Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gobble GoBbLe GOBBLE!

Gramma and Grampa came into town a bit early for Thanksgiving and stayed at a hotel.  He took advantage of their pool and hot tub on Tuesday night.
The Three Amigos ready to swim, but looking into the game center...
 Swimming with Daddy.
 Just give the kiddos a floaty and off they go!  Elle is becoming quite the little fish!  Aiden dunked under for a split second before Grampa came to the rescue and he told me "he sinked".

 We might have to get them some goggles, Aiden looked pretty cute when he was borrowing Elle Marie's!
 We hosted Thanksgiving at our house.  We had my family, Adam's Parents, The Rueber's (Missy, Dave and Kiddos), and the extended Rueber Family.  It was a BLAST!  I was a bit nervous about the space, but we were all pretty comfortable - we'll just have to ask the neighbor's is they could hear us ;)  It was nice not having to be two places in the same day and most everyone could just hang, relax, and enjoy themselves.  Most everyone NOT being Adam.  He had to work from 7 to midnight on Thanksgiving night, so he after we ate.  His busiest weekend of the year used to start at 2 am on Thanksgiving night, now it starts at 7pm.  

Price hadn't even stepped into the house and the boys were frantic looking for their Brewers hats "to be like Price".  The poor guy had two little boys attached to his hip the entire night.

 All the grand kids got a c=Christmas Sweatshirt from Gramma and Grampa.  Be on the lookout for a picture of them all wearing them!  They are SO CUTE!  Elise was the only one to stay still long enough to model it.
 Her turkey shirt was perfect for the day and she was content reading a coloring book, up-side down.
 She's been walking for just over two weeks, and she was loving cruising around with one of the boys' hats on.  Such a cutie!
 44 pounds of turkey, 15 pound of potatoes, 8 pies, and a lot of other food was enough for this crew!  For the first time in years, Adam and I have left overs and we are LOVING IT!
 Price had his side kicks, Mikayla had a "mini me" of her her own!  Elle LOVES Mikayla and is looking forward to watching her dance at her Holiday Classic this coming weekend!
 Saturday night, we had people over again for my cousins that were in town from Florida.  Paula and Doug made the trip from Florida, their daughter Kylie cam in from Texas where she lives with her husband and is going to school, and unfortunately Chase and Alex (Paula and Doug's twins) couldn't make it.  We have three sets of twins in the boys' generation and I am anxious to get a picture of all the twins together.  Guess we have to get Josh and Brandon (Marcy's twins) to make a trip to Florida with us soon ;).

Aiden was Price's side kick again.  Price had two of his friends with him for this picture... Izzie and Aiden.  
 The bog kids were having fun coloring...
 And so was Uncle Steve!
 I think someone needs a grand baby soon!  Hint hint Emily...
I peeked into Ashton's room and Uncle Steve and Aiden were setting up all the animals by categories (barn animals, prehistoric, wild, etc...)  We better watch Uncle Steve, I think he would steal these two boys if he could ;)

 Playing cars... what else can the boys have him play?!?!
 Today we stuck with Family Tradition and headed to Pleasant Valley Tree Farm to cut our tree.  It was such a beautiful day for it!  
Ashton is all ready with his saw and his football.  He does not go far without some sort of ball in his hand.
 Cheese face is back - just in time for holiday season and holiday pictures. 
 Aiden is ready too!  Kind of a forced smile, but a little bit better than his brother's cheese face.
 We ran into Santa and Mrs. Claus right as we were walking in.  He was giving out candy canes so these littles warmed up real quick.  Ashton even gave him a hug and I was not prepared for it nor quick enough with the camera, so I missed it.  Oh well, we'll get to see him one more time at the mall before Christmas.  Any bets on whether they are brave for a decent picture this year and maybe mom and dad don't have to sit on his lap too?!?!  

 I love this picture below.  I am not crazy about Ashton looking right at the camera, but I LOVE Elise in the background!  I tried cropping it and it just wasn't the same.
 Elle snuggling in.  What did she tell Santa she wanted?
 The A Team.  We have very few pictures all together!

 Ashton was excited already finding "a tree!"

 Ashton was taking finding a tree pretty serious!

 Ashton running down the hill... Aiden looking at each tree.
 "Hey mom, we found one.  Want us to cut it?"  Sure boys, it's BEAUTIFUL!
 "Mom this one?  I'll cut it!"

 We found it!  Don't worry - Adam couldn't get one good cut without having two of the best helpers!

 Elle even had to supervise for a bit.
 Both of their faces have scratches on them, obviously they were not shy getting right in to help!

 Cutting one wasn't enough work, so they found another one they had to cut too!
 Helping dad drag it out...

 These two little boys were all eyes when they had to trim, shake, and bind our tree!

 Get comfortable Ashton!
 Before leaving we had to see Santa one more time to get a candy cane and tell him what they want for Christmas.  What do they want?  A HUGE excavator and a BIG back hoe for both.  Sometimes they will throw in the idea of a train, a car, and a tractor... but the excavator and back hoe have been consistent the last month or two.
 The have a live nativity scene.  They didn't even hesitate waling up to the donkey.

 While Ashton loved the donkey, Aiden loved the goat.
 How tall are they this year?
(Aiden on the left, Ashton on the right)
 We had just a little time to play and swing since it was such a beautiful day.

 We have our trees inside and ready to decorate this week!  One in the living room and one in the entry way.  I am hoping to still get up a fake on in the dining room too.  You can never have too many Christmas trees right?!?!  
While the boys were in the bath, we had a special visitor.  Their Elf made an appearance and was sitting in the Christmas tree.  They were super excited, and cant wait to see what he will be up to in the Wamboldt house the next couple weeks!
Aiden has a cute smile face, let's try it again Ashton...
 Ummmmm... now both have a cheesy cheese face.  
Love them to pieces though!
 This is their elf.  They didn't want to name him tonight, so we will see what tomorrow brings.  I'll try to keep track of his adventures and post them in each weeks blog.
We have a busy week ahead and we are hosting our first Christmas Party for the season this coming weekend! The 3rd Annual Stout Christmas Party will be at our house so look for pictures on Sunday.
Christmas will be here before we know it!
I updated the blog with a "Opening Weekend" post earlier tonight, so scroll down and keep reading for another new post.   ;)

Until next week. 
I'm tired and it's back to work, school and daycare tomorrow.

The A Team

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