Sunday, November 17, 2013

A slow week...

This week felt like the l.o.n.g.e.s.t week ever, yet it was a slow news week for the blog.  This blog will be extremely short, and some pretty boring pictures.  We can't have exciting things to do every week!

Adam ran out to get a couple necessities this week.  When I opened the pantry I was a little surprised about how much cereal the boys (Adam, Ashton, and Aiden) go through each week.  This might be a glimpse of what is to come.  I cannot imagine what our pantry will look like when they are active teenagers.  Oh boy!  I guess the money we will save having the boys out of daycare in a couple years will go directly to our grocery bill.

 Tuesday night I had parent teacher conferences until 8 pm.  When I got home I was quite surprised that the boys were up waiting for me.  I was glad to see them, but when Ashton told me he had something to show me and Adam was questioning whether to take him in to the ER I was concerned.  Ashton was jumping on the couch with a syringe (for medicine) in his mouth.  He fell off, face first.  The syringe scrapped along the roof of his mouth and then lodged towards the back of the roof of his mouth.  Yes he has a hole, no I don't know how deep it goes (makes me sick to look at it), no they won't stitch in the mouth, and sorry - no pictures.  It looks gross!  Adam didn't want to call me at conferences and I am kind of glad I wasn't there.  I would have been freaking out with the amount of blood I saw on the towel, and I think Aiden freaked out enough for me.  He felt horrible that Ashton was hurt and he kept saying, "Ashton is hurt, he needs his mommy!"  We have been watching it for infection and it is looking better and healing slowly.  It slowed him down for a bit, being sensitive to what he ate and drank... but he is tough and as Ashton would say, "tough like a hockey player".

Wednesday night, we joined some friends at their house for some pizza.  They are in the process of a kitchen remodel so we wanted to see it in the "just about" finished state.  It was beautiful and I give so much credit to those that live through a remodel!  :)  When building a house, you don't have to still be trying and living there... Nate, Brooke, and Reese are in the home stretch with just a little decorative work left to be done.  Thanks for having us over for pizza!
 They played so well with Reese's toys... until the last hour they got tired and didn't want to go home ;(
 Our time outside has been limited with the weather and it getting dark so fast.  Friday night we needed to run off some energy.  We helped Daddy rake the last of the leaves in the dark!  It is going to be a long winter not being able to get outside as much as we are used to.  

That's about it this week.  We were kind of boring and I loved just hanging with the boys all weekend doing "nothing".  I think Adam picked up the boys every day this week as I had a meeting or something after work everyday.  It makes for a long week and I don't think this week slows down either.  Bring on Thanksgiving Break!

~The Wamboldt's

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