Sunday, December 1, 2013

Opening Weekend

The weekend of opening hunting, Daddy traveled back home to be with some friends and try hunting.  I say "try" hunting because when he went to the basement to get his orange, the tag on the back of his jacket was from 1998 (15 years ago).  That was the last time he took the weekend off of work (right before the busiest weekend of the year) to relax, freeze, swap hunting stories, and have a couple beers with some great friends.  One reason he wanted to get back into hunting was to someday enjoy it with the boys.  When he got home from the weekend I asked when the boys get to go with, and Adam's response was "when they know the F word isn't supposed to be used in every sentence and it is not okay to repeat!"  : )  We are glad he had fun, he froze a little, and is already looking forward to next year.  

While Daddy was freezing in the woods, we were busy playing at the Children's Museum in Eau Claire.  I wanted to run a few errands, but also make it a fun morning for the boys and I think every other mom was thinking the same thing!!!!
 They still love the building station with the blocks and tools!

 This is the first time they were brave enough to try the big mouth...

 The best part of the morning was the upstairs was finally open!  They had new exhibits that the boys loved!
 They got to milk a cow in the barn...
 go fishing...  
*Aiden is now saying his F's... now it is fishing and no longer "siffing"  ;)

 Aiden liked guessing what he was feeling in the mystery log.  He felt a flashlight, a rock, some fur, a pine cone, and a tent stake.
 While Daddy was hunting, the boys were fishing.

 They found the train table and spent as much time there as any other exhibit... even though we have a train table at home!
 They weren't as exchited about the tractor as I thought they would be, but then again there were A LOT of kids there and they get a little timid.
 On Sunday, even though it was FREEZING outside, we bundled up and played for a bit.  They LOVE shoveling snow!  I don't think the plow will have to come down the cul-de-sac all winter with these two and their shovels!
 Ashton loved the fact he was wearing snow pants and could lay in the snow.

 Brothers.  I had siblings that I was (still am) close to, but what is it like having a same aged playmate over every day of your life?  They are really starting to play together and I love listening to their conversations!

 Daddy came home on Sunday night with a special treat from Gramma and Grampa... 
Packer Cookies!
 How would they have known they were wearing their Packer gear?!?!  Maybe because they put it on D.A.I.L.Y.
 Green tongues!
 Ashton pretty much just ate all the frosting off... he is the GREEN cookie monster.
 Sunday night we started reading the Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition book.  The boys have no idea their elf will show up the weekend after Thanksgiving!  So much fun!
*Ashton kind of looks evil - it's just his lovely smile face making a come back for the holiday season ;)
On to Thanksgiving week...
Thanks for checking in!

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