of "The Blues Brothers"...

After the Wakanda festivities, we made a stop by the family cottage to visit my dad's side of the family. They have a nice spot out on Tainter Lake and it was fun to see everyone meet the boys! Sorry - I don't know why I didn't bring my camera with! After the cottage, we went to a friend's house for some yummy food, chatting with some great friends, and maybe staying awake for their firework show! No kidding, next year there will be anywhere from 20-30 kids running around!!!! Needless to say, we could not stay awake for the fireworks... It had been a busy day and the boys were t.i.r.e.d! Plus, it worked out well that we were home when the Wakanda Fireworks started to comfort Izzie. She is deathly afraid of fireworks and no matter how many fans I turned on high and how loud I turned up the TV... there was no hiding some of the BOOMS that shook the house!

Poor little girl... Wouldn't you know that all the neighbors start celebrating the holiday many days early and continue to celebrate for days after! There were some nights I couldn't get anything done without her being on me heels and tripping on her... I put her in the Baby Bjorn and strapped her right to me. Brilliant! It worked.

In other news... I have some random pictures to share as I was playing with our new camera!

Daddy still like to put the boys' pant on their head! He started doing this WAY BACK WHEN the boys were in the hospital...

We have been meeting some friends most mornings for a walk. I am proud to say the boys L.O.V.E their stroller and are usually out of the house before 7:30 am, have a 4 mile walk in, and are home for a snack all in time for their morning nap!

In the years to come, the boys are going to have a good friend. Reese is one month younger than the boys and a good little walker too!

Aiden likes the stroller so much, that when he falls asleep in it, we DON'T take him out... we just move the stroller into the dining room ;)

The sticker on the back of my car... Adam got this for me as a Christmas Gift. It will be fun to change out as the boys grow! (Just testing out the camera) ;)

The boys are really working into a routine for their naps. They take a two hour nap in the morning a couple shorter naps in the afternoon!

Aiden on the left and Ashton on the Right

Last but not least... we ended our week by celebrating Elle's FIRST BIRTHDAY! This last year has gone by so quick, I cannot believe she is one.

She had the cutest Lady Bug themed party...

and she is ALWAYS moving!!!


The boys loved swinging in Elle's swing. Too bad we don't have any trees large enough to hold a swing ;(

Aiden James

Ashton Alan

Looks like Grampa is telling Ashton secrets at Elle's party... doesn't he know the boys will never keep any secrets from their Mom?

Ashton also got some snuggles from Gramma.

and... I had to include the last picture (even though it isn't the best) just to show that Aiden gets some love too! We promise.

The end of July brings the boys' 6 month check-up, a follow up on their kidneys at Children's in St. Paul, and lots of planning and preparation for our Door County trip in August!

Thanks for checking in!

The A Team, and Iz too!

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